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  • 12 teams Based in Lake County, Illinois
  • Antioch, Barrington, Deerfield, Fox Lake, Grayslake, Gurnee,
  • Lake Forest, Lake Villa, Lake Zurich, Mundelein, Wauconda

The 2018 season has begun for the 10th District American Legion Baseball League.  Check out the schedules for each team on the website, and the standings are being updated daily.


Past District 10 Champs

Past District 10 Champion : 1996 - Present

1996  Barrington            2006  Lake Zurich          2016  Fox Lake

1997  Vernon Hills          2007  Libertyville           2017  Barrington

1998  Barrington            2008  Deerfield               2018  ????????

1999  Libertyville           2009  Barrington

2000  Libertyville                     2010  Libertyville

2001  Deerfield             2011  Barrington

2002  Libertyville           2012  Lake Zurich

2003  Libertyville           2013  Barrington

2004  Barrington            2014  Barrington

2005  Libertyville           2015  Lake Zurich


2017 IL State Tournament

The 2017 Illinois American Legion State Tournament will be hosted by Rantoul during the week of July 26-29.  Stay tuned for updates here as we follow 10th District and 2nd Division champion Barrington.  All games will be played at Wabash Park in Rantoul, IL.
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Day 1 - July 26th
Game 1:  Arlington Heights (1st Division) vs. Danville (4th Division) - Danville wins 1-0
Game 2:  Barrington (2nd Division) vs. Peoria (3rd Divison) -       Barrington wins 5-1 in 10 innings
Game 3:  Edwardsville (5th Division) vs. Rantoul (Host) - 5:30 pm -      Edwardsville wins 6-4

Day 2 - July 27th
Game 4: Peoria (0-1) vs. Rantoul (0-1) -  Peoria wins 7-1.  Rantoul eliminated.
Game 5: Barrington (1-0) vs. Danville (1-0) - Danville wins 7-5.  
Game 6: Edwardsville (1-0) vs. Arlington Heights (0-1).  Edwardsville wins 8-1.  Arlington eliminated.

Day 3 - July 28th

Game 7:  Barrington (1-1) vs. Peoria (1-1)  - Barrington wins 10-0.  Peoria eliminated.
Game 8: Danville (2-0) vs. Edwardsville (2-0) - Edwardsville wins 10-6
Game 9:  Danville (2-1) vs. Barrington (2-1) - Danville wins 10-5.  Barrington eliminated.

Day 4 - July 29th

Game 10: Danville (3-1) vs. Edwardsville (3-0) - Edwardsville wins 8-1.  

Edwardsville wins the 2017 Illinois State Legion Baseball title.  Both Edwardsville and Danville advance to the Great Lakes Regional in Napoleon, Ohio.


2017 2nd Division Tournament

The Illinois 2nd Division Baseball Tournament is being played this week in Barrington.  This tournament will feature 3 teams from the 10th District in Barrington, Lake Forest, and Deerfield, as well as 11th District representatives Elmhurst and Elgin, and 13th District representative Freeport.  The winner of the double elimination tournament will be the 2nd Division Champion and advance to the Illinois State Tournament hosted in Rantoul.

Day 1 - July 19th:                              10th District goes 3-0 on Day 1!

Game 1:  Barrington vs. Elmhurst  -  Barrington wins 11-1

Game 2:  Deerfield vs. Elgin -           Deerfield wins 8-7

Game 3:  Lake Forest vs. Freeport - Lake Forest wins 10-6

Day 2 - July 20th                               10th District goes 2-1 on Day 2!

Game 4: Elgin (0-1) vs. Elmhurst (0-1):            Forfeit.  Elmhurst eliminated

Game 5: Barrington (1-0) vs. Freeport (0-1)     Barrington wins 16-4.  Freeport eliminated.

Game 6: Deerfield (1-0) vs. Lake Forest (1-0)  Deerfield wins 9-0

Day 3 - July 21st

Game 7: Elgin (1-1) vs. Lake Forest (1-1):    Elgin wins 8-2.  Lake Forest eliminated.

Game 8: Barrington (2-0) vs. Deerfield (2-0)  Barrington wins by forfeit.

Game 9: Elgin (2-1) vs. Deerfield (2-1):          Rainout - Rescheduled for 7/22

Day 4 - July 22nd

Game 9: Elgin (2-1) vs. Deerfield (2-1)           Elgin wins by forfeit.

Game 10: Elgin (3-1) vs. Barrington (3-0)       Rainout - Rescheduled for 7/23

Day 5 - July 23rd

Game 10: Elgin (3-1) vs. Barrington (3-0)       Barrington wins 13-3.

Congratulations to Barrington Post 158 on the 2nd Division Championship and their advancement to the IL State Tournament next week.


