Weather Policy
There are 2 ways that our games could be cancelled due to weather.
1. The City has the right to "close" the diamonds if they feel that the conditions are so poor from rain that playing on them could cause damage to them. We would generally find this out by noon-ish on game day. Here is the link to the page where diamond closures are announced. Make sure you click on Softball Diamond for the field type to find our parks.
2. The umpires have the discretion to call off the games at the diamonds and at game time if:
a. There is lightning seen in the area. Games can be paused to allow the lightning to pass, but they generally don't wait too long.
b. They deem the playing conditions to be unsafe ie. large puddles in the playing area or soft and mushy outfields.

The umpires will rarely cancel games prior to game time. If diamond conditions are very poor at 6:30, and the forecast is for rain throughout the evening, later games could be cancelled at umpires discretion.

We will play in the rain as long as the playing field remains safe and as long as there is no lightning.
Any game cancelled for any weather related reason results in a tie between the teams that were to play, unless a game gets 5 or more innings in and then gets called due to weather. In that case the score at the time of game stoppage is the final score. A team that does not have enough players at the diamond ready to play at game time when a game is called due to weather will forfeit the game and incur a $50 fine.