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New to The Team, Where Do We Go!

On day one we ask all parents to check-in at the concession stand.  Get all remaining paperwork taken care of.

Parents Must stay on the sides of the fence.  NO spectating in end zones, sidelines, or areas without a fence in front.

Parents are not allowed on the field unless motioned for by a coach.  

Parents/Guardian MUST remain at field with athletes through out the whole practice.


D-Team players report to South end of the field.  Closest to concession stand. Approx. end zone to 30 yard line area.

C-Team players report to Center of the field.  Between the 35 yard line areas.

B- team players report to North end of the field.  Farthest from Concession stand.  Approx. end zone to 30 yard line area.

A-team players report to far lot outside of fence on the west side of the field.

Cheerleaders report to West side of field at North end of the sideline gate in the corner diagonal from concession stand.