• 2019 Chili Lions Football & Cheerleading
  • Practices start Monday, July 29, 2019 at Memorial Park - Merante Field
  • Email us with any questions at chililions@chililions.com
  • Tackle Football Levels Offered - 6U, 8U, 10U
  • All Football Levels unweighted!!!
Chili Lions Football and Cheerleading Mission Statement 

“The Chili Lions promotes fellowship, recreation and entertainment for our youth members and their families. We provide a safe, structured and positive playing environment for our youth participants while instilling the values of teamwork, dedication, and superior work ethic on the playing field and in the classroom by teaching them fundamental values, skills, and knowledge that they will use throughout their lives and carry on with them to through their High School careers.  We along with all the other organizations in our league will promote and encourage growth in a positive and welcoming nature"


Thank you very much

to our Awesome Coaches, Players, Parents and

Staff on a terrific season. 


We look forward to new and exciting things for the 2020 season!!!!


The Chili Lions are currently seeking new board members for all areas of the organization.  The commitment is minimal but the rewards are great.  If you would like to volunteer and become a board member to help make the organization the best it can be please see Vicki Longo or John Borrelli or email at chililions@chililions.com.



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"The achievements of an organization are the result of the combined effort of each individual"

-- Vince Lombardi  


We welcome your support!!


If you are interested in being on the Chili Lions Board of Directors  or volunteering in our organization

Please email us at chililions@chililions.com