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Jackson Wiffleball League 2019

Wiffle Ball season is finally upon us. It is time for the Jackson Wiffleball Committee to start announcing the schedule for the summer leagues and tournaments. I can confirm that there will be a summer league set to begin one week into summer vacation. This league set up will be far different than that of our normal or standard leagues. This League will consist of a draft format.The draft will take place on May 18th 2019. Below will be all of the stipulations, rules, and guidelines regarding the summer draft.

  • 6 team owners

  • Each team will get 3 picks in the opening draft

  • The draft order will be selected out of a hat.

  • The style of drafting will be in snake formation. ( Team 1 to team 6 then team 6 to team 1 etc.)

  • Following the draft will be a trading period.Once the trade deadline ends, any potential trades must be authorized by the 6 team owners, the vice president, and the president.

    • At this point team owners will be allowed to trade their drafted players to other teams for other players.

  • The trading period will expire on June 26th.

    • Trade deadline is set for June 25th, 11:59:59 pm

  • Once the teams are finalized players are not allowed to be released by the team and are not allowed to be traded

The league committee believes this will keep the league competitive and fun for all of the players. This will eliminate any potential cheating in the system. It will also keep a balanced competition. The following season will be similar but more interesting. Below are the rules on how it will function.

  • The teams will be reset. Every player will be put back into the draft

    • Team owners are still the owners of their team. The owners are not affected.

  • A draft order will be determined based off of playoff longevity and in season records.

    • Snake order will also be in effect.

If you have any questions about this drafting system make sure you reach out to the President Michael Pizzolongo. He will further elaborate and clear any uncertainty you may have.


Commissioner Michael Pizzolongo


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- Jackson Wiffleball League

Jackson Wiffleball Guidelines

Jackson Wiffleball Rules.

Article I;  General Rules:

  1. Three out innings

  2. Four innings per game

  3. Four players per team

    1. Each team must field 3 players

  4. One pitcher, Two fielders, One designated hitters

  5. Twenty dollar per player entry fee

  6. Winning team keeps 75 percent of money.

    1. The rest will go to improving the fields and for improvement

Article II; Hitting

  1. Traditional ghost base movement

  2. Ten run mercy rule after two complete innings

  3. Fifteen run mercy rule after One complete inning

  4. There are no resetting count

  5. If you are hit by a pitch on two strikes results in a base on balls

  6. No pinch hitting.You don't run the bases.

  7. The hitting team must say "tag" when there is a runner eligible to advance on a fly ball.

    1. EX: a runner on third no outs and there is a fly ball to the outfield in fair territory. The hitting team must say tag to allow the runner to try to score.

    2. The fielders feet must be behind the infield line.

  8. No base running

Article III; Fielding:

  1. Field a ball cleanly (bobbling a grounder is acceptable)

  2. If a ball stops moving it's a base hit.

  3. If the ball stops moving but continues to spin and is fielded it is ruled an out.

  4. Throw a ball at the home plate chair to get a double play if the force play is in place. The ball must hit the chair on a fly. It isn't allowed to bounce.

  5. When a runner is on third the tag up rule will be in effect. The hitting team must say tag prior to the catch being made.

  6. The fielder must hit the chair either on a bounce, roll, or fly to get the tagging up runner out.

  7. The defender is allowed to take Two steps (One crow hop) when trying to hit the chair to record both a double play and throwing a runner out tagging up.

  8. Errors will result in one base being awarded to the hitting team

  9. If a ball is hit with an arch to it and it lands in the infield, it is a base hit. Even if it is fielded cleanly.

Article IV; Pitching:

  1. Four balls for a walk.

  2. Three strikes for a strikeout

  3. No foul outs

  4. No reset counts

  5. Soft pitch until Two strikes are reached

  6. Balls do not count until after Two strikes.

  7. Following second strike, hard pitch will be acceptable

  8. Three man pitching rotation.

    1. A player pitches more than 3 innings in regulation, they have a mandatory 2 game rest.

  9. If a pitcher enters the game in relief, pitches Two innings or more, isn't allowed to pitch the following game.

    1. The previous pitching rules are not applicable in extra inning games. If a player comes in as a relief pitcher in extras, he is allowed to pitch as many innings necessary and still be eligible to pitch the following game.

  10. Once a pitcher is removed from the pitching position, he or she isn't allowed to pitch for the remainder of that game

Article V; Extras

  1. Keep it competitive.

  2. Keep it fun

  3. No Drugs or Alcohol

    1. If drugs or alcohol are found in possession by some one on the complex you will be kicked out of the complex, and the league without a refund

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