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Crazy All Star Weekend as Tempers Flare In an Intense Game

April 29, 2019

This year all-star game was nothing short of competitive both teams were loaded to the core with All-Stars and future Hall Of Famers. The Stars were lead by ROTY year winner Anthony Carter along with Irving and Ayden Smith. While the Stripes were lead by Desean Glanton who is currently on a warpath to every award he is nominated for this season. The game itself was ultra heated. Bombers and Braves teamed up and Magic players as well which just added to the 3-way rivalry between these teams. Fans were astonished by the power and skill displayed as they were treated to a close and exciting all-star game. And now that the festivities are concluded the teams can focus in on the task at hand with the playoffs approaching.

The Braves Are Upset by The Magic in the Doubleheader Yesterday

April 25, 2019

Yesterday the championship favorite 510 Braves were upset by the Magic in the doubleheader. Both games were very competitive as both teams had players hoping to capture an end of the season award. The Magic were lead by the performances by Irving and Braxton. Irving and Braxton combined for a total of 8 homeruns in the mini series. The Braves were not that far behind as Anthony Carter and Desean Glantons Bats were alive but they couldnt produce when needed. The Magic have now shot themselves to one of the top teams in the league. As the All Star game approcahes this Sunday at 510 field

Check the All Time Standing On the 510 Website to see where your Favorite Players Rank All Time

End Of The Season Awards

April 24, 2019

Its the end of the season and you know what that means. Its time for the end of the year awards. All of the catogories from last year are expected to return. As of last night the winner of the Mvp award was found. Today a poll for the next end of the year award will go live so make sure that you go out and vote.

2019 510WL POWER RANKINGS ( All-Star Break Edition)

1. 510 Braves- After trading for Anthony Carter the Braves have an excellent shot to make a title run. They are currently 5-3 as we are very slowly approaching the all-star break

2. Metro Magic- The sleeper cell of the league is finally showing their worth in this league. Can they make a decent playoff or world series run?

3. Camp Creek Bombers- Everything has just about fallen apart for this team as we approach all-star weekend. Can they rebound off of their failures to repeat in this league?


Excitement is in the air as the push towards the playoffs begin

As the postseason draws closer each team in 510 is trying to make their push towards the pennant. Yesterday we were treated to a great game as the 510 Braves this years championship favorite was matched up against The Camp Creek Bombers Led by Ayden Smith and Braxton Hall. Fireworks were sure to fly yesterday as the two locked horns. Yesterday the Braves were a man short as ROTY candidate Anthony Carter was out because of scheduling problems. But it didnt matter as Desean Glanton stepped up to the plate to lead the Braves to a thrilling 11-10 victory. This was an important game for both teams as the push for the top seed continues. The Braves are scheduled to face the Magic today in what is sure to be a great game. Im Anthony Carter from 510 media see you at the ballpark.

After the trade that acquired one of the hottest new rookies to join our league. Anthony Carter is questioning his role on the team as 510 media reports that there is certain tenson in the locker room. 510 reports that Anthony Is constanly questioned about his ability to hit a wiffleball. Carter states " I been playing wiffleball for the majority of my baseball life , ive played at family events, summer camps, and even on one weird occasion a funeral". He also went on to say that " I just want to prove to the gm that im going to be a force in this league for years to come". Carter isnt the type of player to quit on his team but he feels that if this continues he may venture into free agency after his rookie contract is set to expire on July 26 2019. We at 510 want to see how this will develop heading into the postseason. Will they be able to coexist?

The Young Talent and Rise of the Metro Magic

One of the newest 510 expansion teams the Metro Magic look to captalize on a fresh start. The Magic have made questionable descions in the past but with a exciting roster lead by Wille and Irving they hope to make a push for the playoffs. Make sure to stay posted to the 510 website for any developments on this magical season. They Magic face the 510 Braves Saturday April 6th.


Braves, Bombers, and Magic win big with new rookies

     Five new players entered the 510 Wiffleball Leauge this week on signings that could affect the League.

510 Braves- Anthony Carter

Metro Magic- Willie, Irving 

Camp Creek Bombers- Braxton Hall, Fred

    The first signing came from the Bombers with the signing of Braxton Hall. Braxton proved to be a force when he played against the Braves. He definitely has the bat that Ayden and Fred need to make a deep pennant chase run. The next came from the Metro Magic and 510 Braves. The Magic as an expansion team was given Anthony and Willie, however, the Braves released Ayden and made a trade for Anthony. Their GM proved to be clutch as they made a league-wide trade where Irving ended up on the Magic. Anthony Carter and De'Sean Glanton may prove to be an unstoppable force heading into the all-star break and in the playoffs. 


The Metro Magic could be the magical expansion this league needs

 The Metro Magic Is the newest expansion team to the 510 Wiffleball League. So far, they have had an ok season so far as they are 0-1. The roster consists of Willie and Irving who can be some powerful hitters in the box. Hopefully, they can turn their season around and make a playoff run for the world series.

Can the Braves finally win the world series?

      The story of the 510 Braves is quite peculiar. They have been world series participants in the past 4 world series', and it has their fans and organization wondering if they can win at the level they are playing at. Their 2-time Cy Young and 3-time MVP De'Sean Glanton said, "We can make a run for sure. It's all about closing the season out right. We just haven't been able to do it the past 4 years, but we will win this year period." With that bold quote the Braves being held to a high standard by themselves, and it could generate bad play. On the bright side, however, the Braves made a very huge move in acquiring possible rookie of the year in Anthony Carter. With 4 games remaining for the tribe, they have one of the easiest schedules based off of records. They face the Magic 3 times and they should look for the sweep against the Magic. Braves fans may be worrying too much about their potential playoff hopes as we are approaching the all-star break.

2019 510WL Opening Day

 Today is the start of the 510WL season. The first game is the Braves and Bombers, the 2018 World Series rematch where the Braves were completely swept. Hopefully, we have a great year from everyone, and no one gets injured! Let's Play Ball!

2018 510WL CHAMPS

October 9, 2018 – 06:06 PM

The Camp Creek Bombers swept the 510 Braves in 3 games to win the fall classic. World Series MVP, Ayden Smith played the hardest out of any players we have seen in the past. Even though he is a young player he can still hit, pitch, and run like an experienced veteran in this league.

   The Braves hardest game looked to be Game 1 where De''''Sean "The Kid" Glanton couldn''''t get a single hit. However, the Bombers weren''''t hot in the box either. They also didn''''t get a hit in Game 1 of the series. All in all congratulations to the Camp Creek Bombers