• March Board Meeting 3/16/20 6:30p @ Zalinski's




2020-2021 ICYBSL Board of Directors


President-                  Tim Allen

VP-                             Dave Ferroni

Secretary-                   Brianne Schoolcraft

Treasurer-                   James Speece

Concessions-                Jenny Ratkovec

Fundraising-                 Gary Borham    

Equipment-                  Jimmy Lane

Softball Rep-                John Brettell

Shetland Rep-              Brandon Lyons

Pinto Rep-                    Jim Lamp

Mustang Rep-                Bill Kuhn

Bronco Rep-                 John Brothers

Pony Rep-                     Nate Gump

Tournament Rep-          Jay Feist



ICYBSL is Ahead of the Curve

The WBA Board voted and approved an initiative –PitchSmart- as a proactive measure to help protect young players reduce arm injuries and follow safe pitching practices throughout our league, at every division.  

 NOW  MLB and ABCA have officially endorsed this program! 

What is PitchSmart?A series of practical, age-appropriate guidelines (see article below) to help parents,players and coaches avoid overuse injuries and foster long, healthy careers for youth pitchers.  

These guidelines will be posted in each of our dugouts going forward.

It’s great to be a Trendsetter yet even more satisfying that the health and safety of our children remain the league’s #1 priority.