I.  Size of the Field

            1. The field of play shall be rectangular and regulation in dimensions 

II Markings

            1. The penalty area shall consist of 18-yard line right angles to the goal posts                        extending 18 yards unto the field of play

            2. The goal area shall consist of 6-yard line right angles to the goal posts

                 Extending 6 yards unto the field of play

            3. The center of the field of play shall be indicated by a spot 9 inches in diameter

                And a circle with a 10-yard radius shall be drawn around it.

4. Substitution Box – Will be at midfield on the touchline of your team’s bench area. Substitutions will take place during play.


III Players and Substitutions

            1 9V9 League consists of (4) male and (4) female field players.  No exceptions

                Example:  If a team is short a female player; you cannot play with 5 male field

                players.  Goalkeeper gender is optional.

            2. Once a player has participated in a match with one team, they cannot switch


            3. The league will consist of two open divisions.

4. All substitutions must take place at midfield on the same touchline as your team bench and will take place during the flow of the game.

5. Team roster will close July 28.


IV. Player Equipment

            1. Shin guards are recommended

            2. Casts will be inspected by the official

            3. Any equipment deemed dangerous by the official must be removed

            4. Alternate Jerseys- it is recommended that all teams have a white or dark jersey as an alternate in case team has a primary color of white Home team will be responsible for changing jerseys


V. Times and Duration of Game

            1. Two-25 minute halves

            2 Games will start promptly at SCHEDULED TIMES

            3. Half time intervals shall be 2 minutes

VI. Points of Emphasis:

            1. Goalkeepers – May punt or dropkick this season with full size fields

2. No back passing to keepers-violation if keeper uses hands (Indirect Kick Awarded)

            3. No throwbacks directly to the keeper – violation if keeper uses hands

            4. Team listed first on the schedule shall kick-off

            5. Team listed second selects goal

            6. No-Offsides

VII. Fouls and Misconduct:

            1. Cautioned Player – 2 min penalty team plays short for the duration of the two

 minutes.  Exception if a goal is scored before the 2-minute penalty time has   expired, a player may re-enter the field of play

            2. Ejected Player – Player ejected for that game only and team would play short 5

                Minutes regardless of goals scored in the 5-minute period of time. (Exception-

   A player or players ejected for striking and opponent or fighting shall be 

   suspended for 3 games.  A second ejected for fighting shall be for the season.

3. Except as noted, all NFHS rules shall be enforced.

4.  - Yellow and red cards will be recorded by the referee and reported to the league.  Players will be disciplined according to the following point system:

            Red card =  2 points

            Yellow card = 1 point

- Card tally carries over into playoffs and suspensions carry over to following season.


          2 points = 1 game suspension

          4 points = additional 2 game suspension

          6 points = dismissal from The League for the remainder of the season (including playoffs)

- Players will be notified by the head referee if disciplinary action is required according to the above point system.



VIII Scoring:

 Male Goal = 1 point                     Female Goal = 1 point




            1. Tiebreaker system will be determined by:

                        1. Head to head competition

                        2. Goal Differential

                        3. Coin Toss

            2. Playoff games ending in a tie will be decided with a 5-minute sudden

                victory period.

            3. Match tied after (1) 5 minute overtime period.  Each team will select 2

                 Male and 2 female players to participate in penalty kicks. Alternating   

                 Male and female shooters. PIAA Rules – no need to be a field player

            4. If the score is still tied after the 4-player penalty kick system.  Both       

                Teams will continue to use alternating male and female shooters until a

                Winner has been decided.

Example1:  Team A has 7 players and Team B has 20 players.  Team B has the

                 Option to return to shooter #1 when team A returns to shooter # 1

Example 2: Team A has 3 female players and Team B 7 female players.  Team B

                Has the option to return to female shooter #1 when Team A returns to

                Shooter # 1