• Thank you HHI Summer Hoops Family for an AWESOME 1ST SEASON!!!

  • 2018 ACC Champs: Blue Devils
  • 2018 Big 12 Champs: Jayhawks
  • 2018 SEC Champs: Gators

Thank you for a wonderful 1st season!!!!!!  Remember: EAT, SLEEP, BALL, REPEAT

8:30: All girls play.  Gators (home) play Crimson Tide (away) on court 1; Lady Vols (home) play Gamecocks (away) on court 2
9:30 Big 12 Consolation Game: Longhorns (home) play Bears (away)
10:30 Big 12 Championship Game: Jayhawks (home) play Mountaineers (away)
11:30 ACC Consolation Game: Tarheels (home) play Cavaliers (away)
12:30 ACC Championship Game: Blue Devils (home) play Tigers (away)
It’s going to be a blast!  Come out and support all of these awesome kids this weekend!!!!!!!



1 Lady Vols

2 Gators

3 Gamecocks

4 Crimson Tide


BIG 12

1 Jayhawks

2 Mountaineers

3 Longhorns 

4 Bears



1 Blue Devils

2 Tigers

3 Tarheels

4 Cavaliers


On Monday for SEC Girls:

1 plays 4 

2 plays 3 

Both games tip off at 5:00pm, please arrive by 4:30.


Wednesday for BIG 12:

1 plays 4 in the field house, tip off at 5:00pm, please arrive by 4:30

2 plays 3 in the MS gym, tip off at 5:00pm, please arrive by 4:30.


Wednesday for ACC:

1 plays 4 in the field house, tip off at 7:00pm, please arrive by 6:30

2 plays 3 in the MS gym, tip off at 7:00pm, please arrive by 6:30.


Saturday schedule:

8:30 Consolation and Championship games for SEC

(SEC Awards following games)


9:30 Big 12 Consolation game

(Big 12 Awards between games)

10:30 Big 12 Championship game


11:30 ACC Consolation game

(ACC Awards between games)

12:30 ACC Championship game


All game times and locations are posted online.  Please try to arrive 15 minutes early to your child's game, so that we have plenty of time to take our "pre-game free throws."  If you would like to help with stat sheets, please see your child's coach.


Thank you for your help!





Please find your team's schedule under the "schedules" team.  Select conference and team to see your schedule.  Also, rosters are under "teams and rosters."  Again, select conference and team.

Good luck and have fun!!!


-The Commish

We are currently forming teams for our HHI Summer Hoops League.

Practice will begin June 11 and our season will end on championship Saturday, August 4th.

All levels will have one 2-hour practice a week and one game a week.

The schedule will be as follows:


Girls- finished 3rd-6th grade (SEC)


Mondays 4:30pm-6:30pm


Boys- finished 3rd-5th grade (Big 12)


Wednesdays 4:30pm-6:30pm


Boys- finished 6th-8th grade (ACC)


Wednesday 6:30pm-8:30pm


All games will be played between 8:30am-12:30pm, rotating hours, but we will be done by 12:30pm every Saturday.  No games and no practices July 2nd-July 7th.

We will be playing at HH Prep's field house and their middle school gym. 

Practices will consist of group instruction and break out time for one hour.  The remaining hour will be spent as team practice/scrimmage time.   

Fee to play in league will be $100, each additional sibling will receive a $10 discount.  Scholarships are available for those needing assistance.

Fees go to cover the cost of a reversible jersey for each child, as well as liability insurance.  We will also be providing a nice part-time job for 4 high school athletes, who will assist in refereeing and scorekeeping.  Yay!


 TO REGISTER:  First you must create a free login for leaguelineup.  Please scroll over to the far right and create log in.  It is easiest to complete this on a computer, but it can be done on a phone.  After you create a login, you can then register on this site.  No payment is due now.  YOU WILL REMAIN IN "PENDING STATUS."  You are registered and good to go.  We will collect the payment at the first practice.  


Questions/concerns/interested in helping sponsor our league?

 hhisummerhoops@yahoo.com; Nicole Hedden 843-422-1095