2018-2019 Age groups and Weight classes




Thank you all for a great season, we hope to see you again next season!  Congratulations and thank you for your participation and your support.


JV (k-8) are wrestlers who have not wrestled in any kind of wrestling tournament prior to September 1, 2018.
Divisions:  R 
--Rookie; B----Bantam; I-----Intermediate;  N----Novice;  SB---Schoolboy/girl
Year of Birth         Division  Weight                                                                            
 2013-2014  Rookie
 40,43,45,49,53,56,62,70,85(15Lb max difference)
 2011-2012  Bantam
 43,45,49,53,56,62,70,85(15Lb max difference)
 2009-2010  Intermediate
 49,53,56,59,63,67,71,77,84,93,105,120(20Lb max difference)
 2007-2008  Novice
 58,63,67,70,74,78,82,86,92,98,108,117,135,160(25Lb max difference)
 Born 9/1/2004-2006













  • Please be advised, there's a $10 fee for late weigh-ins.


CAGWA information


CAGWA President: Jose "Zero" Garcia --- sawolfpack1@gmail.com  714-767-6715
CAGWA JV K-8 & Varsity K-8 Tournament Standards

Provide a venue for wrestlers to compete against other wrestlers with similar years of experience. To give them an opportunity to succeed, keep them interested in wrestling, and grow the sport in the state of California.

Reduce the number of wrestlers leaving the sport after one or two years due to an initial lack of success. To allow them to build confidence by wrestling kids with the same level of experience rather than finding themselves competing against much more experienced wrestlers week after week.

CAGWA sanctions two (2) types of Tournaments;
1.  JV K-8 ---This tournament is for first year wrestlers only, first year wrestlers that have not held a USA card or entered in any other competitive wrestling event prior to September 1, 2018. Those who participated in the rookie are exempt from this stipulation.  These wrestlers can only wrestle one weight class.
2.  Varsity K-8 ---This tournament is for any second year and beyond wrestlers that have wrestled in a tournament prior to September 1, 2018.  These wrestlers can wrestle two weight classes but not two age divisions.
3.  All athletes and coaches must provide a current USA wrestling card and must be in good standing with CAGWA.
4.  League finals will require all athletes to attend 5 CAGWA tournaments prior to league finals to qualify to compete.
5.  Dominator Series is exclusively for CAGWA team members.
6.  Criteria will be used to determine sole Champion per division for Dominator Series points.

Tournament Operations
Tournaments will be available for all age groups Rookie, Bantam, Intermediate, Novice, and Schoolboy/girl.

A.  USA Sanctioned Tournaments in CAGWA are classified as: JV K-8 & Varsity K-8 Tournaments,

B.  Weigh-In Times: Rookie/Bantams 6:30am -7:30 am; Intermediate/Novice 9am- 10am; Schoolboy/girl 11:30am-12:30pm

C.  All wrestlers will weigh-in on Sunday as posted, prior to competition.
D.  Tournaments should be run no more than 4 hours per division.
      Rookies and Bantam division should run no more than 3 hours and begin wrestling by 8:30 a.m.
      Intermediate and Novice should begin wrestling by 11:00am
      Schoolboy/girl Division should begin wrestling by 1:30pm

E.  No brackets larger than a 6 man Round Robin Brackets for (JV K-8 only)

F.  Wrestlers may compete in only one (1) weight class. (JV K-8 only)

G.  We will use CAGWA/ USA Wrestling Guidelines, including USA weight classes.  Pooled weight classes will be used in circumstances when there is nobody at a certain weight class and the athlete's coach or parent agrees to bump the athlete up to the next weight class.

H.  CAGWA is responsible for medals and or ribbons awarded but must at very least
      place up to 3rd place. (California Super Tournament will place up to 6th place)

I.  The tournament Director will handle any question about rules
    and/or eligibility on site and their decision is final.

J.  A coach or wrestler violating the Beginner's Qualifications Rule is subject up to a one (1) month plus
    ten (10) day suspension from all events.  Each case will be examined by the committee and an appropriate reprimand imposed.  A           repeat violator could face expulsion from all CAGWA events.

K.  Brackets will be posted in a place where all parents, wrestlers, and coaches can access and view.  If Volunteer Referees are used as opposed to Certified Referees, it will be the responsibility of the Tournament Director to inform and train the Volunteer Referees of the National Federation High School (N.F.H.S.) Rules Book rules on Infractions, Rule 7, and Penalties and Injuries, Rule 8, for the safety of all participating wrestlers. 
M.  Although most if not all wrestlers in the Rookie age groups are considered all to be beginners, the Rookies shall continue to participate in all JV K-8 Tournaments. 
N.  Only two individuals will be allowed in the coach's corner for each wrestler.                                    

CAGWA JV K-8 & Varsity K-8 Tournament Standards
A.  Tournaments can run no fewer than four (4) full mats.  Each full mat should have a minimum boundary of wrestling area equal to or greater than an        area of a 28' diameter circle which is required by NFHS rules. 
B.  It is recommended to provide a warm-up mat for each room of wrestling.
C.  The boundary of the mat, when possible, should be at least 5 feet from any physical object such as a wall, tables, bleachers, etc.
D.  Surrounding and secured to the wrestling boundaries shall be a safety mat area of at least 5 feet wide.
E.  The boundaries of wrestling must be marked on all mats.
F.  Each wrestler's coach should be provided a marked area on each mat to coach their wrestler during the competition.
G.  Splitting mats is not recommended but acceptable only as long as these guidelines are followed:
         i.  The Rookie and Bantam age groups should be assigned to all the split mats before any other age group.  Afterwards, the lower                  weight classes in the Intermediate and Novice age groups can be assigned to a split mat.
Match Procedures
A.  3  One minute periods for all age groups. (As of Jan 1st 2014 Middle School will change to 3/1.5 min.periods)
B.  Mat side bracketing will be used to speed up the tournament process.
         1.  Table help will be responsible for running multiple brackets at mat side.
         2.  Table help will be responsible for handing out medals at mat side at the conclusion of each medal match.
B.  Once a wrestler wins, the match is officially over.  Therefore, the scoring of points ends and is recorded as the official score even           though the match may continue for development and mat time (Only applies to JV K-8).

C.  If either wrestler wins by a Pin or Technical Fall in the 1st Period, the match moves to the second period and begins.  The one that          lost is granted choice: Neutral, Top, Bottom, or can discontinue the match. (Only applies to JV K-8)
D.If either wrestler wins by a Pin or Technical Fall in the 2nd Period, the match moves to the third period and begins.  The one that            lost is granted choice: Neutral, Top, Bottom, or can discontinue the match. If one wrestler was pinned in the first period and the             other wrestler pinned in the second period, either wrestler may chose to discontinue the match. (Only applies to JV K-8)
E.  If either wrestler wins by a Pin or Technical Fall in the 3rd Period, the match is over.

Criteria for Ties in Round Robin Brackets: (Applies to both JV and Varsity)
A.  Head to head in the event of a two-tie.
B.  Activity Points
     Note: Activity Points -Pins, Forfeits, Defaults, and D.Q. should all be weighted equally as it is in the N.F.H.S. Rules Book.
C.  Pins.
D.  Technical Falls
E.  Major Decisions
F.  Pin Time
G.  Technical Fall Time
H.  Match Points
 I.  In case of a three- way- tie, once the top wrestler is determined from the above criteria, then
     the second and third ranked wrestler will be decided on by a head-to-head competition.