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Stuck in Lodi continues in 2018

old guys can still play!  Lodi went 1-0-2 ! Two 9 inning 7-7 ties and a 7-1 victory in the ”Keg” game on Sunday! 


Stuck in Lodi 2014 on its way again

This year the dates are August 8, 9 and 10 with the schedule for games on Friday to start at 1pm, 4,pm and 7 pm.  The Saturday Sunday schedule is 8 am 11 am and 2 pm.  Friday night "beer and insult game" is on and the 5 Giants/A's and 1 Dodger team are already in process of being formed!  More soon!

Final game in Lodi -Keg game who won? who cares?

Frank pitched 4 to start gave up 7 runs maybe one earned. He also had some good hits. JC and Brent had 2 more hits from the catching position and Lynn Tetlow had 3 great shut out innings on hill. We played 8 innings and had some good hits and some spotty defense. It was real hot and there is the hint that maybe both teams just wanted to "get it over and drink beer" A lot of fun this year as usual. We needed a pool or a pond in that heat.

Mark Gemello leaves with a lead and we tie the Saturday game

GMan pitched very well in the game and left after 6 in a very hot game Saturday. RB, Brent Tetlow, caught in rotation with JC and the two catchers had key hits in this tight contest. The big hitting star was Cactus Billy Bernier with what should have been a triple to the wall in left. A combination of that blazing Cactus speed and the fact that Jeff Lusich was on first in front of Billy limited the result of the play to first and third. Frank had a big triple and Pete Hetzner (Plungy) reached base multiple times. Lynn Tetlow had a nice hit as did Friday's "blunder Boy" Maddog Matlock. It seemed that Keith DaCosta was on base all the time. A couple of hits for sure but then he was one of the few who could still run. In the ninth inning with Maddog dealing from the hill a key error allowed the tying run to score and that ended a close game in a 5 to 5 as we were able to get the final out on a "blown save"

Lodi 2012 a HOT Item!

Richie T started us off on the hill 11am Friday, warm but ok then by 1:30 in the late innings it was over 100 degrees. We were all dripping. Rt pitched 3 2/3 innings and left with the bases loaded for CV. We had a 1 run lead and Carl Vargas shut them down the rest of the way. We did add on with offense. Frank Weishaar was one of our big hitters along with Mike Vargas and Mark Gemello who also held down the short stop position well most of the game. Our skipper's Rolaids moments were whenever Maddog Mike Matlock was involved. He dropped some balls in the outfield then to make up he had an RBI double in the seventh then promptly got picked off of second base by the Elk Grove Catcher Craig Nelson. But CV was able to close to give Lodi a one run victory with the win going to RT and CV getting the save.

Rumbling in Glendale

February 4, 2011
Dave "Herk" (as in herky jerky pitching motion) Jemes makes the fabulous catch of a ball over head and to his left off of a Dodger ringer then got up and doubled the runner off on first to end the inning and a Dodger threat. The game was a close loss as all of the games were for Lodi but we had a blast. More follows.

Lodi goes 2 and 1 in games for 2011 at Stuck in Lodi

We only have the scoresheet for the "Keg Game" on Sunday for this years "stuck in Lodi" event. More will follow about the other 2 games Friday night's "beer and insult" game (Lodi won in comeback fashion)and the Saturday matinee in which Lodi dropped a heartbreaker. This was the 20th annual Lodi event. Rich Thomas, the "mayor" started this event at Zupo field and his house in 1992. We have had days of 105 degrees more than once but the last few years we have been in the 80's and 90's. Super weather again this year, although with Lucy (Jeff Lusich) catching the team chest protector wieghed in at less than a pound before he caught 8 innings and about 8 pounds after, Phew! it rode home on Saturday on the roof rack!

The keg game between Lodi and the Acampo squad, lead by? herded by ?(like cats) well anyway Squirrel Haines was the manager. Rob (Webby), Chalky Matlen, Hammy Arthur, Chilly (not so bad Chilly that is), Drip McCampbell (2 hits), Crown Royal, Peewee Reese, Doc, Van guy Haywood, Miwuk Burrell Big Bingham were on the Acampo squad. All our buddies and Chilly too.

Anyway Acampo surged to a 3-0 lead and then in the 4th Plungy, Circus Vargas and Dennis Bennett got 3 singles in a row to load the bases JC hit thru to center but the pinch runner for DB was forced while JC reached and 2 runs scored. 3-2 despite a Dude DaCosta single after that. Anyway we gave up another run in the 5th before taking the lead for a while in the 6th. Danny Mettler singled followed by another Plungy Hetzner knock then after one out Dennis Bennett doubled scoring 2 and JC singled scoring Dennis' runner. 5-4 then 5-5 until bottom of the 7th when the Mayor lead off with a hit was moved up by a Matlock walk and fielder's choice by I Got it! Weishaar, scoring on a Dan Mettler single. They scored again Damn! but we came back in the bottom of the 8th (the last inning-- it was getting thirsty out) with a Circus Vargas single (3 on the day) and a JC fielder's choice and error then a Gman single scored one with a fielder's choice by the Mayor scoring the next run for a 8-6 win. With all the lead changes Frank who pitched really well and left with a lead got the win "Vultured" from him by CV who pitched one inning in which we were tied and then was the pitcher of record when we won. Then we drained the last keg. The only picture I have so far is the IBN group picture. for the uninitiated IBN is International Beer Night held a practice the Wednesday night before the tourney. Instead of one team member bringing the after practice refreshments, everyone brings a 6 pack of foriegn beer to practice. The Mayor orders food after BP and regular infield we have beer and food. The best beer of the night was Blanco Basura from Mexico "white trash" then after we partake we have "drunken infield" This is taken after DI can you tell? top l-r is Cactus Billy, then Drip With Rob Webby doing his "sister Mary Margret" (under no circumstances may you steal home) Lucy kind of in back with Green Lanterman doing his goofy look thing RB Tetlow in back then CV Vargas, Chalky Matlen and Hammy Arthur with Frank on the end. Bottom row seated is the Mayor Mr Thomas, with Plungy Hetzner next to him, Danny Met then Miwuk Burrell then JC with Lynn (rose between two thorns) Tetlow next to then end guy Maddog Matlock.


