Baseball Season Update


Hampstead Baseball  takes the recent outbreak of COVID-19 extremely seriously.  We are in communication with other leagues and following closely the Governors, school board, and health professionals recommendations.  We are all learning how to cope and adjust on a daily basis!   
The safety of the children and families in this program remain the driving force behind our decisions. Following the school boards decision to close schools until May15th, we are delaying the start of our season until May 16th.  This obviously cuts into our season, but we will adjust and play as much as possible when we start back up. 😀 


We will continue to evaluate our options over the next few weeks as we receive more direction and information from our elected officials and medical professionals.  Please bear with us as we work through these uncertain times.


Let us keep our fingers crossed that we can eventually here those magic words:  PLAY BALL!" 


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Newly Revised Baseball Bat Requirements (12/14/19)

Approved Bats  

 Note:   USSSA Labeled Bats Are Not To Be Used.


Only bats that are labeled for T-Ball.  With or without a USA Baseball stamp.

7/8 Rookies

Bats up to 2 1/4 inch diameter. USA Baseball stamp is encouraged.

9/10 Minors   

Bats up to 2 5/8 inch diameter.  USA Baseball stamped only

11-12 (Majors)

Bats up to 2 5/8 inch diameter.  USA Baseball stamped only

13/14 (Seniors)

Bats up to 2 5/8 inch diameter and no more than 34 inches in length. USA Baseball stamp is encouraged.

Bats with a 2 5/8 inch diameter and a drop of -3 are required to have the BBCOR label.

15-18 (Stallions)

Only bats labeled as BBCOR .50, no greater than -3 drop are allowed.  These are bats that are approved for high school baseball.



Program Information

November 1, 2019

Hampstead Lions Baseball offers Baseball for boys & girls from the age of 5-18.

Our main facility is located at Hampstead Lions Club Park,  4135 Hillcrest Ave, Hampstead MD. We operate 6 baseball diamonds at this location. We also operate a 90' baseball diamond at Panther Park located on Dakota Rd.

We are proud of the participation of our parents, the contributions of our volunteers and the support of our sponsors, all of which help to enrich our youth's baseball experiences.

Hampstead Baseball has a variety of established baseball programs designed to provide instruction and skill advancement for players of all ages & abilities. The Junior Baseball program focuses on players from ages 7 through 12, while the Senior program works with those 13 and over.

As players move from T-Ball through the older age groups, they will be instructed on the fundamentals and rules of the game. In addition to skills development, sportsmanship and the enjoyment of participation will be emphasized at all levels. It is our policy to provide equal access to all players interested in participating in the program.

In-House Programs

The In-House Baseball Program offers players of all abilities the opportunity to participate locally. In-House program will stress the rules and fundamentals of baseball in a competitive and fun environment. Each player on the team will be guaranteed a minimum number of innings in the field and will bat in every game.  Coaches will provide instruction to all players at a level commensurate with their ability and understanding of the game.

A the end of each season, Managers/Coaches will evaluate each players progress during the year. A skills assessment will be done in early March, which, along with last years evaluation will be used to form teams.



Ages 5 & 6 as of August 1, 2019

Our focus is to introduce boys and girls to the basics of the game — hitting  catching, fielding, throwing, base running and team play.  While sessions are non-competitive, establishing essential skills helps improve a player’s transition to the Rookies program. 


Ages 7 & 8 as of April 30th

The primary goal of the Rookie Baseball Program for 7/ 8 year olds is to continue to teach the fundamentals and rules of the game. The coaches will focus on individual skills and team play.  Games are played with player, coach and machine pitch being utilized. However, the primary focus remains on skill development and having fun. 


Ages 9 & 10 as of April 30th

The primary goal of the Minor Baseball Program for 9/10 year olds is to reinforce the fundamentals and rules of the game which were taught during the Rookie Program. Additional concepts, i.e. stealing bases, will also be introduced. At this level the coaches will continue to focus on individual skill improvements and team play.  While the main focus remains on skill development and having fun, players will compete in games that will more resemble the game of baseball.


Ages 11 & 12 as of April 30th

At this level, most players have gained a good knowledge of the game and have developed the fundamental skills needed to compete at this level. Coaches will continue to develop individual skills and advanced team strategies. Players at this level will refine their skills in preparation for the Senior Baseball program.


Ages 13 & 14 as of April 30th

Players at this level begin to understand the subtleties of the team game and have the chance to develop their skills into a total offensive/defensive package. Coaches are aware that some players may want to advance into high school programs and will coordinate their teaching methods with those practiced at schools in the local area.

This league consists of teams from the following areas: Finksburg, Reisterstown and Hampstead.


Ages 15 - 18 as of April 30th

Recreational baseball at the High School level.   Challenging mix of recreational and High School players.

League consists of teams from:    Finksburg, Hampstead, Manchester, Reisterstown & Westminster