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The 2017 MLWB playoffs are under way and all 3 Teams are in the running for the Championship. The Returning team from the 2016 Season, The D Jays Have finished in 1st (22-3) and have clinched Home feild advantage for the League Champion series. While the newly in coming team the Mind Games finished in second (9-14) and have clinched a home feild advantaged for the qualifying game to play against the D Jays in the League championship round. The Black Sox (2-16) have finished last. And will try to win the series with no Home field advantage in any series they play in. 


The 2017 Playoffs will be a 3 team Double elimination Series that will work out like so. 

WBQG (Winner Bracket Qualifying Game) Is a single Game played by the 2nd and 3rd placed teams in the final standings of the season. The team that loses will be the first team the enter the Qualifying bracket. 


WBCS (Winner Bracket Champion Series) This is a Best of 5 or 7 Games series played between the team that finished 1st in the League and the winning team of the WBQG. The winning team of this series will gain a series advantage in the World Series. The Winning team Is then decided to go on too the World Series. The losing team will then play the loser of the WBQG.


ALL-STAR GAME: This Game Takes Place Between the WS All-STARS and the LEAUGE-ALL_STARS. with the best Player(s) from the team That has already made the world series, and the best player(s) from the 2 Teams playing in the (QRCS). The winning Team Clinshes the Choice of Wether to have the first or second series to Have Home Feild Advantage on In the World Series.


QRCS (Qualifying Round Champion Series) This is a best of 5 or 7 game series Played between the losing teams in the WBQG and WBCS. The team that lost in the WBCS gains home feild advantage in this series. The team that wins the series will go On the face the winning team in the WSC, in possibly 2 series. 


WSC ( World Series Championship Series 1) This is a best of 5 or 7 Game series between the winners of the WBCS and QRCS. This Series may or may not decied the World Series Champion. If the team that has the series advantage (The winning team of the WBCS) Wins this series, then the World Series championship is over and That team has won. However is the team without the series advanatge ( The winning Team of QRCS) Wins this series then the two teams will play another series of games.


WSC ( Series 2 ) If it Comes to this series then the World Series champion will be decided by this series. This is a Best of 7 series and the winning team are the MLWB champions.