• Yellow Jackets win the 2016 World Series!
  • The 2017 preseason starts this Saturday!

2017 Preseason

April 4, 2017

 It's that time of year again! The 2017 season will kick off with a preseason tournament this weekend! This double-elimination tournament is designed to get players back into the swing of things (yes, pun intended ;) ) and will give rookies a chance to make a good first impression. Teams will look to create momentum going into Opening Day by winning the tournament. The participating teams are the Goblins, Roadrunners, Yellow Jackets and Underdogs. Defending champs the Yellow Jackets are looking to continue their dominance in the new season. The yellow bats will be used in order to provide a smooth transition into the regular season. The tournament starts on Saturday, April 8th with the first game starting at 1:00 pm.

Yellow Jackets Clinch First Place Finish to Regular Season

July 16, 2016

     After ending their regular season with a record of 7-1, the Yellow Jackets have officially become the number one seed in the playoffs! The boys in yellow faced off against the Riversharks in a double-header yesterday. Game 1 was a hard-fought game by both sides, and ended with a 2-run Walk-off home run from Ryan Rutt to win the game for the Yellow Jackets. Game 2 was a 19-5 blowout, giving the Jackets their 7th win of the season in their final regular season game. Ryan Rutt ended the day with 5 home runs, only 3 shy of a milestone 200 career home runs! The other teams finish their regular seasons next week, and then the Yellow Jackets await the winner of the seed 4 vs seed 5 playoff game for a best 2-out-of-3series. 

2016 Season Power Rankings

May 1, 2016

    With the preseason tournament having taken place and with no more scheduled league meetings until opening day, it is now time for the preseason power rankings! Before we start, we would like to say that these rankings are solely based on what has been seen at the tournament and other preseason events. The teams are so evenly matched this year that it made it tough to make these rankings. These rankings may change at any time.


    T-4 Riversharks

   This team consists of returning player Danny Hutchinson and rookie Josh Kittle. The team played well in the preseason tournament; but fell in both games, losing a 15-14 nail-biter to the Roadrunners and 6-1 to the Goblins. Hutchinson did not disappoint on the mound, getting a few strikeouts. Kittle had an impressive debut at the plate, hitting in most of his at-bats. Hutchinson looks to continue dominating on the mound and Kittle hopes to keep improving every game. Although the team has good chemistry, the question is; how will they handle the improved competition? The answer will come on May 21st, when the team plays it's first game against the Yellow Jackets. Anything is possible, and this team had proved that in the past.

     Preseason: 1-2

     Predicted season record: 3-5 or 4-4


   T-4 Goblins

   After a disappointing 2015 season, this team is rejuvenated and ready for a fresh start. The Goblins have picked up some new players and are stronger than ever. Veteran Zak Dowling looked promising on the mound, and really had the bats going during the tournament. He looks to make a big statement this year to prove his team's ability to hold their own ground in the league. Rookie Destinee Greismann looks to make a statement of her own in her first year as well. Perhaps this year will see this team pull off some upsets like the league has seen them do in the past.

     Preseason: 1-1

     Predicted season record: 3-5 or 4-4


   3 Roadrunners

   This new franchise is led by team captain Justin Courtright. Justin had 33 home runs in 2015, and will carry that momentum into the 2016 season. He is joined by rookie Diego Santiago, who made an impressive debut in the preseason tournament, highlighted by a walk-off homer to win his first game. The two have good chemistry, and that will only help them in the long run. The athleticism of these two players will create many good games this year. If Justin stays hot on the mound and the team continues their offensive domination, the team will be a good World Series contender.

   Preseason: 2-1

   Predicted season record: 5-3


   2 Yellow Jackets

      Following the departure of Ryan Rutt from the Underdogs, this franchise is back! The team has a lot of history, winning the World Series in 2010, 11, 12, 13 and 14. Rutt is teamed up with good friend JR Gregory, where they hope to add the 2016 EBWB Championship to their trophy case. Despite there being more teams and usually having a competitive nature, the team isn't looking to be 'super competitive'."It's all really about having fun" Rutt says."Sure, things get heated during playoffs, but everyone wants to do good too. I'm going to enjoy the game as much as I can this year." During the tournament, the team struggled somewhat on the offensive end. As long as they get the bats going during the season and Rutt keeps composed on the mound, the team will do just fine. 

