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Sunday, August 9, 2020
18+ Greater Akron AA
Canton Isotopes @ Akron Irish
Tallmadge Knights @ Vukgripz Akron A's
45+ Masters
Akron Knights @ Kenmore Orioles
Erie Coast Cubs @ Steve's Sports
Kent Mudhens @ Kenmore Orioles
Crystal Clinic Indians @ North Coast Padres
60+ Classics
Black Sox @ Kent Mudhens
Pirates @ Kenmore Eastern Brewers
Tuesday, August 11, 2020
18+ Greater Akron AA
Nordonia Renegades @ Winner G11
Winner G12 @ Portage South Black Squirrels
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Every player must file a Liability Waiver before playing in a game.  He may file it with his cell phone during the pre-game conference but he MUST file it BEFORE playing.  The league penalty is to forfeit the game an unregistered player plays in.  The penalty to the league could be much greater.  We jeopardize our insurance benefits AND our legal permission to play games if we do not comply.

We are legally required to maintain records of each player in each game to enable contract tracing for any player testing positive.  That is why we, as team managers, are required to record player attendance on the NEORH website along with game results.  THIS IS NOT OPTIONAL!  Do not jeopardize our season by failing to do this.  It is also the record that will be used to determine eligibility for playoffs.

Obviously, we are still required to self-assess ourselves for COVID symptoms before each game and social distance ourselves and our equipment at the game site.  We haven’t had visitations by the local Health Department yet, but other leagues in the area have, and our permission to continue playing would definitely be jeopardized if they find us blowing off the precautions that are required.  The consequences go beyond baseball itself, to the health and well being of ourselves, our loved ones, our teammates and opponents, virtually everyone we come into contact with.


So, do the right thing and help keep ourselves and the league safe.  And, if you have skipped recording a few games, please go back to get caught up.


As a reminder, here is a link to the Responsible RestartOhio publication https://coronavirus.ohio.gov/static/responsible/Baseball-Softball.pdf

In between binge watching old TV shows and catching up on movies we’ve missed on Netflix, many of us are wondering what is going to become of our 2020 baseball season?  While we can’t really know when the current social restrictions will end and we return to some semblance of normalcy, here is where things stand with NEO Roy Hobbs:

  • The leagues around us are preparing for a delay in the start of the season and we are doing the same.  We think there is a pretty good chance Governor DeWine will extend the current “Stay Home” orders when they expire April 6.
  • I’ve heard from several of you who made it clear that we need to support the safety of our players, families and friends and, speaking for your Roy Hobbs Board of Trustees, we couldn’t agree more!  This is the first time since I was a very small boy that society has been asked to make sacrifices like this and it is very heartwarming to me to see how everyone is pulling together.  I just pray that our leaders make wise decisions and we can all get through this with a minimum of personal hardships!
  • The Board of Trustees has encouraged teams to register and pay our $500 team deposits on the assumption we will eventually have a season.  This will permit us to move forward with things needing done to ready us to play baseball, including to wake Old Forge, in particular, up from its Winter hibernation.  In the (hopefully) unlikely event our season does not happen teams may roll the deposit over to next year or take a refund.
  • We will delay making a call on paying the balance of fees (or first installment for the 18+ AA Division) by the April 12 deadline.  Once we see what happens with the Governor’s orders that are supposed to expire April 6 we will react accordingly.  If the start of the season looks as if it will be delayed more than a couple weeks we will consider the possibility of abbreviating the season and recalculating the fees. We will adjust the due date for team fees when we have more certainty.
  • We will not create a master schedule for the season until we have a better idea of when we can begin playing.
  • Other than that, we are proceeding as if we will have a baseball season:
    • We have ordered baseballs, scorebooks, lineup cards, etc., and expect to have them soon.
    • The Akron Public Schools, which owns Old Forge, asked us to provide a list of field materials we need for the Spring season and we have done so.
    • APS also provided us with paint so a few of us (Joe Caito, Jim Hostler, John Sarver and myself) have painted the dugouts.  A second coat on the inside is still needed.
    • The APS maintenance guys have replaced the splintering boards on the bleachers and Joe and John painted the frames with a first coat of steel paint.  Weather permitting, the job will be finished next week.
  • The APS has provided a lockable 20’ storage unit on site to store our field materials and equipment.  The unsightly and decaying plastic sheds will be removed as soon as possible.
  • Mike Zukowski, our groundskeeper, plans to apply weed & feed to the infield grass in the next few days, weather permitting, and assess the field for any other actions needed to wake it up for the season. 

Obviously, what happens with the suspended high school baseball season will also impact our season.  We should have a better idea about that around the first week of April.


Don B


2019 Greater Akron AA Awards


Greater Akron AA Division Award Winners for the 2019 Season  Thank you for taking the time to respond!  You have chosen a fine group of men to represent our league in the Greater Akron Baseball Hall of Fame.  Here are the players you have recognized:

  • George Sisler Award (Top Hitter)  Clayton Watkins of the Ohio Gamecocks
  • Dave Young Award (Top Pitcher)  Eric Schaffer of the Portage South Black Squirrels
  • Don Lombardi Award (Rookie of the Year)  Tyler Nelson of the Vukgripz Akron A's
  • Dave Layton Award (Playoff MVP)  Alex Ricicia of the Nordonia Renegades
  • Frank Garcia Award (Overall League MVP)  Clayton Watkins of the Ohio Gamecocks
  • Congratulations to all!

45+ Masters | Steve's Sports

Manager: Steve Baraona

Congratulations to Steve’s Sports, 2019 NEORH Masters Division Champions!

60+ Classics | Kent Mudhens

Manager: Don Booth

Congratulations to the Kent Mudhens, 2019 NEORH Classics Division Champions!

53+ Legends | Summa Ortho Brewers

Manager: Ronald Westren

Congratulations to the Summa Ortho Brewers, 2019 NEORH Legends Division Champions!

18+ Greater Akron AA | Nordonia Renegades

Managers: Nate Campbell & Anthony Cosentino

Congratulations to the Nordonia Renegades, 2019 Greater Akron AA Champions! 
The Renegades finished the season with a 17-6 overall record. 
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