CODE OF CONDUCT

All parents, players, spectators, and members must comply with the terms and conditions of the Code of Conduct.  Parents and spectators will be governed by the Baltimore County Recreation and Parks Facilitiy Rules of Behavior.

Section 1-Ejections

If a coach, player, or spectator is ejected from a game they must sit out the remainder of that game; and if a coach is ejected the coach of the opposing team must report the offending coach to the League Chair of their division for an investigation by the Sportsmanship committee to determine what further sanction if any is appropriate. In the event that a player, parent, or spectator is ejected, it is the responsibility of the Coach to report the offending person. Failure to report such conduct is cause to lose coaching privileges."

All game ejections must be reported to the League Director within 24 hours of the incident.

Section 2- Players

a) Coaches have the right to suspend players upon approval of the League Director for Unsportsmanlike conduct.

b) A suspension will be for a maximum of one (1) full game. A longer suspension or removal may be warranted after an investigation and recommendation of the Sportsmanship Committee to the League Director. If further discipline is deemed advisable, it may be made by majority vote of the League Director and the Board Members.

c) A suspended player and her parents will be notified of the additional discipline prior to the next game by the team coach and/or the League Commissioner.

Section 3- Coaches

Coaches  will be subject to suspension for unsportsmanlike conduct and violation of rules or the Code of Conducts by League Director and one other Board Member. The suspension will be for one game from the time of the infraction. It will start immediately. Further action, if determined necessary, may be taken by the Board of Directors. As referred to in section 1, all game ejections must be reported to League Director within 24 hours of the incident.

Section 4 - Parents and Spectators

Parents and spectators will be subject to the disciplinary actions enforced by Baltimore County Recreation and Parks (found in section 6).  Suspensions are set for a minimum length and are immediate.  Actual suspension may be higher based upon the situation and the facts gathered.

Section 5- Request for Hearings as to Other Disciplinary Action

In the event a recommendation is made for discipline over one (1) game of a player or Coach, the affected party has a right to a hearing. Any statement for discipline over one (1) game should be presented to the offender in writing by the League Director. A copy shall be given to the Commissioner. Unless a request for a hearing is made to the Commissioner within three (3)  days of the receipt of the notice, the decision of the League Chairperson is final. The suspension is effective immediately; however, upon a request for a hearing, the hearing shall be held no later than 10 days from the date of the request for a hearing. If the hearing is not held within that time frame, the suspension is lifted.

The hearing shall be held to investigate the alleged misconduct of any participant for the purpose of removal from the league or other disciplinary action. The parties shall be given prior notice of the hearing and the reason for the hearing. The alleged offender and the member, along with interested parties (witnesses - managers, coaches, and parents, umpires, and sports leaders) shall be invited by the Commissioner to attend a hearing at a time and place designated by the Commissioner of the Program.

The Commissioner shall conduct the hearing. Also attending the hearing shall be at least a majority of the Board of Directors.  The formal rules of evidence do not apply. The League Director or his designee shall outline the offending conduct and the evidence which supports the allegations. Written statements are admissible.

The alleged offender shall then have the opportunity to question and present evidence in response. The alleged offender can for good cause shown ask for any member of the Board to excuse themselves from the determination. The Commissioner will make the determination if there has been a showing of good cause.

After hearing both sides, the Board of Directors, in a private meeting, will vote by ballot on removal, suspension, or other disciplinary action, if any. The written recommendation of the Sportsmanship Committee will be considered. The Commissioner shall issue a written determination. The affected participant will be advised they have a right to further review by the Parkville Recreation Council and Board.

Section 6-Disciplinary actions enforced by Parkville Recreation Center

The Parkville Recreation Center over-rules the suspension issued by the basketball league director.

Level I Offense

The following actions will result in a one (1)  month suspension:

use of profane, obscene, inappropriate, or unacceptable language, remarks, or offensive gestures (written or spoken), Arguing with spectators or staff, Causing a disturbance.

Level II Offense

The following actions will result in a three (3) month suspension:

Direct or implied threats or innuendos, inappropriate or threatening gestures, abusive ongoing behavior, repeated level I infractions, possession of alcohol beverages or illegal drugs in or on county or permitted facilities.

Level III Offense

The following actions will result in a minimum one (1) year suspension:

Physically striking a person, issuing verbal or written threats to one's life, Willful or malicious destruction of recreation or school facility property, repeated level II infractions.