   Preseason: 2-1

   Predicted season record: 6-2


   1 Underdogs

     Formerly known as the Yankees, the Underdogs will be looking for a repeat of last year. In 2015 the team won it's first World Series title, going 12-2 on the season. 2016 ushers in a new era as Eli Hoyte and Mike McDanolds join the team. During the tournament the team dominated, winning their first game 28-18 and then beating the Yellow Jackets 23-18 in the final. McDanolds shined on the mound, racking up multiple K's. The team could not be stopped on the offensive end, as the home runs kept coming off the bats of Curley and McDanolds. Rookie Eli Hoyte was absent for the tournament, but also looks like a very promising addition to the team. All 3 guys have shown their athleticism throughout the preseason, and look to only get better as the season rolls on. Their quest for back-to-back championships starts on May 21st.

   Preseason: 2-0

   Predicted season record: 7-1


   Thanks for reading! Once again, these rankings are based off of the results of the preseason tournament. As history has shown, anything can happen during the EBWB season. This year all of the teams are pretty even skill wise. 5 teams. 1 championship. Anyone could win it all this year! Best of luck to ALL players and teams! 



2016 Season Preview

February 8, 2016

     It's that time again! The 2016 EBWB Season is rapidly approaching, with preseason only 2 months away! As teams finish being finalized, we take a look ahead and make some early predictions.

     Team Analysis:

                                       The Goblins

                             Depsite a disappointing 2015 season and a heart-breaking defeat in the playoffs, the Goblins can never be counted out. Seasoned veteran Zak Dowling will be making his return with rookie player Destinee Griesmann and a new attitude. He definitely does not want to have a repeat of last year and it shouldn't happen. This team has proven it can hold it's own in the league and has pulled off big wins before.

                                                      The Riversharks

                                        The Riversharks had a very successful inaugural season last year in EBWB, making it to the World Series and being runner up to only the Yankees. Danny Hutchinson connected for 35 home runs, with Justin Courtright also racking up 33 of his own. Their explosive offense was key to their success in 2015. Despite the absence of Justin Courtright, the signing of rookie Josh Kittle and seasoned pitching from Danny Hutchinson will add more power to the team in their quest to make it back to the World Series.

                                                         The Roadrunners

                             This new team consists of second year player Justin Courtright and rookie player Diego Santiago. Last year, Justin poked 35 home runs and helped his team go to the World Series. This year, his excellent hitting and exceptional pitching will be key in leading the team through the season. With the speed and skills of Diego, the team has a good chance of success throughout the season. They have big potential to get to the World Series this year.

                                                         The Underdogs  

                              Formerly the Yankees, this newly renamed franchise is coming off their first World Series title in their history. While Robert Curley has lost a key pitching power in Ryan Rutt, he has regained that in signing the promising rookie Eli Hoyte. The Underdogs are looking to defend their World Series Title this year, and with Robert's experience and Eli's speed, they have the skill to do so.

                                                         The Yellow Jackets

                                          This franchise was ressurected by Ryan Rutt in the offseason. He will be the manager, with the addition of James Gregory to add some offensive power. Rutt will work to continue improving his pitching, and adding more pitches to his arsenal. With this franchise winning every World Series in it's existance (5), history would normally give this team a little more of a probability of repeating. But this year anything can happen, as all of the teams have an equal amount of talent.      

                                                   What teams do you think will surprise in 2016? Answer our poll above!

                                      Preseason starts April 2nd! More season details coming soon.

Yankees win the 2015 World Series!

July 24, 2015

    The Yankees have won their first World Series in franchise history! The team defeated the Riversharks 3 games to 1 in the series. Ryan Rutt lead the tournament with 15 home runs. Robert Curley finally gets the big one he deserves and Ryan Rutt is now a 6-time champion. Good season to all teams and we look forward to seeing more players next year!

Postseason Time!

July 6, 2015

    The 2015 Regular Season is finished! The Yankees finished in 1st place as predicted, with a record of 9-1 and have clinched the World Series spot! In second place (also predicted) came the Riversharks with a record of 4-5. The Goblins finished the season winless, with a 0-7 record.

     The league will take a 2 week break due to player vacations and will pick up with the All Star Break which includes the All Star Game (AL: R. Curley, D. Hutchinson, NL: R. Rutt, J. Courtright) and the Home Run Derby. After that we will start the playoffs! The Goblins will take on the Riversharks in a best 2 out of 3 series to determine who faces the Yankees in the World Series. Although the Goblins haven't won a game, they can't be counted out. In their last game, the Goblins gave the Riversharks a tough time, putting up 22 points but falling 23-22. The team has also pulled off their share of upsets, even beating Ryan Rutt and the Yellow Jackets in the 2013 season."It's going to be intense and exciting." league president Ryan Rutt commented."Both teams want to be in the World Series. I can't wait to see who prevails."

