• Mavericks are the best. The all new sensation. Heading for the title, the best in the NATION!
  • Happy Birthday to all the Mavericks born in June
  • Trophies are earned at practice, we just pick them up at competition!
  • Less practice + less stress + more family time = WINNING SQUADS!
  • Welcome back returning Mavericks!!!


National and State Champions


CheerPros Championship Cup 2019 1st Place YD6 
CheerPros Championship Cup 2019 3rd Place YD2
May 2018 Knotts Berry Farms State Champions and Dual Division Winners 
February 2018 San Francisco’s Regional &  Division Winners 
May 2017 State Champions 
April 2017 National & Divisions Champions Las Vegas
April 2016 State Champions 
March 2016 National Champions Las Vegas
 April 2015 National Champions Las Vegas 
March, 2014 National Champions Las Vegas
May, 2014 State Champions
April 2013 National Champions Las Vegas and Judges award

Welcome to the Mavericks! Please be sure to check out the links!

  4-16 Yrs of age 
2018 thru 2019 Season
  Registration and Sign-up Start May - July 2018
No Fee for Try-Outs
Summer session starts June 23th 
Team Placement August 
We are very excited for our upcoming season and building our teams.

Please contact Coach Diana for further information.

Please download registration packet and try-out form and bring to try-outs