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                                                        E-mail:  kent.pietracupa@bellaliant.net

410 – 35 Legacy Court, Lower Sackville, NS, B4C 0A5




Kent will be holding a Fall Baseball camp for those going to and those in Rookie,First Year Mosquito (7,8,9,10 Year olds)  and those in Second Year Mosquito / Pee Wee (11,12, 13 year olds) at the Sackville Heights Junior High School on Friday nights.

The purpose of the camp is to provide the fundamentals of the game and more importantly having fun. Each session is 1.5 hours long and we will do 1 skill set, agility and cardio exercises and we always end the session with a fun wiffle ball game.

Please forward players name, group, parents names and phone numbers.

  The cost is $125.00 for 5 sessions (20 players) and the camps have been filling up quicker every year. Due to problems in the past, your child is not registered until payment is received. I just want to ensure all kids have a chance to participate in the camp. You can send an Interac E-transfer to: kent.pietracupa@bellaliant.net / Cash drop off to the address above.

The sessions are as follows:

Rookie/First Year Mosquito –Oct. 4,11,18 Nov.1,8 / 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm

 first 20 paid are registered

Second Year Mosquito / Pee Wee – Oct. 4,11,18 Nov.1,8 / 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm 

first 20 paid are registered 

NOTE:  If the school is closed due to storms or other reasons then the gym session is also canceled. If there is an in service the gym is still open. Visit the camp website for updates on sessions in case of closures. 

MAKE UP DATES:  The following date for make up date due to cancellation will be Nov.15

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us any time and we look forward to this years camps.

Kent Pietracupa


Home: 902-252-1641                                    

LWF Tournament Success


Congratulations to the LWF Yardgoats on winning the 13U A Tier 4 Provincial Championship.  The Yardgoats were a combination of LWF Pirates, Bucs and Blue Jays and went 5-1 in the provincial tournament including an extra innings win in the championship game. 













Congratulations to the 13U Miners going undefeated to win their second consecutive SABA tournament in Summerside, PEI with a nail biter 2-1 victory in the finals.




Congrats to the 13U Miners on their gold medal in the Halifax Minor Baseball Classic 2019!



Congratulations to the 13U Peewee Miners for winning the playoff championship.  The Miners beat the Sackville Yankees 7-6 to claim the gold. 



Congratulations to the 15U Bantam Miners for winning the playoff championship.  The Miners beat the LWF Buccaneers 4-2 to claim the gold. Congrats to both teams.





1) coaches of both teams email in scores THAT NIGHT  to both lwfrookie@gmail.com  and lwfbaseball@hotmail.com

2) due to darkness coming earlier now all play off games will be 4 innings only

3) round robin games can end in a tie

4) coin flip for home team

5) top 2 teams in each division will play in championship game

A Division - LWF Raiders, Road Runners, Miners & Braves

B Division - LWF Buccaneers, Blue Jays & Kodiaks

C Division - LWF Mets & Rangers, EH Blue & Red


Grand Lake 6:00 Raiders 3  vs Braves  4

Waverley Legion 6:00 Mets 11 vs EH Blue  1

WJCC(S) 6:00 Buccaneers 6  vs Blue Jays  1

FRIDAY, Aug 23rd:

Grand Lake 6:00 Rangers 11 vs EH Red 19

Waverley Legion 6:00 Kodiaks 7  vs Buccaneers  13

WJCC(S) 6:00 Road Runners 8  vs Miners 19

SUNDAY, Aug 25th:

Grand Lake 6:00 Mets 18 vs EH Red  12

WJCC(S) 6:00 Blue Jays 12  vs Kodiaks  11

MONDAY, Aug 26th:

WJCC(S) 6:00 Raiders 7 vs Miners  9

Grand Lake 6:00 Road Runners 9 vs Braves 16

Waverley Legion 6:00 EH  Blue 4  vs Rangers  1

TUESDAY, Aug 27th:

WJCC(S)6:00  Raiders 3 vs Road Runners 10

Grand Lake 6:00 Mets 12 vs Rangers 14

Waverley Legion 6:00 Buccaneers 10 vs Blue Jays 9

WEDNESDAY, Aug 28th:

Grand Lake 6:00 Miners 11 vs Braves 15

Waverley Legion 6:00 Kodiaks 12 vs Buccaneers 15


WJCC Small Field 6:00  Blue Jays 10 vs  Kodiaks 5

Enfield Legion  6:00  EH Red 14 vs EH Blue 1


WJCC(S) 6:00 "A" Division finals  Miners 10 vs Braves 5   -  CONGRATS TO LWF MINERS

Waverley Legion 6:00 "B" Division Finals  Buccaneers 9 vs  Blue Jays 7  -  CONGRATS TO LWF BUCCANEERS!

