Bearden Bulldogs -- 2019 MAC Champions!

The Bearden Bulldogs were proud to hoist the MAC championship trophy to complete the inaugural MAC season and are excited that the 2020 season is about to get started.  The MAC (Middle-school Age Conference) is comprised of eight Knox County Schools (Bearden, Carter, Farragut, Gibbs, Halls, Hardin Valley, Karns, and West) and one Blount County school (Alcoa).  Teams are comprised of players based on where they are zoned to attend high school.  These teams have mutually agreed that we will adhere to this zoning rule and not recruit players out of their school zone.  The purpose of the zoning rule is develop players for their respective high schools.  Each program is closely aligned with their high school, and we share their facilities with approval from Knox County.  Games are played on Thursday nights on the high school fields.  We had great attendance at games and it was a very exciting atmosphere.

The 2019 was a great success and every team came back for a second season.  Plus, West has now joined the MAC.  West won the 14U and 12U Knox County championships, so they are a great addition to the league.  

Bearden Club Football is committed to developing players so that they can be ready for high school football.  It is basically the high school feeder system and preparatory league.  The Bearden High School coaches watch our games and are aware of our players and how we develop them. Our practices are timed and scripted.  We have dedicated position coaches and have skill development based on position.  We video our games, have a Hudl account, watch film, scout our opponents, and develop game plans.  The program is much more similar to high school football than youth football in preparation and execution.  

Bearden Club Football has been based on four main values:

  1. Trust – I will trust my coaches and teammates to do their job.
  2. Focus – I will discipline my mind to concentrate on the task before me.
  3. Effort – I will give my best effort so that my teammates and I can reach our full potential.
  4. Toughness – I will not allow my opponent to be more physical than me.

We teach and instill these values every time that we meet and hold one another accountable to them.  Football is hard work, but it also very rewarding.  Your child will be a better person if they can commit to a few months of sweat and grind.


Our Purposes

  1. Prepare players for high school football
    • Everything is earned
    • Football is hard work and requires lots of discipline
    • Team over individual (TOI)
    • Long-term over short-term (LOS)
  2. Help them reach their full potential
    • Athletically – learn to push yourself beyond what you thought you were capable of
    • Personally – worth as a person is not based on your performance
    • Perseverance through adversity
    • Accountability (it’s a team sport and we all rely on each other)
  3. Enjoy success
    • Expect to win
    • Fear no one


Varsity and Junior Varsity

We practice with all players at same time but we divide out based on size and skill level.  We are careful to be safe and not put a player at physical risk.

All 8th graders play varsity, and a few 7th graders also play varsity if their skill and size allows.  If a 7th grader starts on the varsity, then they normally do not play on the JV team.

The JV team is comprised of 6th and 7th graders.  

Some 7th graders play both Varsity and JV, but are only allowed 6 quarters of football per week.  The JV game is played prior to the Varsity game. 

We will do our best to provide some games that are comprised of only 6th graders.  Our ability to do this will be based on numbers of 6th graders on our team and other teams.



We provide offseason conditioning and weight training during the winter and spring months.  


Cost and Equipment

Players are required to provide cleats, girdle, and mouth piece.  We have some chinstraps available but most players provide their own chinstrap.

Registration costs cover practice pants and jersey, game pants and jersey, shoulder pads, and helmet.  These belong to the program and are returned at the end of the season.  Registration costs also cover the cost of field usage and officials for our games.



This update was written on July 11, 2020.  

Due to the current COVID-19 Executive Order from Gov. Lee, football activities remain restricted.  We had planned to start full practices on July 6th, but were unable to do so.  Currently, we are still waiting on the TSSAA to make a ruling for High School football.  Based on that ruling, we will make a decision on what to do for middle school football.   Unless the Order is lifted or revised, games are not expected to start until sometime in September.  Therefore, we will practice only on Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30 to 8:00 pm at Bearden High School until we know more about a season schedule.  We will maintain social distancing guidelines that are in place.  

Because the season has been delayed, registration is being extended to mid-August.  However, if you want to receive equipment and be on email distribution for practice information, you need to register now. If you register and our season is cancelled due to COVID-19, you will receive a refund.


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