DBI exists to help baseball and softball athletes fine tune their hitting and pitching mechanics. Owner/Instructor Coach Dodge uses a kid-friendly approach to assess an athlete's skill set and then form an individualized plan of improvement. Lessons take place in an indoor, heated facility with batting cage, pitching/hitting areas for softball and baseball, and pitching and soft toss machines. DBI is located 5 miles south of Osceola, WI.

Please call (715) 531-8535 or e-mail to set up an appointment.

Cancellation Policy

We have a waiting list of about a dozen athletes.  If you miss a lesson without giving us at least 12 hours notice, you will be responsible for paying for that missed lesson at your next scheduled lesson.  If you miss a second lesson without proper notification, you will be removed from our lesson schedule.  If you're not ok with this arrangement, let us know & we will open your future scheduled lessons to one of the many athletes on our waiting list.


As with any talent you want your kids to improve on, putting time in year round is most beneficial.  Coach Dodge offers lessons all year and encourages athletes to come in at least once a month, every month, to make the most of the opportunity presented by DBI.

**Please note**

When looking for open dates/times on the calendar, make sure to refresh your browser.  We're finding this to be an issue on mobile devices.

Also, if you don't see a date/time that works for you, send us an email with what you're looking for.