April 3, 2010
Team Lodi, WCFBA, and Baseball has lost a great teammate. Our Captain Steve Bennett lost his brave battle against Lymphoma April 3, 2010. As a person Steve was the kindest person I have known. The Lodi team knew him first at Giants Fantasy Camp. Then the Captain helped establish the WCFBA Sunday league and became the WCFBA Uniform Manager. To the Rookies coming into our group over the last several years Steve was a friend and mentor. To the rest of the guys he was what everbody wants in a teammate. Fun, funny, dedicated to the game and a competitor. The picture above shows Steve at Sam Lynn field Bakersfield saying goodbye to the group in 2006 on Sunday, prior to flying his plane back to the bay area. His passenger, Buzz, is waiting and then rookie, Joe Matlen is ready to bat. One thing about the Captain as an outfielder. He never made a catch on his feet if he could dive, but he missed very few. In addition to any outfield position, the Captain caught, pitched and played the infield. We will miss him as a player, a person and a great friend but most of all as a guy who defined the word, Teammate. Where ever Steve "Honey" Bennett was you were very likely to hear, "Come on Honey" from Kris in the stands. Kris Bennett remains a cherished member of our team. Her bravery and dedication over the last few months has been inspiring. Despite all the pressure of Steve's situation, she never lost her ability to smile for Steve, her friendly demeaner towards everyone, or her natural grace.

Services were held in Mill Valley The service was attended by over 75 ball players, numerous musicians and pilots as well as Steve and Kris' extended family and friends. Most of the ball players, Giants, A's and Dodgers wore their jerseys over dress shirts and ties.

Lodi will be playing in the Palm Desert in May in honor of the Captain and Kristen will be in attendance.

Lodi Beats Padres in SD 2010

So the games were not mainly about Richie T (above) or JC (below) but there is a certain improbability about the pictures taken by David McCampbell (Son of a Drip, that needs some attention here. The Richie picture shows something very unusual. note the feet! both are off the ground and the right one is off enough not just for a slice of cheese, usually swiss, but a whole darn cheese sandwich. The after picture is not shown but there was no stretcher required. The below picture of JC also very unusual. He catches a pop-up at home plate. But just to show it is not totally surreal note that in dropping the helmet it is in perfect position to trip over or Drop kick, JC did both here.

Richie T and JC started as pitcher and catcher respectively in the first game vs the Padres Friday. Richie T pitched well and left with the lead. He also had a .450 batting average over the 3 games. Chilly came on in relief and we kept the lead do to some great pitching, The Colonel subbed in to catch and the vaunted Padre army was defeated. Bofo played a great shortstop and hit well all weekend. The Godfather, Carl Cardinalli had a good tourney as well, with an appearance on the mound that lasted more than one pitch too (Mike Weir was not there on for most of the tournament to explain The Godfather's length of pitching assignment). Before we get too far let me explain the battle at the beach or what ever this tourney was in the past has been changed and is now The Captain's Bassball Tournament, in honor of Steve Bennett. It is fitting therefore that Dan Myers, Kris' brother played for Lodi. After shaking off the Rust he played well on Friday with a key double vs the Padres and also started on Saturday in left field. He missed Sunday to the dreaded J-O-B. Hammy Arthur played for us mainl at third but at times on "bump" as well. He had a couple of doubles and hit very well all tourney. The Drip was there and David (our photog) put up a banner for Tom and Joy McCampbell's 40th, how has Joy managed to put up with that for 40 years. Drip had 4 hits and played well. Dave DeCruz was our utility guy and drove in a number of runs. Some embarrassing pictures (on the field, of course) will be posted soon. Brian Lair, the Captain's co-pilot was on the Lodi team as well getting several hits and mentoring Dan Myers. John Mohr told us he wasn't really a first baseman and then proved it but seriously he played a good 3 game set with a 2 RBI double in the LA game. A good tourney and good tribute to the Captain. Big thanks to Mike Weir from the Lodi Giants!

Survivor Banner Island was a rousing success but Lodi winless

Here is Richie in the outfield, a fairy tale like Lodi winning a game in Survivor 09. Didn't happen! JC needs some real pictures of Stockton's Survivor Banner Island Tourney for '09. anybody got any?

