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Updated House League Rules

No Rule Changes Pending for 2017

Please see EBA Website for Etobicoke Interlock Rules, games in all divisions will use a common set of rules for the 2009 season and on. Downloadable versions are posted there.

There are rule changes for the 2015 season:

1. Insert into all Levels posted into 1.0 ROSTERS replace at g) and move all others down and re-number. Added k) to comply with EBA By-Laws and Playing rules Article 4c (housekeeping)

g) House League rosters must have Select (SOBA) rostered players dispersed equally among the associations team.

h) Where only one team exists in an association they must only play in one loop, Select or House League and shall declare as such at the beginning of the season.

i) A Select loop team may arrange exhibition games with House League teams.

j) A Select “Tournament Only” team may enter into interlock play.

k) No OBA Carded Etobicoke player shall be allowed to play in an interlocking house league game.

2. Adopt Junior open inning rule [*Junior/Midget: There will be a 5 (five) run mercy in the first 3 innings of regular season games. All innings starting from the 4th (fourth) will be “OPEN”. There is no game mercy in regular season.] Keep midget game timing.

Insert at the bottom of page 3, and amend asterisk in table above.

3. Housekeeping: Removed Rep house league pitching rule to comply with EBA By-Laws and Playing rules Article 4c.

Umpire #'s

Check out the Baseball Ontario website for your Umpires Number.