Bay Area Heat " Da Lab" !!!

Bay Area Heat Club Basketball

"Da Lab" !!! 

We don't Recruit Player

"We Build Players"

"We Give Opportunity " 

Private lesson and Team lesson available:

Focuses taught will be in all area of the game:

* Effective Communication Skills
* Teamwork and Discipline
* Ball Handling
* Shooting and Passing Skills
* Team Offense and Defense Skills
* Individual Offense and Defense Skills
* Offensive and Defensive Guard Play
* Offensive and Defensive Post Play
* Rebounding and Boxing Out

We Love basketball !!! and if you are seriously ready to put in the Work,Dedication and Focus it takes to pursue a middle school,high school and college career then come to Da Lab !!! Our Staff will be open and honest with our student/athletes and if you are willing to work hard, they will be 100% committed to help you improve your Game !!!

For more information contact:
Coach Monroe 650 445-9778


WE are glad that you have chosen to be a member of this year’s 2018-19 Bay Area Heat basketball program. We are going to work hard and play hard together these next few months. Remember, if the athlete aren't having fun, we're missing the whole point of youth sports!
Go Heat !!!

If you have questions as the season progresses, feel free to contact
Coach Monroe @ or 650 445-9778


Coach Monroe

Mission Statement!

Bay Area Heat Youth Basketball (BAH), the premier youth membership organization in the sport of basketball, strives to provide opportunities for personal growth and development for Student-athletes while also reinforcing positive influences, self-confidence, self-esteem and the ability to excel on and off the court. Through participation, BAH is dedicated to educate and motivate each member while encouraging teamwork, sportsmanship and fun through the spirit of basketball! In accordance with our mission, we expect the coaches of this organization to be positive role models for the athletes in both practice and in games and to exemplify and teach good sportsmanship.


Coach Monroe

Team Motto

Coach Monroe's Motto

Between now and the next time we meet
My expectations is for each and every one of us to do what !!!

( players) Something extra !!!

So when you come back ,you are going to be what !!!

(players) A better player !!!

And you are going to make this a what !!!

(players)A better team !!!

That's it !!!

HEAT on 3



Through any kind of weather,

What if the sky should fall,

Just as long as we're together,

Doesn't matter much at all."

Just As Long As We're Together