Lodi Team remains undefeated in 2010

April 1, 2010 – 04:00 PM
Mesa 2010 was wiped out by the weather and the City of Mesa who would not let us play Sunday despite dry fields. On the bright
side, the Lodi team remains undefeated in Mesa for 2009 and 2010

Photography by Ford and McCampbell in San Diego

July 19, 2009
Marilyn Ford and David McCampbell (Mrs. Fed Ex and Drip's son respectively) took some pictures of the San Diego Tournament that they were kind enough to share with the Lodi Giants site audience. The picture above shows the team on the edge of victory warming up on the infield before the last half inning. The score on the Board with Lodi Leading with 14 runs. The score changed very little in the inning with The "Count" nailing the coffin shut on the Monks in the last. Bob Ford is shown at the bottom of the picture and above him at 2nd base are The Godfather (Carl Cardinalli) and Pete Lopez, the ump, while above them Mike Carter admires the Scoreboard. There are about 30 pictures in the San Diego 2009 album. The are now posted with some captions which range from the sublime to the ridiculous. Note the last few which highlight the Bennett/Brokaw connection. As noted below.

Being Stuck in Lodi--Ain't bad at all!

One win in the Beer and insult game on Friday night vs the Galt Giants. The Mayor Started it as is Tradition, with no runs given up. CV came in in the fourth and dealt compared to Richie T's famous Knuckle ball and then just to Close it out Lynn Tetlow lent her musical stylings and pitching to the game with a virtuoso finish. On the hitting side almost everyone had hits. The booth would give everyone's favorite pick up line when they came to the plate. the cleaner ones can be shared. Frank comes up and Rob Lanterman shares with Rob Weber that the line which Frank used on Terri was "Hey I hear Charlie Chaplin has a new Talkie out you want to go see it". More later with more stats. Capt Steve is featured above in the on deck circle. We wish him a quick recovery.

In the photo album marked San Diego 2009, there are actually some pictures of Tom McCampbell making plays like this one above. Way to mix in a catch every once in a while Drip.

What looks like to this reporter below is Tom Brokaw with some much younger ladies than he should be with. It is actually our Capt Steve and the ladies are just prettier than he has the right to expect.

Practice season upcoming for Lodi Giants with other Giants teams invited

The heart and thirst of the Lodi Giants shown above Cholla Billy, Richie T and Plungy Hetz. They will be among the participants in the 2009 Stuck in Lodi Reunion and Tourney at Historic Zupo field in Lodi California Beginning Friday August 14-16, 2009. The festivities start at noon on Friday with the first two games. Then the Ladies Softball game starts at 5pm. Wives and significant others play a friendly battle on the main field before the Friday night game which features the Lodi Team vs one of or other Giants teams. It is often called the beer and insult game. Participants from the four other teams and local fans gather to partake in Shirley's famous corn dogs and perhaps a beer or five. In the announcing booth players take their turns at insulting the players on the field based on ability or should I say lack there of. Also certain fashion "don'ts" are highlighted. Plus usually things that the players did in 1979 that weren't too cool are mentioned. Everybody has a good time and some baseball is played. The tourney continues at Zupo with three games Saturday starting at 8:30 and 3 games Sunday starting at 8am.

Before this event there are practices organized by tourney host Rich Thomas. Most practices are held at Kofu park in Lodi except the last one, which is at Zupo. The games are open to the public without admission charge. The practices are by invitation only. The Last practice before the tourney is International Beer night. Each player brings his favorite non- American beer and that is enjoyed by all after Batting practice and a brief infield (the excuse to be there) Then Food provided by Mr Thomas is served and the beer flows. Then the third part of IBN occurs, sometimes called (I don't know why) Drunken infield.

Others appearing are CV, Carl Vargas, Gman, Mark Gemello, JC Penney, Capt Steve Bennett, Drip McCampbell, Average Joe Matlen, Hammy, Chuck Arthur, Rick "Obomba" Venegas, Rob "Sister Mary-Margret" Weber, Frank "I Got it" Weishaar and a host of others. Come to Zupo on Friday the 14th and see 'em all.

Lodi wins the last one in SD

Doug Rusch is shown above hitting one of his 5 hits (including a Double) on the weekend. JC is on deck in the shins. No player got shut out on the weekend with everyone getting multiple hits. Fed Ex Ford with 5, Carl Cardinalli (The GodFather) with 3, JC with 4, Gman with 4, Uncle Steve Conroy with 6, Frank Weishaar with 3, Count with 2, Squirrel with 2, and Mi. Carter with 3 so everyone got in the act. Our defense was more suspect then our pitching which was OK except for the GodFather. Missing Friday's game Manager Doughboy Weir told him he would start Saturday. After throwing one pitch ( a Ball) the Skipper came and got him putting Gman in. Carl tried to come back Sunday and throw but the "Dry-Hump " warm up Saturday restrained his grion so he was not effective. Once Richie T settled in he was fine on the bump as was GMan, Haines threw a few Puss balls by some people and Frank threw strikes.

