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  • A/B Division - Tue and Fri
  • C/D Division - Mon and Thu
  • CTSSL - Sunday

C/D Division Playoff Schedule

Thursday July 19, 2018

6:15 Smith 1 - Celtic Cavern @ Cheap Seats

7:30 Smith 1 - Cheap Seats @ Celtic Cavern

8:45 Smith 1 - Inglorious Batters @ Fellowship Church (Inglorious Win GM 1   7-0)

6:00 Smith 2 - Daddys Dingers @ Aerocision

7:15 Smith 2 - Aerocision @ Daddys Dingers


Monday, July 23, 2018

6:15 Smith 1 - Valley @ Pullout Couches

7:30 Smith 1 - Pullout Couches @ Valley

8:45 Smith 1 - Open


Thursday, July 26, 2018

6:15 Smith 1 - Fellowship Church @ Inglorious Batters

7:30 Smith 1 - Daddys Dingers @ Aerocision (if nec)

8:45 Smith 1 - Valley @ Pullout Couches (if nec)


Monday July 30, 2018

6:15 Smith 1 - Celtic Cavern @ Cheap Seats (if nec)

7:30 Smith 1 - Inglorious Batters @ Fellowship Church (if nec)




 CTSSL PLAYOFFS - Sunday, July 22, 2018

9:00am Smith 1 - Aware v Dr. B's

9:00am Smith 2 - Bristol v East Windsor

10:30am Smith 1 - (Aware v Dr. B's) Winner v West Hartford

10:30am Smith 2 - (Bristol v East Windsor) Winner v Manchester



We have confirmed that we will be having playoffs broken down by four teams each.
A Playoffs (A/B Division 1-4 seeds)
B Playoffs (A/B Division 5-8 seeds)
C Playoffs (C/D Division 1-4 seeds)
D Playoffs (C/D Division 5-8 seeds)
Playoffs are best of three series. Be prepared for double headers in the playoffs.

C Division and D Division Playoffs


Final C/D Division Standings

1. Aerocision (Wins tie breaker over Cheap Seats - head to head)

2. Cheap Seats

3. Celtic Cavern

4. Daddys Dingers

5. Fellowship Church

6. Pullout Couches

7. Valley

8. Inglorious Batters

A Division and B Division Playoffs


(unless there is a rain-out in between)

Middletown Men's Fall Softball - Info

Good Afternoon,

As our summer season comes to an end with playoffs right around the corner, it is time to start looking towards our fall men's softball season. Over the next few weeks please make sure to check back on this page for more info regarding sign ups, league info, bat testing and a lot more regarding our fall season.

Also, if you are looking for a few guys to add to your fall roster, please check out the FREE AGENT LIST below.

Please remember if you have any questions to reach out to us at MiddletownScores@yahoo.com.

2018 Free Agents

The list below are individuals who have contacted the league and looking for teams to play on. If you are looking to round out your rosters and need an additional player or two, please contact the individuals below.

1. Giovanni Ortiz - gortiz116@gmail.com - 773 727 0900

2. Steven Dekeyser - stevendek@gmail.com - 860 707 6560 (Infielder)

    Billy Moran - wpm213@gmail.com - 860 808 4260 (outfielder)

(Steven Dekeyser and Billy Moran looking for one team together)

3. Jacob D'Addario - jakeup417@yahoo.com - 860 518 3690

Please note this list IS updated once players are picked up. If your team picks up one of these players for your roster please let the league know and we will update this list.

Game Forfeit Procedures

Below are a few new standards and an outline on what to do when your team needs to forfeit a game within 24 hours of game time.

1. Text or call Greg Post and/or Dan Forlenzo to alert us that you have to forfeit the game. Please avoid email in these emergency forfeiture situations.

2. Text and call the opposing coach(s). If you have a double header please text BOTH coaches. All coaches contact information is listed under the team info on the website. (choose the Team/Rosters option and select the division and team you are looking for)

3. If you are the opposing coach, please do your best to reply and confirm that you received the info and you understand the game is forfeited.

Below are Greg and Dan’s cell phone numbers. If you don’t already have these, make sure you add them to your contacts now.

Greg – 203-427-5377

Dan - 203-815-2710

Greg DOES NOT get emails on his phone and leaves work by 4pm. So please call or text at all times when something needs immediate attention. Also, please try to not have full voicemail boxes. The league and teams are unable to leave messages when needed.


Thank you everyone! If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

About Middletown Men's Softball


About Middletown Men's Softball League: We are a slow-pitch, NSA league that has been a mainstay of the Middletown, CT area for a number of years. We play our games at the fields behind Moody School on Country Club Road. We play mainly on week nights with make-ups played during the week if a field is open OR on weekends.

The Men's Summer League plays from late April to mid-August in Middletown, CT and is open to men ages 18 and over. We have A, B, C & D divisions for all competition levels, from highly competitive to recreational. 

We are using the same ball as last year for 2018

The Men's Fall League starts the end of August and goes through mid-October.  


Contact us for more information - middletownscores@yahoo.com 


Score Submissions

Scores should be sent to middletownscores@yahoo.com by the winning team.

The standings will be updated periodically.

Be as accurate with the score as a possible. End of season tie breaker is 'runs allowed' if two teams have the same win loss record and have played each team the same number of times. A forfeit prior to the game starting is recorded as 7-0 win for team not forfeiting. A forfeit on the field for ejection, illegal player, etc leading to not enough players to continue at anytime is recorded as a score of 7-0.

Middletown Parks & Recreation Weather Line


For more information on Middletown fields, including game cancellations due to weather, contact Middletown Parks & Recreation or call 860-638-4529 after 3pm. If no update from Middletown Parks and Recreation, games are ON.

Please listen for the date of the message, as old dates and messages are left on until a new one is added.

Upcoming Games
Jul 20
A - B Division
Double Play Cafe @ Eli Cannons
Double Play Cafe @ Wrecking Crew
Wrecking Crew @ Matty's Next Door
Jul 23
C - D Division
Valley @ Pull Out Couches
Pull Out Couches @ Valley
Jul 24
A - B Division
Spoon Shoppe Brooke Deli @ Eli Cannons
Stealth Sheep @ Spoon Shoppe Brooke Deli
Stealth Sheep @ Middletown Toyota Runners
Jul 26
C - D Division
Fellowship Church @ Inglorious Batters
Jul 27
A - B Division
Matty's Next Door @ Carnot Refrigeration
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