2nd Annual 10th District All-Star Game

July 17, 2017

On July 17th, Barrington hosted the 2nd Annual 10th District All-Star Game.  Representatives from 10 of the 11 district teams took the field for a fun game that showcased the talent in Lake County Legion baseball.  The East Team, comprised of players from Deerfield, Fox Lake, Gurnee, Lake Forest, and Round Lake, competed against the West Team, made up of players from Barrington, Lake Villa, Lake Zurich, Mundelein, and Wauconda.  

In the end, the East Team was victorious by a score of 7-6.  Chris Nesterowicz (Fox Lake) pitched three strong innings in relief to secure the victory, while Henry Kusiak (Fox Lake) nailed down the 2 inning save.  The East team piled up 12 hits, with big blasts coming off the bat of Peter Turelli (Lake Forest) for a home run and Jimmy Friel (Fox Lake) for a 2 run double.

The West Team was led by Brock Glavey (Wauconda), who started the game on the mound and went 2-2 with a double and triple in the ball game.  Also securing big knocks were Simon Varitek (Lake Villa) going 2-2 with 2 RBI and a double and Sean Davis (Barrington) with a 2 RBI triple.

A great time was had by all.  Thank you to all participants and fans who made it out for the game.  Special thanks go out to our 10th District Commissioner, Jim Huisel of Gurnee, and Nate Gray, coach of Barrington, for putting this event on.



All-Star Rosters:

East:  Deerfield - Josh Frydman, Nick Musial, Aaron Delisle, Zack Raske, Ben Sodikoff
          Fox Lake - Jimmy Friel, Nolan Unger, Henry Kusiak, Chris Nesterowicz
          Gurnee - Ricky Bergstrom
          Lake Forest - Paul Turelli, Peter Turelli, Andrew Fluri, Brady Christoph
          Round Lake - Charlie Burton, Ben Lang, Tyler Roman, Amadeus Pope

West: Barrington - Blake Gosswein, Brooks Gosswein, Tyler Trojan, Tristan Michaels, Ryan Loutos, Sean Davis, Justin Walker
          Lake Villa - Tommy Jones, Simon Varitek, Aaron Boehm
          Lake Zurich - Shane Nolan, Bryan Rasbid
          Mundelein - Ryan Patel, Steven Sanchez, Drew Breitenreiter, Mason Schaller
          Wauconda - Brock Glavey, Jake Harmon, Brent Winkel, Danny Sperling

2017 District Tournament

Due to the rain and upon mutual agreement, the District Tournament has been reformatted to a single elimination tournament.

July 13th

Game 1:  (6) Wauconda @ (3) Deerfield - 6 pm.   Deerfield wins 11-1.

Game 2:  (5) Grayslake @ (4) Fox Lake - 6 pm.    Grayslake wins 4-2.

July 14th

Game 3:  (5) Grayslake vs. (3) Deerfield - 6 pm.   Deerfield wins 3-1 and advances to 2nd Division Tournament.


For the first time ever, the 10th District will be receiving 3 bids into the 2nd Division Tournament.

Congratulations to 10th District Champion Barrington and runner-up Lake Forest for finishing 1st and 2nd in the District respectively and earning bids to represent the 10th District in the 2nd Division tournament!

The District Tournament will feature the 3rd through 6th place teams, vying for the last bid into the Division tournament.  Deerfield, Fox Lake, Grayslake, and Wauconda will compete for the remaining spot.


Upcoming Games/Practices
Jun 25
Wauconda @ Barrington RED (Sr.)
Mundelein @ Deerfield
Antioch @ Gurnee
Grayslake @ Lake Forest
Barrington WHITE (Jr.) @ Lake Zurich
Fox Lake @ Lake Villa
Jun 26
Deerfield @ Antioch
Gurnee @ Barrington WHITE (Jr.)
Lake Zurich @ Fox Lake
Barrington RED (Sr.) @ Grayslake
Lake Forest @ Mundelein
Lake Villa @ Wauconda
Jun 27
Lake Villa @ Barrington WHITE (Jr.)
Mundelein @ Antioch
Wauconda @ Deerfield
Grayslake @ Gurnee
Fox Lake @ Lake Forest
Barrington RED (Sr.) @ Lake Zurich
Jul 2
Antioch @ Barrington WHITE (Jr.)
Barrington RED (Sr.) @ Fox Lake
Deerfield @ Grayslake
Lake Zurich @ Lake Villa
Gurnee @ Mundelein
Lake Forest @ Wauconda
Jul 9
Mundelein @ Barrington WHITE (Jr.)
Deerfield @ Fox Lake
Antioch @ Grayslake
Lake Forest @ Lake Zurich
Barrington RED (Sr.) @ Lake Villa
Gurnee @ Wauconda
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