Perry Hall Rec Cheerleading

2018 Registration Information

Saturdays 9:00am – 11:30am

3/03/2018 ** Returning Cheerleaders ONLY**




Tuesdays 6:00pm – 8:00pm




Registration price is $180.

Registration will be held at Perry Hall Elementary School in the recreation activity room on Saturdays and the Recreation Office on Tuesdays located directly behind PH Elementary School...parking is available in the back lot. The rec room door faces the parking lot. The rec office door is on the left side of the building facing the trailers.

•Cheerleaders will be sized for uniforms, bloomers and shoes during registration. Please have your cheerleader wear something form fitting, like a bathing suit, under their clothes to help with the sizing process.

•3yr old registrants must be 3 by 8/1/18. 14 yr old registrants cannot turn 15 on or before 8/1/18.

•Sibling discounts available. Please email for more information. **WE DO NOT ACCEPT CREDIT OR DEBIT CARDS. CASH OR CHECK ONLY PLEASE**

•Specific squad placement information cannot be provided until registration has closed. In order to accurately determine where your cheerleader will be placed, we must have a final count of all registrants, which we will not have until registration is finalized. Parents can make squad placement requests, but we CANNOT guarantee that requests will be honored. We MUST consider a cheerleader's age when determining placements before we can honor requests. Cheerleaders of the same age must be placed together on squads before we can consider placing siblings, friends, cousins, etc. of a different age on the squad. Squads max out at 25 cheerleaders per squad.

•Our youngest squad (5U) practices 2 days per week. •All other squads practice 3 days per week. ****All squads practice one additional evening per week prior to the start of the BCPS school year (this is in addition to the number of days noted above). When school begins, the regular practice schedule will begin. We will not know each squad's specific practice days until registration has closed! •All squads cheer one football game per weekend (Friday night or Saturday depending on age). •All squads will participate in 4 competitions throughout the season. Competitions are always on Sunday. •Our season runs from August 1st through the last competition in early November. •Some squads may be asked to cheer post season games, should a football team in their age group make playoffs.

Please email with any questions.

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