Consider this a notice for all managers, in all sports. All players who play in our league need to be on the legal roster. In the past ,we have waited for a protest, however, since I think that some managers are breaking that trust, we will be coming down on teams in violation of the roster rule even without a protest. I know that we have had an upset team or two who got a penalty for not turning in a roster, consider yourself lucky, those games should not have even been played. The rule is that rosters are turned in just before the first game is played - no exceptions. If you don't have a roster turned in, you will not be playing. Bogus rosters will also incur a penalty. So this means that gone are the days of borrowing players. It's unfortuate that we have to take these measures, but the offending manager's must bear this responsibility. If it means we have fewer teams, so be it. It's become an issue of quality. If you cannot play by these rules, you'll have to play elsewhere.
90% of our managers are doing a great job, and you should feel that your efforts are now paying off. Thank you for the work you do!
Please let me know if you have any concerns.
Take care, be safe and have fun!
David C. Coleman
Recreation Supervisor