This was a very good team, that played with heart and respect for the game. The team was founded in the Spring of 2006 and it lasted till the Fall of 2009. Four full years. They played from 10u till 14u. The team was formed to provide development and play good competition. The team did not do very well the first season and some of the players left us for what was perceived as better teams. We quickly became very competitive and players and parents noticed our love for the game and we started acquiring very good players and soon we started beating those same teams that poured it on us and bunted and stole bases winning by 10. We played a lot of baseball and to play in our team you had to love playing all the time. At times we would play in two leagues plus tournaments all at the same time. One year we played over 200 games with not one injury. We never overthrew any kid as the whole team pitched. The team became a nationally ranked team by 12u and was ranked as high as 4th in the nation by when we were a 13u team. The 12u year was very special as we had the same 11 players the whole year. At 14u, the team won the Florida Premier League Majors tittle for the 5th consecutive season in the Fall and decided to end the team to allow the players to concentrate in HS baseball. It was an awesome journey!