2019 Year End Tournament   [More Info]

  • See Handouts and Contacts for Executive/Team Contact information
  • Please ensure all Team contact information is up to date for the 2014/15 season!





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Registration Information for 2018/2019 Season


(you must be registered online before your eligible to play)

Registration needs to be completed on-line, each person must register individually, roster e-mailed to the Registrar complete with a copy of the new players Proof of Age (drivers licence or passport, photo ID) to by October 15th, 2018.

The Registrar will confirm all fees due and reply to the team contact by October 20th with an invoice.  Payment and copy of new player "Proof of Age" (drivers licence or passport photo ID)  is to be mailed to the Registrar by October 31, 2018.  The Registrar will then forward payments to the Treasurer no later than November 7th for deposit.


Cheques to be mailed to the Registrar:



Executive for 2018/19

Executive / Team contacts

  • President: Vanessa Ryplanski, Richmond Rowdies
  • 1st Vice: Michelle Santos, Black Ice
  • 2nd Vice and Registrar: Tannis Akehurst, Chix with Stix
  • Treasurer: Tracy Bertschinger, Soul
  • Secretary: Kim Swan, She Devils
  • Scheduler: Morgan Hammill, River East Sharks
  • 2018 Tournament Rep: 
  • Past President: Tara Gilkes, Rink Ratz
  • Referee Liaison: Sandra Riesz

Proof of Age

Proof of age must be submitted for all new players registering with the MLRRL. These must be received prior to the registration deadline of October 31, 2018.

Send via mail only to: 


Please ensure your team name is on  the photo copy of your proof of ID submitted.

Philosophy of the MLRRL

MLRRL offers a unique philosophy towards the sport of ringette.
· Sportsmanship (e.g. stopping the play when a player falls down or gets hurt, even if the ref has not blown the whistle)
· Lack of rough play and respect for the (aging) bodies of both teammates and opponents
· Playing ringette for the exercise and friendship more than for the competition
· Not bothering to keep score during the season
· Allowing new, inexperienced players to participate in the game by passing the ring to them if they're a teammate and, if they're an opponent, by allowing them to skate with the ring a bit and giving them a chance to pass to another player before checking them
· Accepting referee's decisions without hassles or profanities

Definition of Recreational Player

2.6. Recreational Player – any lady 30 years of age and older who has not played organized ringette or hockey in the 15 years prior to joining MLRRL and who has never played above Community Club level may be accepted into the league. “Community Club” includes A, B, C. “Above Community Club” includes AA, District, Tier and equivalent in Manitoba or any other province.
If it is proven that a player, newly registered after May 1, 2008, was a AA/District/Tier player and is still rostered on a team by January 15 of the following year, that team will be sanctioned/suspended by the league as per 7.6.

CKY Sports Star of the Week

Black Ice player Alda Tait will be CKY's Sports Star of the Week Tuesday, November 9. Congratulations, Alda!

"Alda has an impressive history with the sport of ringette and has also played both softball and curling. She began playing ringette in 1988 at the age of 61 with St. Andrews Polar and is a charter member of current team, Black Ice, which was started in 1999."

Alda Tait receives Ringette Canada’s annual President Award

Ottawa, Ontario – July 5, 2010 – Ringette Canada is pleased to announce that Alda Tait from Winnipeg, Manitoba is the recipient of its annual President Award. The award was announced by outgoing Ringette Canada president, Jim Dawson at the recent AGM and national conference held in Cambridge, Ontario.

The President’s Award is an award made at the sole discretion of the president of Ringette Canada and is intended to recognize significant, but perhaps not widely known, achievements or accomplishments by members of the ringette community.

Alda has an impressive history with the sport of ringette and has also played both softball and curling. She began playing ringette in 1988 at the age of 61 with St. Andrews Polar and is a charter member of current team, Black Ice, which was started in 1999. The Black Ice is the first team to ever have a mother-daughter line in the history of the league. In 1990, Alda went to the Netherlands and Russia with the Canadian Bandy team as a player (age 63) in the World Bandy Championships , where she played with a broken wrist. Alda continues to play ringette and plans to be on the ice for the upcoming season.

“Alda truly lives the principle that ringette is a sport for life,” said Jim Dawson. “I am pleased to be able to bestow this honor upon such an inspirational member of the ringette community.”

About Ringette
Ringette is a Canadian sport that was invented in 1963 in North Bay, Ontario by the late Sam Jacks. There are currently over 28,000 players on nearly 2,000 teams across Canada with over 2,400 officials and 5,000 coaches. Internationally, it is played in half a dozen other countries around the world. Ringette has been designated a Heritage Sport by Sport Canada and as part of the Sport for Life movement, ringette is well advanced at adapting Sport Canada's Long Term Athlete Development model. For more information, please refer to the Ringette Canada Web site at