November 12, 2016 – 11:00 PM


April 29, 1970 November 12, 2016


Pat was one of the greatest coaches of all time.  To some people and coaches they may dispute or argue that statement.  They might ask me to bring up statistics of the teams he coached in the competitive divisions or ask me how many championships he won.  However, that is not the statistic that means the most or truly matters in our league.  

 We are a community of families coming together to make our kids happy and create lasting memories for them.  To help them and foster their growth as individuals and players to become adults and maybe parents someday and to pass on the memories that they were given from us. 

His most impressive statistic is the amount of lives he's affected and touched over the years.  Can you imagine starting from Tee Ball and coaching for multiple teams some years and coaching all the way up to the Big League Division? Think about how many players on how many teams and the countless others on other teams that he affected during those years. Honestly, it's a statistic that is immeasurable.  

Pat came to me and asked me to take on his position as webmaster for him.  I did so because I wanted to relieve him of his service and dedication to the league and to take it on myself.  Pat and I also shared the same beliefs as coaches and I was honored that he chose me. But, as I write this now I realize I will never be able to fill Pat's shoes.

Pat had the ability to touch not only the lives inside the complex, but outside as well.  He had the amazing ability to use his quick wit, sarcasm and humor to make you laugh.  But most importantly he made you feel important.  He made you feel like whatever you felt mattered to him.  And that's because of his heart.  He had the ability to see inside you, the real you. Maybe, just maybe that's the real reason his family and friends call him Superman.

And you know what?  I think they were right.  There isn't anyone as super as he was or had that ability to see the real you.

From all of your family on the board and in the little league.. We love you Pat and thank you. Thank you for your service and your love of giving. Fly high in heaven and maybe, just maybe God will let you use the cape instead of wings.