Mark G-man Gemello hit well in spots for Lodi. In our only victory (and the only Giants win of the weekend) GMan went 2 for 3 with a run and an RBI, part of a 14 run attack vs the Monks. Shown to the right hitting in front of Papa Smurf, Richie T. Rich was a hitting machine hittng .500 going 4 for 8 and 4 walks. Count ended up being the "closer" in our last game vs the Padres allowing 0 runs and 1 hit in the final inning. No Save Count just a "Hold"

Although he didn't play for Lodi this year due to schedule conflicts, our man drip was in evidence at the ball park with Wife Joy and Son David, who caught this moment on film when Dad couldn't on the field. this is commonly known as a "Drip-Drop". Although Drip had some hits and some catches for some reason David chose to get these lovely pictures. He was not fast enough to catch the next sequence where Tom actually let the ball fall to the ground then stepped on it and later kicked it. How do you eat with those hands?

In addition to playing "Drip-Drop" Tom also apparently was somewhat bored at the plate and is shown here doing the Hokey-Pokey. Obviously putting the left foot in and shaking it all about.

San Deigo Next stop

Billed as the most scenic Ball Park in the World. Land Field is the site of the 2009 tournament hosted by Lodi co-manager Mike "the Doughboy" Weir. The Skipper JC Penney is in for this one too. The Spirits Leader Richie T will by throwing along with the GMan, (Hi'd Name id Mark Gmelloow), Frank "quarter mile" Weishaar, Carl Cardinali and Bob Ford (our hosts for the Rob Weber Classic). The Squirrel (John Haines) and the Count (Dave Montellato) will also be on the squad as will Uncle Steve Conroy, Mike Carter and Doug Rusch. What a group! It will be a good time and the baseball ought to be good too.

Sugar Ray Stars in Weber Desert Classic '09

Sugar Ray shown here in the team photo before the first game where he went 4 for 4. He ends the Tourney for Lodi at 6 for 10 and 2 doubles, well on his legs, it should have been 2 triples and 2 doubles and 2 singles that he "legged" into the 4 singles and 2 Doubles. Defensively the gold glove winner from Old School was true to form turning several Double plays with Raul and GMan. Ray's three innings on the hill were sharper than the umps gave him credit for. Richie T ended up 8 for 12 but his pitching, out side of the one unique outing for the win vs SF, was not up to par. The mound had him psyched out with a steep drop off, but a hell of tourney at the plate. JC had a decent tourney with a .333 average 3 RBI. Frank "Quarter Mile" Weishaar had an up and down tourney. Loaned to the A's for a game Frank went 1 for 3 with a double and made the loan look bad with some good defense. He was 3 for 8 for the rest of the tourney. The down part came in a JC-like move of hitting into last inning double plays in two consecutive games. Very un-Frank like. No more trades Frank, we promise

Carl Vargas (CV) was our last inning hero on Saturday. Trailing by 4 runs we got very unique relief from Richie T. He threw 2 strikes and 10 balls to 3 batters but managed to get a double play plus a deep fly out to CV in Center for the outs. Then Lodi came up in the last inning Miwuk Mike Burrell singled (.444 tourney)then Doug Rusch, Lynn Harkrider and JC walked (RBI). Now 3 runs down, Frank comes up hits the ball hard back to the SF pitcher who feeds to the catcher for a 1-2-3 DP. 2 outs but Craig Nelson walks bringing up the Gman with the winning run. He hits a smash to the usually sure-handed DeCruz at short. But Dave Boots it and Lynn H. (Easy rider) scores We are down 2 with the bases loaded for CV. Carl hits a 2-1 pitch that splits the Center fielder and Right fielder for a triple scoring Gman from first with the winning 18th run to prevail over tourney name sake Rob Weber's SF Giants. As Vince Scully would say "What is interesting to note here is" The vulture Strikes again. Richie T comes in to the top of the last throws 2 strike the whole inning and winds up with the Win! Several Lodi pitchers can relate to this Vultured win by Richie T.

Robby D. (aka Stubby-the jockey in the pic is Craig Nelson)was amazing for the Lodians. Robby had a .500 average with 2 doubles and a good number of innings behind the dish during the hot tourney in the desert. Craig Nelson was our lead-off hitter and his on base % with 5 walks and 4 hits in 6 official at-bats is hard to calculate. Craig was limited in the field due to a sore arm. Raul was outstanding as well .333 but also was involved with Gman and Sugar in several double plays. Doug Rusch had a double in only 6 AB's for Lodi with the Colonel Realini subbing in for him the last game and going 3 for 4.

Top Ten Mesa Moments from 2009

Ala David Letterman here is out top 10 list from the Melee ’09. Some of these are explained and some in the words of Douglas Neidermeyer from Animal House contain “acts so vulgar so depraved that decorum prohibits” ...[their full explanation here].

10.Several random items make up the #10 spot. High Average Joe Matlen points out via Kangaroo Kourt that "Lynn's Bro" Brent Tetlow won the closest to the pin contest on the par 3 in our Thursday Golf tourney with a ground ball "57 hopper to within a foot or so of the pin", pure, blind luck. The Padres team points out that Bad Chili disrespected the the Arizona Cardinals by wearing that "weak ass Steeler" crap all week. Newly married Mike Britton lead the San Diego Monks team in Mesa. Mike "Doughboy" Weir ran the golf Tourney. When Doughboy went to the chief Padre and asked him where his check was for golf, he threw his new wife "under the Bus" saying it was her fault as she handles all the money and forgot to send the check. Kangaroo Kourt fine levied, She'll now have to send the Golf check and the Kourt check!

