Fall Winter League Sign ups.


“Focusing on the Future for Kids to Love Sports” 

REGISTRATION: Every child that is registered before the deadline is guaranteed a place in the league.

Multiplayer discount online only. Deadline for registration is 11:59 pm SATURDAY, October 13, 2018. A $50 late fee will be charged for any late registrations. Please make every effort to register before the deadline!

TO REGISTER: Log on to complete the on-line registration or download the form and mail it with payment (check payable to MYBL, Inc.).

COACHES: Our program is dependent on volunteers. We are in search of people who will make a commitment to both the children and to the program. To ensure a quality experience, many individuals’ knowledge, talent and energy are needed. *The program needs coaches and assistant coaches.* We would like to keep team sizes at 8 to 10 players max to allow for equal playing time. If you wish to help, please complete the coaching section of your child’s registration form on-line. Coaches will be required to submit to a background check. There will be a mandatory coaches meeting October 17th 5:30pm at The American Legion.

PRACTICE: Practices will be determined by the coaches’ availability. Each team will practice one night during the week. Weekday practice times will be at 5:00pm, 6:00pm, 7:00pm, or 8:00pm. However, specific practice times cannot be determined at this time. Practices will be start the week of October 29th.

GAMES: League play begins the weekend of November 17th. Specific game times for each grade level cannot be determined at this time. Once the number of teams have been determined, a game schedule will be created by November 4th.

TEAM SELECTION PROCESS: The Kindergarten, Biddy Am and Biddy Pro Divisions will be assigned to teams. The other divisions will have their skills assessment and then go through the draft process. If a player cannot attend they will be picked from a hat at the end of the draft. Our goal is to have balanced teams. Therefore, individual requests for coaches or friends are discouraged. Your cooperation is very much appreciated, as the team selection process is difficult enough without numerous requests. There is no process that guarantees total parity, but we will do our best to come as close to it as possible!


Ø    Kindergarten - Boys and Girls in Kindergarten.

Ø    Biddy Am      - Boys and Girls in 1st Grade.

Ø    Biddy Pro      - Boys and Girls in 2nd Grade.

Ø    3/4 Girls        - Girls in 3rd and 4th Grade                       - Skills Assessment Monday October 22nd.

Ø    5/6 Girls        - Girls in 5th and 6th Grade                     - Skills Assessment Tuesday October 23rd.

Ø   3/4 Boys        - Boys in 3rd and 4th Grade                      - Skills Assessment Wednesday October 24th.

Ø   5/6 Boys        - Boys in 5th and 6th Grade                    - Skills Assessment Thursday October 25th.

Ø 7/8 MS          - Boys & Girls in 7th and 8th Grade          - Skills Assessment Monday November 5th.

Ø HS                - Boys & Girls in 9th through 12th Grade  - Skills Assessment Tuesday November 6th.


Ø  Kindergarten Pizza Party and Game at Fairview

Ø  Biddy Am & Pro Pizza Parties and Hot Shot Tournaments at Fairview

Ø  All other divisions will participate in their divisions Classic Double Elimination Tournament

*        All finals held at Crestwood High School

Ø  3/4 and 5/6 Boys and Girls Division teams not in the finals will have a skills competition at Crestwood High School

Ø  And finally, the Coaches Game at Crestwood High School

LEAGUE PHILOSOPHY: This is a recreational league! Our philosophy is that every child play, regardless of skill, and that all participants have FUN and learn the game of basketball. We emphasize team play, cooperation, good sportsmanship, courtesy, respect to all players’ coaches, officials, coordinators, and parents. Comments/Questions:




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How to get email and text notifications for the 2017 - 2018 Season.

Coaches, Parents & Players login to their account at
You can then sign up for email notifications using the following instructions:
1. Select Communication
2. Select Email Lists
3. Check 2017 - 2018 Notifications
4. Select Save Changes
You can then select Text alerts and sign up for text alerts.
1. Select Text Alerts
2. Check 2017 - 2018 cancellation text alerts
3. Select Save Changes
You will then be signed up for text and email alerts.

NOTE: We will be deleting all old email groups and text information at the start of the season.

To receive alerts for the new season please follow the above directions.

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Get the Leaguelineup app also use the My Account feature.

Add your Teams & Coaches

Coaches will login, via their Email address, using the "My Account" button at the top of your site.   Coaches have access to PAT reports for their team, as well as, their players' contact information.

 Add your Players and Assign them to Teams

Parents/players will login, via their Email Address, using the "My Account" button at the top of your site.   Players can set their status for each scheduled game and practice.

 Coaches, Parents & Players login to their account at

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Games Start in:
Saturday, November 17, 2018   8:00 AM
Gym open or Closed
Crestwood High School
Crestwood Middle School
Fairview Elementary
Rice Elementary

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