November 8, 2018 – 11:00 AM

Thank you to all the fans, players and coaches who supported all our charities throughout the season. Our Teams appreciate your support. 


The Directors of the BCYFHL wish everyone a wonderful upcoming holiday season. We look forward to the 2019 Fall season.

SENIOR FESTIVAL GAMES:  Results are now on web


OFF Season FH Program:


Youth Girls Indoor Field Hockey Registration is OPEN! 


Games will be played at Fulcrum Sportsplex (formerly Pinelands Sports) starting the first week in November.  To register, please click on the link below for your league:




2018 SEASON:

Coaches & Parents: Emails were sent to each town's Director regarding the Jewelry and hair items prior to the season; it's also listed here on the Welcome page; it's stated on the Jr and Sr Information sheet (for parents and coaches) under the Headline tab. I cannot confirm if all the coaches / parents have read the information here; however, I CAN CONFIRM that the info regarding wrist items and Hair items HAS BEEN NOTED on the WELCOME PAGE since August. 

NOTE:  Any items on wrists, earrings, or metal objects/beads in hair will be carded (green) if worn during game play. NO WARNINGS!  Green Card to coach; player who is carded is removed for 2 mins. Team plays down a player!   

Regarding hair items: Rule 1 Section 5 Article 8: Hair control devices may be worn IF it is made of a soft material. 


Promote the game of field hockey through teaching basic fundamentals while having fun and building self-esteem. Growing from 140 players to currently over 550 young girls playing and more then 65 VOLUNTEER coaches, our goal is for the girls to prepare to play at the next level. (Ex. juniors to seniors, seniors to middle / high school teams). Although many games are competitive the outcome of the game is not our purpose. Coaches, Parents and fans are to support all the players in a positive manner. 

The BCYFHL provides an opportunity for girls in grades 3-8 to learn and play the game of field hockey while. also understanding the rules of the game. The league is comprised of 2 divisions: JUNIORS: Saturdays, Grades 3 to 5;  SENIORS: Sundays, Grades 6 to 8; and several Friday nite games for both divisions. Girls must play on their own town team. Should a player reside in a town that does not have a team, that player may play on one of the BCYFH teams.

In the event of ANY postponed/rescheduled games, notifications will be posted on this site.



Oct 27/28: @ Southampton Municipal Field: Breast Cancer  (sale of various pink clothing, socks; refreshments)


The BENCH side is for PLAYERS ONLY. All fans, parents, spectators are to be on the FAR SIDELINE. Do NOT sit BEHIND the ENDLINE, behind the goal cage or on the Bench side where players are.  ANYONE ASKED BY A REFEREE OR HOST SITE ADMINISTRATOR TO MOVE IS TO COMPLY. 


1) Equipment:   Shinguards (up to the top of the shin below knee) are required equipment.

Mouthguards, worn in the mouth, not being chewed/hanging out  are required equipment. Do not attach to face goggles. Do not have any protrusion.

Goggles, if worn, MUST be worn over the eyes, not on the forehead. Each town program decides if team will wear. It is not required in the rec league.  No mouthguard can protrude or be attached to the goggles!!

3. Fans / parents should limit their comments to their teams/ players while watching the games. Let the coaches coach their team/players without competing with the distractions from the fans. Some parents are distracting the players from the coach's instructions. Parents ENJOY the MOMENT!! Life goes quick and this is a time to relax and watch. Encourage all players.

4. Senior Coaches: can ONLY walk the sideline between the 50 yd line and 25 yard line on their side of the field. You cannot be on the field or behind the cage. All coaches must be in designated team area to coach their team. 

5. Junior Coaches: 1 coach must remain on bench side, 1 can coach on far side or behind the GK (NOT ON FIELD) as long as 1coach remains at bench area. Coaches can coach from sidelines or behind cage (coach behind cage should NOT be continuously talking/coaching/or be distracting to opponent).


Some weekends, the host town will have a designated charity; the hosts' designated charity will be listed on site.  Our charities include local food banks, animal welfare societies, breast cancer awareness. Please help us support these worthy charities for our communities.   


QUESTIONS? If you have any questions, e-mail your coach to contact league rep