9. The reader knows by now that Jack Fitzpatrick bears an unfortunate resemblance to the former President of Iraq who was Hung then entombed. That has, in years past, engendered such sensitive comments on his pitching as, "You really hung that one Mr. President and they Roped you". So in the first game Saddam Fitz gets a solid hit and his manager is heard to say “Look at that, right out of the Crypt”.

8. Rowdy Raul showed up from Midland, Texas claiming the airline lost his luggage and buys the only black hat he can find, a black and white Chevy Truck hat. His Cleats and Glove were in his checked bag so he bought a WalMart glove and actually used JC's infielder's mitt, and played in Tennis shoes. He played better in the Tennis Shoes before he was able to buy some cleats. Kangaroo Kourt fine levied. In point of fact however he hit .613 with a ton of RBI. By the way nice prison picture Raul!

7. On the golf course late Saturday were Miwuk Mike, JC, Brent, Coach Dave J., Hi Average Joe and Drip McCampbell. Hopefully, the first five were the only witnesses. Drip decided we were to far from the restroom, so he let go on a poor tree. In a scene reminiscent of Jimmy Duggan relieving himself in League of Their Own, he was at for minutes. That prompted, “Take away his FlowMax”.

6. OK so the picture is not of Squirrel on the Baseball field; but he loaded up the baseball against Dave "Jesse" Jemes like that poor cuke. He threw a two strike, loaded up, Pus, Euphus pitch at Jesse that he could of swung twice at. Dave only offered once missing by at least a foot and almost screwing himself into the ground in the process for a strike out. The only salvation for Jesse was that Robby D couldn't handle this floater at catcher any better that Jemes could at bat. The ball went to the backstop and Dave reached first safely.

5. There is now a no bases Coaches from Elk Grove Rule. this is a continuation from Old School where semi-EG coach Tom "Drip" McCampbell sent two runners home on questionable situations both out at the plate. So in Mesa Randy "Hyster Shyster" Wallace is rounding 3rd lugging the piano while being in his words "attacked by a belt sander on his knee" and High Average Joe Matlen waves him in-Out by 10 feet! J. Randolph Wallace Esq. disputes this version saying it was more like out by 3 days. We think he exaggerates! However, the catcher did have the ball and appeared bored waiting for Randy. No more 3rd base coaching by EG dudes!

4. Scott Lueders wins the cement bicycle for his dive back into first base which threatened to undo last summer's surgery on the shoulder. This story has to be told in context. Scott was just released to play in January and promised his surgeon that he would be careful. During infield throws between innings on Friday looking up from the score book the Skipper saw Miwuk Mike rolling on the ground. We didn't know at first it was laughter that put him there. Apparently, Scott had been throwing grounders from first to the other infielders and suddenly got his feet tangled going down in a heap. "Sniper got him". No injury from the sudden fall. Then in the Padre game on Saturday, in the midst of our comeback, Scott reached first for the third time in the game, this time on a fielder's choice. The Padre pitcher, a former pro ball player, attempted to pick Scott off 1st. The throw beat Scott back as he sort of fell back to the bag landing on his bad shoulder. Scott is lying off the bag and all the Monk first Sacker had to do was reach down and tag him. Instead of doing that the Padre turned to the ump and started saying "it's a force". Wrong mullet-head, only from the catcher. Scotty is rolling around in agony but still reaching for the bag. G-man and JC both call time and the ump gives it. We walk Scott off the field. One of Scott's shoulders is hanging lower than the other and is obviously dislocated. For the second year in a row on Scott's birthday Bev Gemello has to take Scott to the ER!

3. So approximately the same picture from the paper was shown in Kourt and that weird ass look was too much like our own Chili, result $2 fine for Chili having his picture in the paper under an assumed name. Bad Chili was the subject of several items which are combined here as #4. Chili, well know "Cad" was placed on the Fresno team by Commish Rob Weber. The first case comes from the Fresno Team against Rob for putting Chili on the same team as poor Cynthia Williams. Web was smart and pleaded Guilty for having the worst judgment in the history of the league. Then Chili brings up Cynthia for forgetting to wear sliders under the home uniform pants and distracting him with her pink thong, causing him to miss an easy pop-up. Although that proved the Fresno teams point, Bad Chili lost that one and it cost him another $5. Chili was our fines leader in Kangroo Kourt, like that was surprise?

2. This one involves J. Randolph Wallace Esq. (The Hyster Shyster)The nick name derives from Camp in the Early 90's here Randy was sidelined due to running into the only Hyster Forklift in the parking lot of the team hotel, with his foot. Some suspect he might have been in an "altered state". Hyster was designated as our "closer" on Friday "Kira Sedgewick" as G-man called the assignment. In the first game Dave "Jesse" Jemes pitched 6 masterful innings of shutout ball. Time for the Kira Sedgewick. So Randy comes in and proceeds to give up 2 of our 3 run lead. No Errors, only hits and walks. Randy says in true lawyer fashion, "I was trying to set Haines up. I wanted to give him false hope of winning so he would stay on the mound throwing that 'weak ass sh-t' he was lobbing up there" No consideration for the manager who is doing his Lou Brown act clutching his chest. (From Major League II) Randy survived 2 more innings and got out of one of then on a double play and the last with the bases loaded. That was not as simple as it sounds! We were with in 1 strike of the 3rd out in the 9th when Randy walked the bases loaded. In "lawyer-ese" Randy says I meant to do that so I could get the next guy out Right! The next game Randy pitched 2 more but gave way to Sugar Ray to preserve the Saddam Fitz win over the Gubs. Pain in the jaw and down the arm of the manager who felt like a Hyster Forklift was resting on his chest when Randy gave up 3 runs in the 7th to bring the Gubs within 2 runs.

