2018 Player Registration Incentive
Pitch Count-  40 Masters division will continue to use the 1-1 count, with NO courtesy foul.
Courtesy Runners- The CR must take a position on the base before the 1st pitch to the next batter.  If not ready at that time, the CR must wait until the following batter to enter the game.
Runs per Inning-  40 Masters Major Plus will allow 7 runs per inning prior to the open inning.  Major and AAA divisions will continue to allow 5 runs per inning.
Roster Change-  40 Masters Major Plus will allow a max of 2 players from non-bordering states on their roster.  However, those "exception" players must reside on the same side of the Mississippi River as the team they are playing for (NY players cannot play for CA teams). 

2018 Player Registration Incentive
Senior Softball-USA's originally launched it's 40 Masters program in the west by offering registration incentives to players.  It worked and the program flourished.  SSUSA is now doing the same to promote growth in areas to the east of the Rocky Mountains.   We are offering a FREE player card for new registrants, or renewing players that meet the following criteria.
Certain restrictions apply:
1) You will be age 40-49 as of December 31, 2018.
2) You do not already have an active card for the 2018 season. 
3) You must submit all registration / renewal paperwork before taking the field.
4) You must participate in an SSUSA sanctioned event before August 30th.

The registration / renewal form and submission instructions can be found at the following link: 

2018 Season Planning 
Senior Softball-USA has posted many of the 2018 tournaments and will release the Tournament Guide in the next few weeks.  40 Masters teams can expect to find a few date & location changes to existing tournaments.  Look for new events in Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Texas and Utah.

2017 World Masters Championship Results

The top 5 finishers in each of the men's & women's divisions are posted on this website.  Full, detailed results can be found in the "tournaments" section of