End of the Year Survey

We are always looking for ways to improve our league and we need your help!! Please fill out this short survey and let us know about your experience this season. We want to hear your feedback! We look over these surveys as a board and use your input in making any program changes. We also like to hear what is working well! 

Click Here for the survey.


We are always looking for new board members too! Please contact Jamie Blank if you would like to discuss joining our Board of Directors. You can email her at

Division Winners

Congratulations to the following Division Champions for 2018:

Continental Division Champs- Athletics

Runner up- Nationals 

Regular Season Champs- Nationals

Little League Division Champs- Indians

Runner up- Red Sox

Regular Season Champs- Rangers

Pony Division Champs- Royals

Runner up- Indians

Regular Season Champs- Indians

Intermediate Softball Division Champs- Hurricanes

Runner up- Wildcats

Regular Season Champs- Wildcats

Senior Softball- Wildcats

Runner up- Hurricanes

Division Champs- Hurricanes

 Congratulations Everyone !!

Managers of the Year and Umpires of the Year

A special thank you to all of our volunteer managers and coaches for their time and effort in making the season great for their teams and families. We hope it was a rewarding experience for you and that you plan to come back next year!!!

The league couldn't run without all of the volunteers that step up to coach and you should all be congratulated! 

Thank you so much to all of you who filled out our Manager of the Survey. You voted and the results are in!!! Here are the Managers of the Year:

T-Ball- Marcia Skinner of The Nationals

Prep 1- Brian Lehane of The Diamondbacks

Prep 2- James Amend of The Mariners

Novice Softball- Rich Haen of the Bulldogs

Continental- Brian Scheuring of the Diamondbacks 

Intermediate Softball- Rick Rubenfaer of the Hurricanes

Little League- Co-Winners Dan Villaire of the Rangers and Craig Cabble of the Royals

Senior Softball- Amy Weber of the Wildcats

Pony- Brad Kepler of the Orioles

We would also like to congratulate our Umpires of the Year! Winners are determined by feedback from the managers, other umpires and observation throughout the season. Winners will receive a $50 bonus check!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

PrepEthan Grey 

C-A (Continental and Intermediate Softball)- Jacob Ellenbogen 

L-B (Cont., Int. Softball, Senior Softball and Little League)- Joe DeMarco

L-A (Cont., Int. Softball , Little League, Senior Softball and Pony)- Nick Anton

Senior- Pony/ Senior Softball- Matt Gallo


Jess Polan Umpire Award- Tom Littlefield


 Thank you to everyone for your input!

All-Star Saturday Pictures

Chest Protectors

New for the 2018 Season:
Franklin Baseball and Softball League recommends that players wear a protective chest protector pad covering the heart area under their uniform shirt. We strongly recommend these for pitchers in both baseball and softball divisions.  As is the case for batting helmets, bats and mitts, the league does not provide this equipment, but chest protector pads are available at most stores selling sports equipment."

Generic Schedule Days by League

Below are the typical days of the week leagues play on - they are not 100% guaranteed but in the great majority of cases they will apply:

T-Ball Kindergarten Must by 5 by Apr 30   Approx. 1-2 games per week. 45 minute practices followed by a 45 minute game. Typically follows  a Mon - Wed - Fri - Sat schedule. 
Prep 1st & 2nd Grade Must be 6 by Apr 30  Approx. 2 games per week. Prep 2 teams tend to follow a Mon - Wed - Sat schedule and Prep 1  teams tend to follow a Tue - Thu - Sat - Sun schedule
Continental 3rd and 4th Grade  Approx. 2 games per week. Some teams will follow a Mon - Wed - Sat schedule and some will  follow a  Tue - Thu - Sat - Sun schedule. 
Little League 5th and 6th Grade  Approx. 2 games per week. Some teams will follow a  Mon - Wed - Sat schedule and some will  follow a  Tue - Thu - Sat - Sun schedule. 
Pony 7th, 8th, and 9th Grade  Approx. 2 games per week. Some teams will follow a Mon - Wed - Sat schedule  and some will follow a Tue - Thu - Sat - Sun Schedule.
Novice Softball  1st- 2nd grade 
 Approx. 2 games per week. Teams tend to follow a Mon - Wed - Sat schedule.
Intermediate Softball 3rd-5th Grade  Approx. 2 games per week. Teams tend to follow a Tue - Thu - Sat - Sun schedule.
Senior Softball 6th- 9th Grade  Approx. 2 games per week. Teams tend to follow a  Mon - Wed - Sat - Sun schedule. 

 (Note: Fridays are used as Make-up Dates. Practice Schedules may not follow these guidelines)