Drum roll please! The #1 moment in Mesa:
Lodi game 2 against the Doughboy coached Gubs. It is the top 7th inning and Saddam who has pitched well and allowed one run is "at the end of his rope" on the hill. Randy "Gas Can" Wallace will take the hill in the bottom of the inning. Dave Jesse Jemes leads off with a single and made it to third on an error. Then with one out and Raul on first with a walk, The manager adjusts his cup as the sign to High Average Joe (3rd base coach), Jemes on third and Gas Can Wallace at the plate to squeeze in the run. everything would have worked great if Randy hadn't pulled a clean miss of the pitch. Dave is on top of the plate and the catcher (Shiffless Shiffman)runs Dave Back and throws to 3rd for the out. In comes the center fielder Weber index finger wagging like a Catholic School Nun "under no circumstances can you steal home!!!" "..everybody is out, double play, illegal Shame-Shame". It wasn't a steal Rob it was a squeeze that didn't work. "under no circumstances..." other fingers extended, red faced. The umpires settled it Dave out without the requirement of a throw once Randy missed the ball. Since the pitcher went from the wind-up Raul gets second and eventually Scores on Brent's base hit. Rob was about the only one excited everybody else was just kind of stunned. Since Rob has scolded Lodi threatening to rap each of us on the knuckles with Sister's Ruler. Eventually everybody got the gag and laughed about it.

Championship Game Mesa '09

January 26, 2009
Last things first 'cause that is the way we do things. The Championship game vs. Fresno Giants was set up by three straight Lodi victories. The first was a 3 to 2 squeaker over John Haines' Blue Sox (Dodgers by a different name). Then we took a game 8 to 4 vs the "Gubs" (Giants Cubs combo-named after a scene in the Woody Allen Movie,"Take the Money and Run" Where the robber presents the note and the Teller says "The note says you have a Gub" The robber insists it says Gun)That game had its moments of drama as will be discussed in the articles below. The third game featured a come from behind victory against the "under Moreno-ed Padres) We did prevail against the monks 6-4 on the once again hairy back of Mark Gemello, who pitched the complete game victory. As for Fres-berg, they beat the Padres 8-1 and then they also beat the Gubs in a good game. Note here that after our victory over the Fresno Raisin heads, they played the Blue Sox and lost in come from way ahead fashion to lose 17 to 11 (a pitchers Duel I guess)
As the Game began, Sugar Ray was on the bump for the Lodians and Lynn Lefevre was hurling for the Raisin People. Despite a lead-off single by Capt Steve it looked like Ray could get out of the inning without any runs. He struck out Bad Chili and got Lynn Lefevre to pop up to second then Nelson bounced a grounder to Ray on the hill he ran toward first and tossed the ball to Saddam Fitz who had about as much chance of catching it right out of the sun as the Republican Guard did of Surviving the second Gulf war. A second error followed and three runs scored. Outside of a single from Brent Tetlow and a line drive to left by Rowdy Raul that Hug-hey somehow snagged there was no Lodi offense in the first two innings. It was really a great catch and some would say "unexpected". Fres-berg scored on in the second on 2 hits (Greenfield and T-Lee) and an error to lead 4-0 going to the bottom of the 3rd. Then Lodi came to life, started by a walk to Average Joe Matlen (.636 to be exact). After one out, Dave Jemes lined a single to right center and Saddam Fitz followed with an RBI single. Raul did likewise to score Dave Jemes. The Hyster Shyster (Wallace) grounds into a fielder's Choice for out number two. Then Brent reaches on an error. This was followed by one of those "You go to the ball park everyday and you see something you've never seen before moments". Miwuk Mike "sort of" gets hit by a Lynn "he throws hard" Lefevre pitch. Mike's version is that he caught the pitch, Lynn and Realini say there was so much pine tar on the ball it stuck on Mike's hip and he trapped it against his leg. Then Drip McCampbell and JC followed with RBI singles resulting in a 5-4 Lodi lead. Up to that point, Sugar Ray had thrown 40 pitches thru three innings. He used 20 more over the next three to shut out the Raisin Heads on one hit (erased by a double play). Meanwhile, in the bottom of the sixth Lodi scored all the runs they would need. Once again Average Joe lead us off with the second of his 3 hits for the day. Sugar Ray reached on an error and Dave Jemes followed with a single..After Joe was forced at the plate for the first out Randy Walked and Brent hit into a fielders choice for out # two. But Drip saved the day with what proved to be the game winning RBI single.
It was not easy from there as Dave Jemes mounted the hill. 3 walks and 2 singles later it was a one run ball game. Dave settled down and got the last three batters to ground out with runners on 1st and third. The last inning started out great with 2 strikeouts for Williams and Realini but then Greenfield reached on an error and T Lee singled to put the tying and go ahead runs on base. Captain Steve, who had singled to open the game was up. We went to 2-2 and threw the big 12-6 hammer. Captain Steve swung 8 inched over the ball and JC caught the ball just above Captain's right shoe top. Victory!

