Varsity - 2019/20 - Voted Sportsmanship Team of the Year for Kingco Conference



                                                            "One Team - One Family" 



To create and promote a positive learning environment that encourages student athletes to learn, develop and grow as individuals and team players, both on and off the court

Mission Statement

To be recognized as one of the premier boys' basketball programs in the state of Washington both academically and competitively.  To build a program that competes at a high level every year.  To help develop life lessons through the game of basketball.

                                            CORE VALUES

  • Work Ethic – Want to work on the days you don’t feel like it
  • Focus – Have complete and utter attention to detail
  • DisciplineDisciplined to keep going when the going is tough
  • High Character – Integrity, Trustworthy, Honesty, Loyalty, Good Decisions
  • Commitment – Commitment has no expiration date – You can’t be committed one day and not the next – 100% in
  • Sacrifice – Sacrifice is what you are willing to give up for the team to succeed 
  • Resolve – The ability to come out and do it again and again
  • Team Work – We not Me – How can I make my teammates successful
  • Having Fun – Enjoy the game you love, enjoy the work, enjoy your teammates