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WBC Scheduling Meeting Monday, February 4th 8:00 PM at Our Lady of the Visitation's Pavilion 

Important Dates for 2019 Season

02/01/19: Deadline for Commissioners to submit team data via Data Collection Links 

02/04/19: 8:00 PM 8U - 15U Scheduling Meeting at Visitation Pavilion 

02/11/19: General Session Meeting*(Tournament Host Submissions Due)

02/24/19: 8:00 PM 5U - 7U Scheduling Meeting at Visitation Pavilion

03/11/19: General Session Meeting*(Tournament Host Assigned)

03/22/19 - 03/24/19: Viking Thaw Preseason Tournament (Participating Levels TBD)

03/30/19 - 06/09/19: 8U - 15U Regular Season 

04/08/19: General Session Meeting*

04/12/19 - 06/07/19: 5U - 7U Regular Season 

05/13/19: General Session

06/09/19 - 06/16/19: 7U CWBC League Championship Tournament 

06/10/19: General Session Meeting*

06/13/19 - 07/01/19: 8U - 15U CWBC League Championship Tournament 


Meeting Minutes


Bat Rules and Ump Fees for 2019

Umpire Fees

8UN, 9UA, 9UN, 10UN, & 11UA/ $40 per game / $20 per team

11UN/ $80 per game / $40 per team (2-man ump)

13UA,13UN, & 15U/ $100 per game / $50 per team

Bat Rules

A legal bat for the WBC can have either a USA Baseball stamp or 1.15 BPF stamp on the bat. 

BBCOR stamped bats acceptable for NFHS use are permitted at any age level if the participant is strong enough to do so.

BBCOR stamped bats are required at the 15U level. Wood composite bats are also permissible provided the BBCOR stamp is on the bat.

At the 7U-13U levels, bats must have the 1.15 BPF stamp or USA Baseball stamp somewhere on the bat.  Wood bats are permissible at any level.

These bats are available at all sporting goods stores.

Youth Sports Organization Concussion Info Form

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Concussion Info Form

WBC Field Rainout Twitter Links and Phone Numbers

June 1, 2018 – 03:00 PM



Rain out Twitter feeds and phone lines are intended for Saturday and Sunday games only.

WEEKDAY games are determined playable by home team managers, unless otherwise noted.

OHYA Fields

OHYA Online

Our Lady of Victory

OLV Twitter

Delhi Park


Spoils Field 513-851-9443
Farwick Fields 513-353-1900
St. Jude St. Jude Twitter

Kuliga Park  
Cheviot FH  
Ryan Fields  
St. Antoninus (Schott Fields) Antoninus Online
St. Ignatius

St. Ignatius Twitter

St. James


Harrison K of C St. John (Harrison) Twitter
Visitation Visitation Twitter





St. John (DR)


Lourdes #1