Saturday in Lodi-Team Lodi Blasts Dodgers 21 to 4

A record high 34 hits for the Lodi Squad in the game against the rival Dodgers. That brought the weekend total to 55 hits with the Sunday Keg game to play!The G-man, Mark Gemello, started on the hill and pitched 7 innings. Mark said I've got to pitch at least one more than that "old Man" referring to our Spirits Leader, Rich Thomas. Mark did but in the process gave up 3 more runs. So it went from a tie in innings and runs to giving up 4 times as many runs as the Spirits Leader. Guess who got the last laugh? Marky did pitch well though. Matt Cain would have killed for the run support Mark got, 21 runs! Plungy Hetzner finally got out of the blocks at the plate going 3 for 5 with a double and 3 RBI. Circus Vargas was 2 for 5 with an RBI and Brent Tetlow (New nickname Babe) was 4 for 5 with 2 RBI. Lynn Tetlow continued to hit with 2 solid singles. JC contributed as well with a 2 for 3 day an RBI and walk, and for Something completely different Ran for Both Cactus and the Spirits leader Scoring twice as a pinch runner?? (we talking about the same JC?) Frank "Quarter mile" Weishaar continued to pile up total bases with a triple of his own and 2 single plus running the bases for others. G-man had a double and an RBI in 4 AB's. Carl Vargas had a triple and two single as well as a walk and scored 3 runs for a perfect day. Carl Also closed the game on the hill pitching the 8th and 9th. Richie T was 2 for 4 with 2 runs scored on his behalf one by Ouarter mile and one by JC. Lusich had a double and 2 RBI while Keith Da Costa was 2 for 4 with 3 runs and 2 RBI. Cactus billy had the dubious distinction of making the last ourt in Friday nights rout and thus was the last batter on Saturday. Not bad as the ultimate clean-up hitter though as he went 3 for 4 with a double and 3 RBI.

Kangaroo Kourt to be held in Mesa Sat 12:15-12:45

This Saturday in Mesa Kangaroo Kourt from 12:15 to 12:45 for Giants only. Think about it Saddam back before the Bar of Justice. Obomba grilled under Oath, Sugar Ray still looking for his gloves the Col. Fragged by his own troops. The Drip still dripping, Hammy Arthur hobbles up to answer charges. Dick Hertz (enough said. Russ Greenfield in a Giant uniform and fair game for fines. Capt. Steve trying to navigate among the "Rocks and Shoals" Lots of fun. Get your Kourt cases written down and Submitted to the Left handed Catchers (Hertz and Tetlow)or to The Col. Jim Realini or JC by openning gavel at 12:15 Saturday. Bring your evidence and your wallet!

Survivor Banner Island a tournament of the West Coast Fantasy Baseball Assn.

The next Tourney is Survivor Banner island. See our logo above. Some have suggested that the empty beer bottles are missing, bah sacrelege!Full ice cold bottles of Coors then you have something appropriate. Joining our merry tribe of Psychopants, as Plungy calls them, will be the aforementioned Pete "Plungy" Hetzner, Our Spirits (all faiths: beer, wine and hard liquor)Leader Richie Thomas, JC Penney,Catcher at Law; Brent, JC's understudy, Tetlow, Bill "Jumpin' Cholla" Bernier, Tom "The Drip" McCampbell, Bobby "The Blond" Hartkop, Mark "G-Man" Gemello, Keith "Open Rannger" DaCosta, John "Musicman" Metras, Phil-angela Rogers, Frank "I got it" Weishaar. Plus 10 other "Tribes" of Giants, A's, Tigers, Angels, Padres, Dodgers and Ports. This year we also have the Elk Grove Team which provides an opportunity for any player in the tourney to play a 4th game this weekend. Lots of fun at Banner Island and Billy Hebert field. Games begin Friday 9/28 at 11:30 and go til 9pm , the schedule starts at 8:30 on Satruday for three games at each field and the Sunday schedule starts at 8am. There will be consessions at the Banner Island Ball Park in Stockton with Beer, soft drinks and ball park food available to spectators and participants alike. Come and watch the games have a cold one and a few (maybe many)laughs
The West Coast Fantasy Baseball Association is made up of players 35 and older who have attended a Fantasy Baseball Camp. Although most have gone to Giants Camps we have A's Campers, Dodgers, Posts, Mariners, Padres and Yankees among our members. The next tourney is, Lodi run, Survivor-Banner Island were Tribes (teams) including the Lodi Tribe compeat in a tournament in Stockton Sept. 28-30. The Lodi team was formed from these members and particpates in most of the Associations activities. If you are a Former Camper and want to Join then contact Commish, Rob Weber
at: rweber5@prodigy.net or visit the web site at: http://sobaysports.com/sfgiants/