Grand Lake 6:00 "C" Division finals  LWF Mets 9 vs East Hants Red 5  -  CONGRATS TO LWF METS

July 21st:   Congrats to our East Coast Royals Junior (age 19-21) team comprised of players from LWF, Sackville, Bedford & Hammonds Plains Associations for winning the Nova Scotia National Eliminations on the week-end by downing Dartmouth 3 - 2 in the Championship game.

Our Junior team will now go on to represent NS at the Canadian National Championships - good luck to all!


LWF Baseball Mailing List


Did you get our June 6th email?  Check your SPAM folder (or Promotions Folder on GMAIL).  Still no email?  Click on the following link to subscribe or add additional email addresses. 





We welcome you to the LWF (Fall River & District) Minor Baseball Website. Our Association has over 600 players ranging from Novice (4/5 yrs old) right through to Intermediate (19 and up) with both rep and rec teams in all divisions. We will be adding information all year so please feel free to browse through and if you have any questions call Barry at 902-860-1472. LWF Minor Baseball Association is also a partner with Sackville & Bedford to form the Tri-County Rangers Rep baseball teams that play in the N.S Bluenose League around the Province. Our Association is for both girls and boys and offers a recreational league for ages 7 through 18. If you are 12 yrs and older we also offer a supervised Umpires Program where you can earn some money and learn the game from a totally different perspective. We cover mainly the areas of Fall River, Windsor Jct, Lakeview, Waverley, Wellington, Grand lake and Enfield. Our teams play out of fields in Windsor Jct, Waverley, Grand Lake, Sackville, Bedford, Hammonds Plains and Enfield.

If you have any questions or concerns about the upcoming season please send all inquiries to: lwfbaseball@hotmail.com
NEW FOR 2019  -  Our LWF/TC Association along with Hmmds Plains is looking to start a 4 team local Junior Rec League this year.   Currently as of April 15th we have 5 players ready to play and need 7-9 more, H.P. has two teams and the BNS Womens 21U will enter a team.   All games will be close by at Waverley McDonald Field or Lenihan in Bedford, age  limit for this new league is being raised from 19 - 21 yrs old to 19 - 23 yrs old.
If interested please email registration form or any questions or interest to Barry at   lwfbaseball@hotmail.com







To Coach OR Not To Coach!

“Nobody would step up and volunteer, so finally I said I would do it. The parents were thrilled when I said I would do it and now those same parents are unhappy with the way I’m handling the team. I told them I hadn’t coached before and now it seems like everyone has an opinion about what I’m doing wrong.”

Sound familiar? Why should you coach? For many reasons!
Read on.....

To truly enjoy coaching at any level you need to expand on your reasons for coaching to include items that provide a personal sense of happiness and reward. Put aside all of the community service reasons and think about aspects of coaching that can give you a feeling of satisfaction and personal joy. This way you will find greater motivation to be the best coach you can without worrying about negative criticism.

1. Enjoy being part of a team - The interaction with the players that takes place on the field is something that can’t be duplicated when you sit in the stands.
2. Enjoy teaching youth - It’s a thrill to see the happiness that occurs when a player has learned something new and is able to perform that skill..
3. Enjoy acting like a kid - Kids don’t understand the concept of working or practicing hard, nor should they be expected to. What they do understand is the concept of playing hard and having fun, so have fun with them....Act like a kid, they love it and respond to it!!!
4. Coaching is a challenge - Love the challenge of trying to continually improve and get better. For both players and coaches that concept is really one of the main lessons that sports can teach us. The added bonus is it can be used in every part of your life.
5. Spending time with the kids - saved this for last, but it’s really first on the list. Being out on the field with the kids is an awesome opportunity to spend quality time that they will hopefully always remember.

It’s important to realize that to be good at coaching you have to
be doing it for reasons other than “they needed someone”. Almost anyone can become a very good youth coach, but it’s like anything else you’re good at, it takes a desire to become good at it. Put aside your fears of coaching by realizing that we ask our kids to put aside their fears every time they step up to the plate, take a spot in the field or pitch their first pitch. Fear should never become an obstacle. 

So, don't be afraid to check that volunteer coach box on your registration form this season. You might just end up with a new rewarding addiction!!!