Gladiator Basketball Association (GBA) operates the Classic Basketball program for players in 4th-8th grade that live in, or attend school in, Gladstone, Oregon. The GBA Classic Basketball program is for players interested in playing at an advanced and competitive level. Our teams play in the Three Rivers Youth Basketball League as well as optional tournaments in the surrounding area.




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Upcoming GBA Board Meetings 

*Anyone can attend a GBA Board Meeting; Meeting Dates & Times are listed below:

April 7th, 2019      7:00 pm          Kraxberger Middle School

Our April 7th Meeting will be at Kraxberger Middle Shchool

and all GBA Board Members, Coaches and Parents are encouraged to attend!


 Information about attending a GBA Board Meeting:

At each meeting, the GBA Board follows a specific agenda to cover all of the business it must deal with at that meeting. Anyone can attend a regular GBA Board meeting, and may present a topic for discussion during the Public Participation portion of the meeting. In order to maintain open communication between the GBA Board and the public, while still maintaining productive, efficient, and orderly meetings, GBA requests that all meeting guests adhere to the following guidelines:

1.  Guests are asked to introduce themselves and state if they have a specific purpose for attending.

2.  Comments and questions by guests will be allowed during the public participation portion of the meeting, unless they relate to an agenda item being discussed at another time during the meeting.

3.  A group of guests attending together with a common purpose shall designate one person to speak for the group. 

4.  The GBA Board reserves the right to delay discussion of any presented topic to later in the meeting, or at a subsequent meeting.

5.  The GBA Board reserves the right to dismiss any person from a meeting that is displaying disrespectful and/or hostile behavior towards the GBA Board and/or any other guests. If an individual is asked to leave a meeting and refuses do so, the meeting will be adjourned immediately.  


     We believe it is critical that our responses to comments/questions be thorough and accurate, therefore the GBA Board may not respond to questions/comments immediately. In this case, a response will be provided at a later time, once there has been an opportunity for proper investigation, discussions, and/or consideration.