Craven Jaguars Regular Practice Season Starts July 23rd, 6 PM

Craven Jaguars regular season practice starts on July 23rd at 6PM at Creekside Park. Unfortunately, due to expected inclement weather and field closure, only registration will be happening tonight. Only if you have not completed the registration packet for the 2018 Season, please come out tonight. No other practice on fields will occur tonight. Stay tuned for weather updates this week, schedules for equipment distribution and for upcoming parent meetings on our Craven Jaguars Facebook Page. 

Registration from this point forward will occur onsite during practices only. Please do not drop off forms at New Bern Sporting Goods.

Stay tuned for a new League website with a link to Craven Jaguars. Check out Facebook for updates

2018 Registration

Registration for the 2018 season is underway. Forms may be picked up and dropped off with payment at New Bern Sporting Goods through July 21st. See our Facebook page for additional onsite registrations during May, June and July. Once official practice starts, registration will be conducted at the field during practice days until teams are filled. Don't delay to reserve your spot. 


Please download a volunteer form from this site and fill out. Please attach a note explaining what you are interested in and why you would be a good fit for the Craven Jaguars. You may email forms to President or contact President or Registrar to arrange drop-off. Volunteers with the Craven Jaguars are required to have a National Background check. As a youth organization, all volunteers will be subject to background screening as deemed necessary. You may use your own source (provided all documentation submitted) or a link is provided to coaches and staff each season. 

IT TAKES A VILLAGE! We need YOU! We cannot grow and be successful without YOU!  

In addition, if you are CPR/EMT certified or a member of the Health care community with current first aid credentials and would be willing to help out while at practice or game field in the event of an emergency, please email the President.

NC DMV Identification Cards

Our league has implemented a certification process that includes NC DMV ID cards. This season the League requires all players to have a state ID card. The Craven Jaguars have required all divisions - 12U, 10U, 8U & 6U players to obtain a NC DMV ID card since 2013. Military IDs, other State IDS, Passports & other Government issued forms of ID are accepted.  Questions please contact registration personnel. IDs are not required to start the practice season. There is a 2 week turn around for ID cards.  This year DMV receipts have a picture and may be accepted until receipts expire. No player will be able to play in games without an ID card or valid receipt.  This process aids in ensuring proper uniformity with certification for all associations within our league and ID cards last for 8 years. Another advantage of using ID cards is the safety factor. Should a child ever get lost, all the identifying information on the ID card can be in any police car & Amber alert system in America in less than 2 minutes!

To obtain an ID card, you can set up an appointment or drop by one of the below locations.

New Bern                             Kinston                                   Havelock

2106 Neuse Blvd.                 2214 W. Vernon Ave               300 Miller Road

DMV Building                     DMV Building                        Old Library Building

New Bern, NC 28560           Kinston, NC 28501                 Havelock, NC 28532

252-514-4734                       252-526-4432                          252-44406425



Mobile Unit                            

13451 Hwy 55                        

Bayboro, NC 28515                



Take the following documents and fees:

$10 cash
Certified Copy of Birth Certificate
Original Social Security Card
Report Card or Bank Statement with child's name and address
(If you don’t have last item, DMV will charge $2 more and let you sign affidavit for address)

Parents don’t have to be present, players can go with any adult to DMV with required documentation to obtain ID, in groups of up to 6.  The ID is good for 8 years. If SS card is applied for to obtain ID, the process can take 6'8 weeks. Please do not delay on obtaining necessary documentation.



Congratulations Craven Jaguars 8U-Coach Gray- 2017 Super Bowl Winner


We are committed to promoting & instilling Honesty, Loyalty, Integrity, Teamwork, Discipline, Sportsmanship, Respect, Leadership, Trust, and Commitment in our young participants. We believe these values and virtues are important to their growth and to becoming productive members of our community and society.



We will instill in our youth the challenge of competition, the joy of victory, the reality of defeat, the importance of commitment, and the spirit of community. The Craven Jaguars emphasize the importance of academic achievement among athletes and aim to recognize those with exemplary athletic performance while achieving academic success; and by doing so, prepare our young athletes for the challenges of high school and collegiate environments.



Achieve our mission & objectives through organizing our dedicated volunteers, caring parents, and business associates & sponsors who wish to partner with our successful youth sports programs.



I. To provide a wholesome competitiveness within the scope of our rules and regulations while cultivating values intrinsic to football and preparing players for life.
II. To teach the proper techniques and fundamentals of football while instilling a knowledge and appreciation for the game.
III. To provide a responsible football program that stimulates community interest for football where players develop athletic skill and character through hard work, courage, dedication and perseverance.
IV. To promote good sportsmanship, teamwork, highest morale, physical standards, a strong work ethic, and the importance of academic achievement.
V. To make Youth Football ALL-INCLUSIVE by not excluding participants based on superficial factors (such as weight or ability).

VI. When opportunities exist, to provide an opportunity for advanced level of play beyond the regular season where players with advanced football skills are challenged in post season play. 



We are a non-profit, youth football association located in Craven County - New Bern, Bridgeton, James City, Pollocksville, Havelock areas. We offer a competitive and structured youth football league for kids ages 4-13.

Regular Practice Season starts end of July, Game in late August, and finishes by mid-November.

Games are usually played on Saturdays.

Age as of July 31st


Div A, Anklebiters: 6 and under (4,5,6)  75 lbs


Div 1: 8U (6,7,8)  100 lbs


Div 2: 10U (8,9,10)   120 lbs

Div 3
: 12U (10,11,12)   UNLIMITED

Div 4: 15U (12,13,14,15)   UNLIMITED *No teams are designated at this level*

No child will be turned away due to weight or athletic ability!

Teams do reach capacity. To ensure a spot on a team, be sure to register early!


*6U Division A - Special Recommendations regarding a six year old player - any player six years old who is highly skilled and/or weighs more than 90 lbs, consider move to Division 1.*


Any player that is over the weight limit for all Divisions -
A, I or II must play as a lineman eligible player (LE).  On offense LEs, can only play center, tackle or guard. On defense LEs, can only play nose tackle or defensive tackle.  All LE players must have the approved League approved LE sticker on the back of their helmet. They must have the following Call numbers on their jersey:  50-79, 90-99 or 00.  LE players can kick extra points, field goals, punts and kick-offs.  They can participate in special teams.   Any time an LE comes in possession of the ball, the play is whistled dead at the place of recovery. 
8U - K2
10U - TDJ or equivalent
12U - TDJ or TDY
14 & 15U - TDY or equivalent