• We have a NEW website! please go to www.walkerrenegades.com to access the new page.
    Congratulations girls on your first place win TWO years in a row!
  • 2016 SLYFA Cheer Competition Champs
  • 2016 SLYFA B-Team Superbowl Champs

Walker Renegades will no longer use the old messaging system.  This season we will use the Remind messaging system that the schools use.  There will be an organization text and a team specific text you will want to signup for!

You can text the following phrases to:   81010 or (678)288-4214

Organization Information:    @whosnext

A-Team Players: @wrateam

B-team Players: @wrbteam

C-team Players: @wrcteam

D-team Players: @wrdteam

Cheer Code is having errors. 

Please signup for organization and when code is available we will update.

It is important that you sign up for both your team and the organization messages.  Team messages are for coach to communicate only.  It may or may not send you important information regarding other things like fan shop, uniforms, pictures, and camp dates.

2018 WIFL Board

Congratulations to the 2018 Walker Renegades Board

President- Les Barbazon

VicePresident- Ben Fleming

Treasurer- Michelle Szkatulski Roth

Secretary-Kim Vandinther

Field Maintenance- Jordon Poe

Concessions-  Summer Teston

Fundraiser- Mary Boyle

Ateam Head Coach- Robert Dugas

Bteam Head Coach- Leroy Smith

Cteam Head Coach- Bill Thomas

Dteam Head Coach- Cappy Dugas Buhler

Cheer Coach- Crystal Aubert Barbazon


July 16, 2018 – 04:30 PM

As long as there is no lightning within our immediate area, we will Practice. If practice rains out we will post on webpage as well as Facebook to inform everyone at the same time.  See ya at the Field!