• 2012/13 overall record 9 wins, 5 draws, 19 losses
  • 2013/14 overall record 18 wins, 4 draws, 6 losses
  • 2014/15 overall record 28 wins, 5 losses, 1 draw as of 4/19/2015
  • 2014 NorCal Fall Silver East Champs /// 2014 CalNorth D8 Winter Champs
  • 2011/12 overall record 12 wins, 12 losses, 5 draws


Yo. 95G. Whatcha up to these days?

January 28, 2019

Whatcha up to these days?

Hi Girls of 95G!!

Whatcha up to these days?

Working?  College?  Coaching?  Playing soccer or other sports?

Drop me a text (my # is the same as always) or email to fill me in on your life.

Don't forget about our ten year reunion gathering June of 2025!!!

Put it on your cell phone calendar NOW!!!!!!

95G ages out

The age group of 95G (8/1/95 - 7/31/96) aged out on 7/31/2015.  The team of 95G this year included girls from 96G, 97G, and 98G.  Playing together, they won the 2014 Mid Summer Classic, 2014 U19G Silver Fall league, 2015 U19G CalNorth D8 Winter league, and the 2015 Impact Shootout.  The team went 28 wins 1 draw and only 5 losses.  A great effort by a team playing together for the first time.

The team had several girls that graduated from high school and all of them are going away to college.

The remaining younger girls will be training with other MUFC teams during the fall.

95G... a great group of girls over the past nine years starting in u11 all the way through u19 this season.  Many, many girls and just as many memories.

Thanks to all of the parents that contributed to the team.  Thanks to the players, and thanks to the coaches as well.

95G is planning a ten year reunion in the summer of 2025, so mark your calendars to get in touch with Coach Lance in January 2025 to see if plans are still in place!!!  Any girl that played on 95G is welcome to attend.

See you on the pitch......

2015 Neto Corona Shootout CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!

July 27, 2015