2018 Superbowl Champions!

Junior Flag-Tigers

Senior Flag-Falcons

Freshman Tackle-Steelers

Sophomore Tackle-Patriots

Junior Tackle-Raiders

Senior Tackle-Leopards



"Sebastian White" singing the "National Anthem"

Along with the "Wylie Air Force ROTC"

The Wylie Football League is introducing its first ever summer skills & conditioning program including Four 3 day clinics...As part of the clinics we have added the 1st Player Mentoring Program where our youth players get to learn from current college level football players and some  of the best WISD high school players...Another 1st is our cheer division run by a WFL Board member who brings years of experience and a newly opened cheer facility...we have also implemented the 1st ever in house coach training to enhance online training & certificate programs (CPR, First Aid & Heads Up) that are required for all coaches...Our goal is to develop and prepare Wylie kids to succeed in future WISD School activities!

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