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April 18, 2018

Today’s game with United is cancelled due to weather.  It has been rescheduled for May 7.

April 11, 2018

The game with Pearl City is cancelled due to scheduling issues with the Pearl City Schedule.

Game with United Cancelled

April 6, 2018

The game with a United is cancelled due to the weather.  We will try to reschedule.

March 19, 2018

 Knights Go Down At United 12 - 7

 It was another cold and windy day as the Knights travelled to Alexis to play a United team.  Who would have thought the Knights would hold the United team to one run in 6 innings, score 7 runs and yet lose the game 12 to 7.  For the Knights the 1st inning of the game was very disappointing.  In the first inning the Knights allowed United to send 14 batters to the plate before they could get out of the inning.  With 7 walks, 2 errors and 1 hit United scored 11 runs.  For the rest of the game the Knights held United to 1 run with 3 hits.  Shawn pitched the 2nd inning and got 2 outs in the 3rd inning before Kyle came in and finished up pitching the rest of the game. 

 The Knights came out in the 1st inning and scored 2 runs with Trevor reaching base on a United error by the third baseman and back to back hits by Zach and Kyle.  Shawn got an RBI, hitting in Zach with a ground out to the 2nd baseman.  The Knights scored again in the 2nd inning with a lead off walk by Justin who advanced to second when Jared received a hit-by-pitch.  Justin advanced to 3rd on a wild pitch and then scored on a single by Trevor.  The Knights scored again in the 3rd inning when with 1 out Dalton hit a single, stole 2nd base, advanced to 3rd and home on two wild pitches.  Once again the Knights scored in the 4th inning when Nathan started off the inning with a walk and advance to 2nd on with a stolen base.  Nathan got to 3rd when Aidan hit a ball back to the pitcher and was thrown out at first.  Trevor then hit a ball to the right side of the infield scoring Nathan.  With the score now 11 to 5 the Knights were feeling a comeback in the making.  But that feeling would fall short as they were held scoreless in the 5th and 6th innings.  Both Kyle and Dalton would score again in the 7th which ended the Knights comeback.

 This was a disappointing game for the Knights.  Except for the 1st inning the Knights out played United scoring 5 running and holding United to 1.  Though disappointing, the Knights never gave up which is a virtue that will help them through the rest of the season.  It was good to see the Knights hitting the ball a little more this game with a total of 6 hits, however there is a lot more work to be done on both hitting and fielding.  We are an inexperienced team and the only way to get experience is to play baseball games.  We will get better as the season progresses.  But it will take time. We will spend a lot of practice time to help our game time reflect our true potential.

Coach Wilson

March 15, 2018

Knights Play First Game Of The Year At Polo  

The Unity Knights travelled to Polo on Thursday to meet there junior varsity team.  The weather was good for an early spring baseball game with actual temperature of 52 degrees.  Though the field was a little soggy both teams were very happy to get outside and play a baseball game. 

The Knights started the first inning with three of the four batters hitting the ball but only one true hit as Trevor hit a ball into short center field for a single.  This was the first Knights his of the season.  The Knights went down in order in the next two innings. In the fourth inning the Knights managed to get runners at first and second with hits by Zach and Kyle.  With only one out the Knights could not score in the inning.  The fifth inning ended with the one hit by Aidan and three strike outs.  Over the game the Knights had 7 strike outs and four hits.  The bats were not working.

 Polo got two runs in the first inning, and were held in check until the fourth inning.  In the inning the Knight gave up 8 walks, 2 hits and two errors.  All for 9 runs.  It was a hard inning for the Knights but they continued to work hard until the last out of the game.  The Knights came up on the losing end of an 11-0 shutout. 


Second Week Of Practice Complete


The second week of practice is complete and  in some cases the players are leaning new skill and others are honing those skills.  We have been unable to practice outside yet.  Practicing indoors is very limiting for teaching the skills needed for playing competative baseball.  It is necessary to be outdoors, on a baseball field, to work on most of the skill sets.  Seeing fly balls and ground balls is an essential part of getting ready for the season.  Base running skills can only be accomplished when running of an infield.   Obviously we have not been able to complete these tasks outdoors on a baseball field.


 Next week we do not have the gym available for the entire week.  Temperatures Monday thru Wednesday reaching a high of the low 40s.  We will get outside for those days if at all possible.  We may split the practice with some of it indoors and some outdoors.  Our first game is on Thursday and it appears that game might be played.  More to come on this as the week progresses.


 Go Knights!


Our 2018 Unity Christian Baseball Team

Trevor Bickelhaupt  #2

Justin Hackbarth  #30

Dalton  Hlubek  #11

Emily Hinrichs #33

Nathan Hopkins  21

Jared Ready  #17

Kyle Smith  #24

Aidan Steinhauer  #22

Shawn Tegeler  #9

J.T. Wiebenga  #19

Zac Wilbur  #4