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2019 Adult Outdoor Soccer Season



















Online Registration opens MARCH 20th so get your teams together

and come out and have FUN, FRIENDSHIP, FITNESS



Go on our Facebook page to enter - MASL Facebook

1st Session is Starting May 5th!

We are Raffling off 2 Adult Soccer Registration fees of $100
drawing March 20th at Noon so pay close attention ....

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Introducing MRSL youth recreational league 
Is your child interested in soccer but not ready for competitive soccer
for more info visit MRSL.us
If you have any questions please feel free to call or email at
(586) 854-7310 or MacombAdultSoccer@gmail.com



In Honor of our recently passed Referee and my Dear Son

All Jerseys will have the letters DCW on them   

Captains are responsible to enforce league rules
All players should bring questions to their captains
JEWELRY: NO jewelry of any kind is to be worn on the field, this includes and isn't limited to
rings including engagement rings, wedding rings, necklaces, piercings & sunglasses (except prescriptions glasses)
ALL players on the roster MUST wear their current numbered 2018 jersey 
If you do not have your jersey you MUST check in and get a league issued armband and will be 
treated as a borrowed player and can not score - no exceptions
ALL players NOT on the roster MUST check in and get a league issued armband to be 
allowed on the field and return the armband after the game.
All Paid subs must register and pay a $15 sub fee and wear a league issued MASL armband
You will be charged $20 and have $5 returned when you return the armband
All Borrowed players must check in and wear a borrowed player league issued armband
You may only be a borrowed player for the same team up to 3 times then on the 4th time
must be duel rostered for for that team at a  $50 2nd team fee. If caught taking the field for 
the same team more than 3 times that game will be a forfeit. 
If a players is caught taking the field without registering and receiving a league issued armband 
that team will forfeit that game
All armbands MUST be returned after that game
Shin guards are required on all players
Playoff Rules
1) No borrowed players during playoffs
2) Paid subs must have played in 2 regular season games for any team to qualify for playoff games
3) Games will be 40 minutes
4) We expect the best sportsmanship
5) All fees must be paid PRIOR to taking the field!!! (registration & card fees)
6) All awards will be given out at our Halloween Party 
All issued red/yellow cards disputed will be reviewed .... to dispute a card you must wait 24 hours
and send an email for the board to review.
When issued a card the captains of both following weeks game will be notified of players who 
received cards with the understanding that those players can not take the field until they take care
of their fee.
All past red/yellow cards are preprinted on the following weeks Ref score cards so the team
Captains should check with the Center Ref and see if there are any cards for that game
Taking the field under ANY amount of alcohol is strictly prohibited ... if caught doing so
you will be removed from that game with a warning, 2nd offense you will be removed from the 
league with no refund and asked to not return.
3 divisions, 2 male players between 25 & 30 per team (by Oct 31st 2018) all others over 30,
all females 25 and over (by Oct 31st, 2018) Must provide proof of age.
Rule modifications:
If you are borrowing players during a game they must be in the game by the 20 minute mark
no new borrowed players may be added after that, you can not save them to play second half only
The only exception to this rule will be in the case of an injury, if the injured player returns then the
borrowed player may not.
If you are borrowing players you may only have a maximum of 4 total subs on the sideline
including the borrowed players or a total of 15, if you have 4 substitutes on the sideline and 
the team is short women you may borrow enough to field a total of 4 women but still a max of 
4 borrowed players.
If a player goes down and isn't able to bet back up quickly, with or without help, then for the safty
of that player they must be substituted off for a min of 2 minutes or the next substitution. Only the
injured player may be substituted off and no other substitutions at that time. I would expect that
the opposing player would help the injured player to their feet. If a player is found to be fouling a
player with the intent to injure that player will be red carded and sent off with league suspension. 
 $15 per player per Sunday sub fee if not a full time registered player

$25 fine for yellow cards
$50 fine for red cards
player can not return to play until the fine is paid

Team rosters will allow for ONLY 2 male players per team ages 25-29 by Oct 31st 2018 ... all other men MUST be over 30 No Exceptions!!! 
Team rosters will require all woman to be over the age of 25 by Oct 31st 2018


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