GCAA 2020 Travel Baseball Tryouts 

In 2020, the GCAA will be sponsoring travel baseball teams in the U8, U9 and U10 age groups.  On the afternoon of Sunday, November 10 the GCAA will be holding tryouts for the 2020 U9 and U10 teams.  Tryouts for the U8 team, will take place in late February or early March 2020.  To be eligible to tryout, a child must live or attend school in Garden City and meet the following age requirements: 


U8 team (tryout in Feb or March 2020) : Players born between 9/1/2011 and 8/31/2012.  Players born between 9/1/2012 and 11/30/2012 who are currently in second grade are also eligible.   


U9 team (tryout on Sunday November 10, 2019): Players born between  9/1/2010 and 8/31/2011.  Players born between  9/1/2011 and 11/30/2011 who are currently in third grade are also eligible.  


U10 team (tryout on Sunday November 10, 2019): Players born between  9/1/2009 and 8/31/2010.  Players born between  9/1/2010 and 11/30/2010 who are currently in fourth grade are also eligible.  


Players born after November 30, 2012 are not eligible to participate in the GCAA travel baseball program in 2020.  Similarly, since the GCAA does not sponsor any travel baseball teams for ages U11 and older, players born prior to September 1, 2009 are also not eligible to tryout for a GCAA travel team.  
The U9 and U10 teams that are selected in November will begin winter workouts in January 2020 and will play in the Spring, Summer and Fall of 2020.  Players must be willing to play baseball on a year round basis and be committed to their team. We recognize that participants play other sports and have other activities, and the GCAA encourages that diversity of activity.  We understand that players may miss games or practices from time to time because of illness, family events, practices or games for other sports or participation in other activities.  We simply ask that the children and parents recognize that they have made a commitment to their baseball team and that they communicate with their coaches so that the teams are not in a position where other players on the team do not have a good experience because too many players are regularly choosing another activity at the expense of baseball.
Please also understand that any child participating in the GCAA travel program must also participate in the GCAA intramural baseball program in the spring of 2020. The intent of the travel baseball program is to provide the opportunity to play more baseball to those who are interested, not to replace our intramural program.

The tryouts on Sunday November 10 will take place in the afternoon at an indoor facility.  The exact times and location of the tryouts will be determined shortly and we will notify everyone once the times are set.  In order to be eligible for travel tryouts, all players must pre-register for the tryouts via email (with "Travel Tryout Registration" in the subject line).  To pre-register, please send the following information to

Name: __________________________________
Address: _______________________________
Email: ____________________________
Phone: ____________________________

Age/DOB: _________________________

Grade: _________________________

School: _________________________


If you have any questions, please send an email to

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