Kangaroo Kourt Melee '07 report

February 3, 2007
When thinking about this report it became obvious that only a small % of the fines and casas were printable here. A couple of the "cleaner" cases give the reader some feel for the atmosphere of the Kourt. Just remember that during these proceedings most of the attendees were "laughing their butts off"
Since our Robby "squats" Doiron is pictured above his fine and defense are first. " Robby, Drip McCampbell is bringing you up. On Thursday at the Golf Tourney, you played in Drip's foursome, talked with him, drank beers with him and discussed which shots to use in the scramble with him through 18 holes. At the banquet you leaned across the table and said ' we haven't met yet, my name is Robby'. How do you plead? Not Guilty? State your case to the appeals panel of left handed catchers." Robby quickly thought and Said, " yes I knew him real well and since he was in the Federal witness protection program, I was trying not to blow his cover." The panel thought for 10 seconds gave him the thumbs down and he pays $5. Next Bad Chilly brings up Rob Weber (the Commish)It seems that several Dodgers were wearing Jerseys with "WEBER" "2" on them. One of them, a pitcher, convinced the very attractive Mrs Chilly to take pictures of him during the game thus, "Weber #2" was hitting on Mrs Chilly. Rob pleads not guilty and says these Weber jerseys are just like "Bonds #25" or "Zito #75" jerseys. The replicas are very popular in the sport stores. "I can't be held responsible for these guys acts just because they are wearing my Replica jersey" $5 on Chilly the appeals panel rules. In a separate incident Jack "Saddam" Fitzpatrick was brought up for working under and assumed name in Utah. a picture of Jack or Saddam was produced from the paper as evidence. The former dictator wisely plead guilty. The kourt had mercy on him because his team mates had been making bad jokes all tourney about how opposing players were hitting "Ropes" of of his pitches, how he was "hanging" curve balls and more sensitive lines like that. Chuck RBT (Runaway Beer Truck-pronounced Ribbit) was the youngest guy on the Lodi team at 44, he got rung up for going to breakfast with his older teammates and being the only one to receive the "Senior Discount" in aggrivation for sentencing he pointed it out when the bill came, fine= ($4). The proceeds of the K Kourt went to or clubby Troy Timney (Texas Rangers)

Lodi beats better LA team in 3-2 gem

One of the best games Lodi has played in the last 3 years. Bruzzone pitched a 7 innings for the win 7K's 3Hits and 0 runs Buzz left after the top of the 7th with a 0-0 score but then in the Bottom half he contributed to the win at the plate. Carl started off with a one out, solid single then Buzz had a base knock. After Frank walked to load the bases, Smitty came through with a big hit, scoring Carl after the Second out Sugar Ray walked for the second run. Smitty caught the whole game and had one 2 ball count if you get my drift. Speaking with a higher voice for a couple of innings. Carl came in to notch the Save. A little cushion was provided by the Capt. who singled and went to second on an overthrow then scored on Steve Cuddy's one out Double. As it turned out we needed that run. A couple of errors by our unnamed eye Doc, nicknamed Plunger, allowed the Dodgers to close within one run. So Buzz gets a win and Carl the Save, 0 Earned runs 10 K's and 5 total hits, for our two hurlers. Great game. Above the chopper still searches over Land field for the homerun ball Smitty gave up the day before.

Ferris Hertz's Day Off in Bakersfield

March 22, 2006 – 06:00 AM
California weather gets us again. Friday's 3rd game in Bakersfield this year was literally washed out. The infield was described as underwater. Neil Adams announced that the #3 game was rescheduled for Saturday start around noon. The rest of the games originally scheduled for Saturday cancelled. The game # 3 resulted in a Giants 3rd victory of the Tourney, that was followed by two more Giant victories before the Dodgers finally won one. Meanwhile that left the Lodi boys loose on South California. No one took better advantage of that than JC and the Hertz. Leaving BBerg at 6am Saturday and heading south for Disneyland! I-5 was however closed over the Grapevine. No Worries Hiway 166 leads to hiway 33 towards Ojai. That pass was open according to CalTrans. Note the pass on 33 is 1,000 feet higher than the pass on I-5. Reaching the summit at 8:30 revealed 30 degrees and snow and ice on the road. No Worries JC went to school in Oregon becoming used to snow and ice driving but Richie didn't want to give up the wheel. White knuckles and 15 mph. Skiing in a Volvo! We make it in to Ojai only to be scared even more when The Little Old Lady from Ojai trys to ram us in Vons parking lot. Mabel "Parnelli" Jones missed us by 1 1/2 inches. On to Disneyland arriving around noon instead of 9am. On to the rides- Pirates closed until June, Dang. Richie almost gets runover by a kid driven Stroller and a teenage maniac with a wheelchair. Dinner at the local taco house drive thru (real authentic-don't drink the water or let the dog near the back door to the kitchen). Hertz almost has a fight with a Utah resident and his 5 wives. Back to Disney armed with a fastpass for Splash Mountain. Thunder, lightening and downpour which closes all outdoor coaster rides like Splash Mountain, Thunder Mt and the Materhorn. Close the park and head for the local hotel at midnight. More out of town terrorists this one an Iowa cornhead who decides to turn right 4 feet in front of the volvo from the left lane when we are traveling in the right. Hours of good clean fun sprinkled with moments of abject terror. Above hertz hides his face on Sunday.