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The Seattle Boeing Employees Softball Association (BESA) is looking for softball teams and individuals of all skill levels. Our games are played at North SeaTac Park in the City of SeaTac. We have two 10-game seasons. 1st season runs from April thru June; 2nd season runs from July thru August with a possible end of season tournament. We offer Men's Fun & Mixed Fun leagues. Spouses, family members, vendors, customers and retirees are welcome to play (see the "BESA Rules" on our website for eligibility requirements). Team uniforms are not required, just a good attitude and the desire to compete and have fun. Start your organization team this year or just sign up to play!! Players looking to join a team we encourage you to sign up as well (see the "Available Players List" on our website).


Are you  a softball player looking for a team to join? 

Send an email to edward.c.burgi@boeing.com

so you can be added to the available player list.  Include your name, contact number, email address,  nights you are available to play (league's are mon - thur) and fielding positions you prefer.





To:                 BESA Softball Team Managers
Subject:       BESA Softball Team Registration

This message is being sent to all those who were signed up at one time as a BESA Manager.  If you would like your name removed from this Distribution List, or replace it with a new team manager, please respond to this e-mail with you request to be removed or who to replace it with.

The BESA Spring Season is coming up fast once again!  We are now accepting softball team registrations for the 2019 Boeing Employees Softball Association Spring and Summer seasons.  We are accepting Mixed Fun Leagues for Wednesday & Thursday nights and Men's League on Tuesday nights only.


Signups Due:  1st season signups are due no later than Friday April 12th.  Team playing nights will be assigned in the order we receive your Team Registration and Team Fee check. Get your registration form and check in to the BESA Treasurer, Ed Burgi, at M/C 6X7-03 early to guarantee your requested night of play.  You can email the registration and follow up with the check later.

Team Registration Form & Fee:  This is the Registration form that needs to be filled out and sent in to the BESA Treasurer, Ed Burgi, at M/C 6X7-03, along with the Team Fee check.  The team fee is still only $425 per team, per season.  Team Registration document in Forms/Handouts section of website.

Team Roster (RIA) Form:  Once your team is registered, please fill out the BESA_RIA, print it and then get everyone on your team to sign and date it.  Please do your best to fully completed the RIA and send it to the BESA Secretary (email best way of sending or give to Scott Fetterly at the fields).  If you have new team members join after the RIA has been turned in, please fill out the BESA New Member form so they can be eligible to play.  You may also use the Individual (RIA) form in lieu of the Team Roster for those individuals that you cannot immediately contact to sign and date the team roster.  RIA form in Forms/Handouts section of website.

BESA Individual (RIA) Form:  This form is used for those who are being added to a team after the original Team Roster (RIA) has already been signed, dated and submitted to the BESA Secretary or if an individual will be filling out an RIA in lieu of the Team Roster.  If they do not qualify as a BESA member but do qualify as an Associate Member, they must also fill out the Associate Membership form in order to be eligible to play.  BESA_RIA_Individual document in Forms/Handouts section of website.

BESA Associate Member Form:  This form is used for those not qualifying as a BESA member but can qualify if they are a former employee or an immediate family member who is not a dependent.  This form must be sent to the BESA Secretary in order for the member to be eligible to play.  BESA_Associate_Member document in Forms/Handouts section of website.

Softball Seasons:
     Playing Nights:  Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday 

     1st Season begins the week of April 22nd/ 2nd season begins week of July 8th

     Each season is comprised of 10 games - doubleheaders / single games depending on number of teams.

Leagues: (A minimum of four teams is required to make a league)
     Mixed Fun: Our most popular league (7 men & 3 women minimum)

     Men's Fun:  All men's team (Tuesdays ONLY)

Game Times:
     5:15pm and 6:45pm (5:00pm and 6:30pm starting in Sept).

     Be prepared to play on the first night of league play. Schedules will follow shortly after registration ends.

     All games will be played at North SeaTac Park

Flyers:  IMPORTANT!!!  We are looking for your assistance in encouraging new teams to join the Boeing Employees Softball Association.  Please make copies of the flyer and post it in your building to make employees aware of the opportunity to play softball.  Your help in making employees aware will help keep our softball association going strong.  If we do not have enough teams for a league night, the teams are in jeopardy of either being moved to another night or cancelled.  Please help keep the BESA leagues going strong so we can enjoy our time outdoors!  See attached PowerPoint:  BESA_Flyer.

Bats:  ASA certified bats are to be used in all leagues.  Please be aware there are bats that have the ASA certification mark but are not approved for play in the BESA leagues.

Website:  The BESA Website is the official site where schedules, scores and make-up games will be posted.

We welcome any feedback on the content you wish to see on the website.

Looking for Players?  - Please see the "Available Players List on the website.

The current BESA Board is as follows:

President - Scott Fetterly 425-830-8856
Vice President - Rich Breslin
Treasurer - Ed Burgi
Secretary - Curtis Lochridge

We look forward to making the upcoming season a great experience!