September 13th, 2020




The Grimsby Oldtimers Hockey Association intends to launch a 2020/2021 Season from October to March 30th.

The covid-19 has impacted greatly what we can do as a league.

The guidelines in place now requires us to operate three pods of 50 players each. This means Legends will have two fewer teams and All Pros and Silver Elite are reduced by 10 players.

The executive and league convenors are working closely with the town to clarify their protocols. The most significant being change rooms are available with limited capacity and only 50 players are allowed into the facility at one time.

The league executive and the town have a virtual meeting planed for this Tuesday. The convenors and executive will meet to review and finalize the rosters.

All players will be contacted once the review is complete to confirm their intentions to play.

We would ask that all players not forward any registration money until further notice.



Yours in hockey,

Craig Broijer

Sean Woolvett

Charlie Larson