Lakewood YMCA Adult Basketball League Rules and Regulations


Roster Restrictions and Guidelines

1.       Each team may not exceed twelve (12) players on their roster unless approved by the League Director. 

2.       There can’t be any roster changes made after the sixth game unless approved by the League Director. Minimum of (4) games must be played to be eligible for playoffs.

3.       Players must be on the roster to participate in playoff games, unless approved by the League Director.


**Opposing captains must issue a protest the night of the game and must submit a formal protest by 12pm the following day to the League Director


4.       All players must be 18 years of age to participate in an Adult Basketball League game.

5.       Teams will be placed in each division based on experience of players and skill level.  The League Director has the right to move teams into divisions based on their ability level.

6.       Rosters must be turned into the YMCA and kept on file, Failure to do so can prohibit teams from being eligible for the playoffs.


Timing and Scoring

1.       Each game consists of two (2) 18 minute running halves.

2.       The clock will run continuously except on the following conditions.

a.       Injuries

b.      Timeouts (2 per half with no carryovers)

c.       Any dead ball under (1) minutes to play in the first half

d.      Any dead ball under (2) minutes to play in the second half

e.      Any dead ball under (1) minute in overtime

f.        The clock will run continuously if a team is leading by more than 20 points at any time in the second half.  Only time outs and injuries will stop the clock.

3.       Overtime periods will be (3) minutes in length with only (1) timeout.  No timeouts will carryover.

4.       Games will start at the designated scheduled times, teams must have at least 3 players ready when the ball is put in play. 

5.       If less than (3) players are present at designated start time, a forfeit will be declared after (5) minutes.



1.       League fees must be paid prior to the start of the season unless approved by the League Director.

2.       Game fees are $35 per team.

3.       All Game Fees MUST be paid prior the start of the game.  The YMCA can suspend any game where a team has not paid their fees.

4.       Only certified OSHAA sanctioned basketball officials will work Lakewood YMCA ABBL games.  If only one official is present, 1 ½ game fee will be paid to the official. 

5.       If your team forfeits a game its obligation is to pay a $70 forfeit fee.  This fee must be paid 24 hours prior to the next scheduled game.

6.       Any game not cancelled 1 week prior to the scheduled game day may result in a forfeit unless the game is filled with another team.

7.    All games cancelled within 72 hours of the scheduled game time will result in a forfeit, and that team will be responsible for the fee.


Uniform Rules

1.       Each team must have the same color of t-shirts or jersey.

2.       Each member of the team must have a visible number, each team member that does not comply will result in a 2 point penalty for the opposing team and officials have the right to disallow a player to play.

3.        Jean shorts, jeans, slacks, are not permitted.  Any offensive clothing will not be permitted.  Basketball or tennis shoes must be worn on the floor.

4.       No jewelry is permitted.  Players must be responsible for their own equipment.  Neither officials nor the Lakewood YMCA directors will be liable for players injured while wearing any type of jewelry.

Additional Rules and Regulations

1.        Officials and scorekeepers do not decide protests.  Protests are to be reported to the YMCA staff or to an official during the contest.  The League Director will decide the outcome.

2.       Fighting or unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated.  These actions can and will result in banishment in future YMCA leagues.  Any player harassing a scorekeeper or official will be issued a technical foul.  Ejections from a game will result in a minimum 1 game suspension.

3.       The basketball rules will be that of the NCAA Rules in the current season except for timing situations.  All new rules for the coming season apply.  Dunking is permitted but hanging on the rim will be a technical foul. 

4.       Any player to bend or damage equipment in the facility will be fiscally responsible. 

5.       Bonus one and one free throws will occur on the 7th team foul.  Bonus two-shot free throws will occur on the 10th team foul.  A foul on a made shot will be one free-throw.

6.       All games and overtime periods will start with a jump ball.

7.       Technical fouls will be two shots and the ball.

8.       Players who accumulate five technical fouls in a season will be suspended for at least the current season and up to 1 year.

9.       Guests are not permitted in the gym to help with crowding and safety of both participants and guests.  Members can bring in guests but the facility guest policy is in place.  All non-members are not permitted to bring guests.

10.   Players are not permitted to sign in more than 15 minutes prior to their game.