     The winner of the best 2-out-of-3 playoff series will face the Yankees in a best 3-out-of-5 game World Series! All 3 teams are looking for their 1st World Series title. Best of luck to ALL of the teams!!

Season Update

June 16, 2015

   The regular season is well underway, as we are about to enter the All-Star Break. The Yankees are currently in first place, with a record of 6-1. The Riversharks are in second, with a record of 2-4. Goblins are in last place with a record of 0-3, only playing 3 games so far. In the last game of the first half of the season, the Yankees defeated the Riversharks 9-8 in a thrilling back and forth game, highlighted by an unassisted double play by Ryan Rutt and a walk off home run by Robert Curley, which was also his 50th career HR! The All-Star Game will have Robert Curley and Dan Hutchinson on the AL and Ryan Rutt and JR Gregory on the NL.

2015 Season Power Rankings

Since we are only a week away from Opening Day, here are our Power Rankings going into the 2015 season:


3. Goblins

     After suffering a heart Breaking loss in Game 3 of the playoffs last year, the Goblins are out for revenge. 3 year veteran Zak Dowling is back, and his sister Haylee Dowling is a new player this year. Although the team hasn't done the greatest in the preseason, they have shown in the past that anything is possible. Team captain Zak Dowling's goal is to make it to his first franchise World Series. And if he can stay accurate on the mound, it just might happen.

Preseason record: 0-3

Predicted regular season record: 5-7

Rank: 3


2. Riversharks

     The new team has been welcomed into the league, along with it's rookie players. The Riversharks are captained by Danny Hutchinson, and the other player is Justin Courtright. From what we've seen so far, this team has big potential to win it all and give the other teams competition. In their first year, the team's goal is to make it to their first franchise World Series and try to destroy Ryan Rut's legacy. Justin Courtright is responsible for Rutt's return, and the Yankees and Riversharks look forward to intense games. The team had a good run in the preseason, giving the Yankees and Goblins runs for their money. We'll see what enfolds when the season starts

Preseason Record: 2-2

Predicted season record: 7-5

Rank: 2


1. Yankees

     After being taunted, Ryan Rutt is back for one more season to prove his status and defend his legacy. He will be the first inductee into the EBWB Hall Of Fame on Opening Day. He is now joined with his former bitter rival on the field (but good friend) Robert Curley. What was once a dream team is now a reality, and the team has high standards for this year. Both players have faced off the World Series every year as the Yellow Jackets and Yankees, so they hope to once again reach the big one. With Rutt's power hitting and  dominant pitching and Robert's sneaky pitches as well, the team can make history once again together. If Rutt stays dominant on the mound, it may just happen.

Preseason record: 3-0

Predicted Regular Season record: 12-0 or 11-1

Rank: 1

Yellow Jackets win the World Series!

December 2, 2014

Ryan Rutt ends his career on a high note

                      The Yellow Jackets have won their 5th World Series trophy, beating the Yankees 6-0 and taking the series 3 games to 1. The Jackets only suffered 1 loss, and Ryan Rutt had a historic last season of his career, throwing a no-hitter, 5 shutouts, and hitting over 30 home runs. The future of EBWB is undetermined as of now, but we are looking for new players/teams. The Hall Of Fame ceremony will be on January 12th, and it will be up to YOU, the public, to decide who is inducted. Thank you all for your support and we'll see you next year hopefully!

World Series Update

November 11, 2014

The Yellow Jackets are currently in the lead of the series, 2 games to 1. Game 3 went to the Jackets 10-0, with a stellar pitching performance from Ryan Rutt, throwing the first no hitter in EBWB history!! Will the Yellow Jackets win the next game and take it home to end Ryan Rutt's career on a good note? Or will the Yankees take game 4 and force a game 5?

August 20, 2014

     THIS JUST IN: Yellow Jackets manager and 4 time World Series Champion Ryan Rutt announces retirement at the end of the season due to severe back pain. Ryan currently stands at 128 career home runs (about 4 times more than any other player in EBWB) and is a future Hall Of Famer. He sends out his thanks to everyone.