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July 19, 2020


 The League Executive has met this past week and unfortunately decided to cancel the 2020 Outdoor Season.  Many factors contributed to our decision but not limited to a very shortened season, other leagues in the areas have already canceled their season, and Ontario Soccer is only in Stage 2.  We think it’s the best decision this far into our season.

We are ready to provide full refunds to the teams.  Please update Chris or Greg with your contact information including your address.  We are planning to mail out refund cheque’s and/or provide e-transfer.

Thanks again for your patience and support this year.  It was appreciated. 

If you have any questions please let Chris or Greg know.







Ontario Soccer is now reviewing and translating today’s announcement and how it impacts the Ontario Soccer Return to Play Plan with Canada Soccer and the relevant Government authorities.


Ontario Soccer will provide another update to our membership this week, before the government order goes into effect on Friday, July 17, 2020.  







Ontario Soccer is announcing today that all sanctioned in-person

soccer events and activities for the month of June have been cancelled or postponed

See official announcement from Ontario Soccer here





Keeping in line with the City of London and Ontario Soccer,
we are aiming to have a tentative start date for the season to begin on Monday June 1st.
Please continue to build your Player Registration Form with your players. 
The deadline for player registration has been extended until May 15th. 
This will give you time to sign any new or last minute players. 
Thanks and stay safe!



Greg Sampson



Hope everyone is doing well, staying safe and healthy. 
As some of you already know Ontario Soccer has extended their decision to cease
all soccer activity until May 30th.
Once we have a more concrete time line the league will roll out
options/schedules/fees etc to accommodate for a later start date to the season. 
Let’s keep our fingers crossed for a positive outlook for the first part of June.
Please continue to build your Player Registration Form with your players. 
A new deadline for player registration has been extended until May 15th. 
This will give you time to sign any new or last minute players. 
Again,  if you have any questions please let Chris or I know.
Thanks and stay safe!


Greg Sampson




Ontario Soccer is announcing today, as further follow up to the Ontario Soccer and Canada Soccer announcements of March 12 and March 13 as well as the Ontario Soccer announcement of March 24, that all sanctioned in-person soccer events and activities for the month of May have been cancelled or postponed. 

Ontario Soccer, in consultation with Canada Soccer and governmental advisors, continues to monitor the most recent developments surrounding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and are assessing operations and deciding cancelations and postponements on a month-to-month basis as the pandemic continues to unfold.


This decision will affect the start of the spring portion of the 2020 Outdoor Season for the Local, Regional, District, Provincial, OASL, OPDL and all other leagues across Ontario.

Refer to the OSA website for more details





Read all details HERE



Ontario Soccer, in consultation with Canada Soccer, continues to monitor the most recent developments with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and the emerging public health crisis.

Ontario Soccer has received additional questions from the membership since the first COVID-19 FAQ was released on March 16, 2020. Ontario Soccer have prepared the following additional frequently asked questions (FAQ) based on inquires received.

Is the outdoor soccer season at risk of being cancelled and how is that being assessed and decided?

At the present time the 2020 Outdoor Soccer season at all levels in Ontario has not been cancelled. Ontario Soccer, working in collaboration with Canada Soccer and its Member Associations across Canada are communicating on a regular basis as we assess the situation. Within Ontario Soccer, a crisis management team meets daily monitoring and assessing directives from public health authorities, our provincial government and our provincial sport ministry office.  From these daily briefings, Ontario Soccer is updating membership on directives through our various communication channels. Please go to ontariosoccer.net for our updates as well as visiting our COVID-19 Impacted Events pages for the CoachingMatch OfficialHigh Performance and Competition and Eventsprograms

Recent communications from Ontario Soccer are indicating that some programming is moving to online delivery.  Is this considered a sanctioned activity by participants?

In an effort to continue to keep the planning and support for our game moving forward, Ontario Soccer is shifting some of its soccer activities to an online environment. As these initiatives are considered compliant with current provincial authority directives including self-isolation and physical-distancing, these activities are considered sanctioned. For further information, please see the latest update.


Suspension and/or cancellation of sanctioned soccer events and activities is having an economic impact at all levels. What resources are available and how do we best manage?

The impact of soccer under suspension is felt at every level throughout Ontario and across Canada. We are no different from any business feeling the effects of such a shutdown.  Each soccer organization under our governance structure operate as independent entities, supported by their membership and led by their elected Boards of Directors. As the COVID-19 pandemic has dictated the status of operations we are all in, there is no answer to how long we will continue to be under such circumstances. Ontario Soccer are presently operating on a month-to-month basis as we review the ongoing health crisis, until such definitive information and directives tell us otherwise. These are challenging times for all of us and we fully understand difficult decisions will have to be made. Through our research and communications with governments, Ontario Soccer will provide any updates as it pertains to subsidy programs that may be made available.


I have seen that OPDL and OASL are postponing the start of their season. What is happening with the recreational, competitive, regional and district leagues? 

Ontario Soccer runs the operations of the OPDL and OASL and as such have communicated recently a delay in the start of their seasons so participating organizations may make operational adjustments. Since the status of the entire Outdoor season is still unknown this is all that can be confirmed at this time. Youth local or District recreational and/or competitive leagues are under the direct governance and operations of our member Districts and Leagues. The Regional and Senior Provincial leagues are under the direct governance of Ontario Soccer. If necessary, please contact your District or League for further information.

St. Georges Club

Please do not warm up in the goal mouth area as the Club wants to perserve the goal crease area as best as they can.

Curinga Club

Please wait for the groundskeeper to open up the gate and do not hop the fence.


Thank you for your continuous assistance by ensuring ALL garbage is picked up after your games, both on the city and private club fields!!

Night Games

Every team playing a night game at the City Wide fields is responsible to ensure that the lights are turned off after the game. The City of London has advised that the fine for leaving the lights on all night is $250. This fine will be divided between the 4 teams scheduled on those fields if this incident occurs again. Please remember to turn them off!


A zero tolerance rule is in effect for alcohol consumption at the soccer fields or their parking lots. Teams caught breaking these rules will be removed from the league. It is illegal to be consuming alcohol on city property and the league has been notified by the city that our contract for field rentals is at jeopardy should there be any more occurences.

Thank you for your co-operation.