• In case of inclement weather go to Contact Info and call the Parks Dept to check field status!!
  • Schedule will change inevitably. Please make sure you check for updates!!
  • Go Bulls!!!

Welcome to the 25th Anniversary Season of the Met/Lilly Softball League!!

New season starts 5/2 and runs through 7/25 pending rain outs.  Each team plays a 14 game schedule. Playoffs begin early August.

No rule changes for 2018.  Everything remains the same from last season, so the 2017 league rules located in the Handouts section are valid for 2018 as well

Everyone please remember to play fair, be safe, and have fun.  Good luck to all this season!

Rule Clarification

Outfielders must remain 30 yards back from the deepest part of the infield when female players are at bat. Exact distance can be measured at Northbranch #1 by the outfield light poles. That is the marker that should be used.  There is no natural marker at Northbranch #2, so use best judgment or measure and use cones.  Please spread the word so that everyone is aware of the distance rule.  Thanks.