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The Lovdahl Pitching Academy  (LPA)  program is  committed to  developing the  complete  ballplayer both on  and off the field.  The  goal of LPA  Baseball is to  teach the  fundamentals  and mechanics  of  the game in a fun  and positive  manner.

 Mental toughness  is a huge  component to our  programs. Energy  and passion for  the great game  of baseball is  what we want to  get  out of our  students.

 To develop the  complete pitcher,  LPA Baseball   provides  instruction of:

- Proper mechanics
- Pinpoint control
- Pitching patterns
- Pick-offs and fielding
- Arm strengthening and conditioning
- Pitching strategy
- Fundamentals of essential pitches (i.e., change-ups)
- Mental approach and visualization
- Drills to suit your needs and to develop your skills


LPA Baseball offers training opportunities to aspiring pitchers in both group and private lesson environments.

LPA Baseball stresses solid mechanics, great pitch control, ability to change speeds and mental toughness. Players will be learning and practicing with the same drills and techniques that the pro’s themselves use. LPA Baseball has extensive knowledge with the strength and conditioning drills and programs utilized by the Minnesota Twins pitching staff and the entire Twins system.

To find out more about the Lovdahl Pitching Academy, or to set-up a group or private lesson, contact Erik Lovdahl by email at erik@LPAbaseball.com or telephone at (651) 353-3310.





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