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NEO Roy Hobbs Baseball


45+ Masters Division | Akron Knights

Manager: Todd Conduff


Congratulations to the 2020 NEORH Masters Division Champions, Akron Knights!  The Knights finished the season with a 14-1 overall record.

18+ Greater Akron AA | Portage South Black Squirrels

Manager: Ron Spears


Congratulations to the 2020 NEORH Greater Akron AA Champions, Portage South Black Squirrels!  Portage South finished the season with a 19-7 overall record.

Every player must file a Liability Waiver before playing in a game.  He may file it with his cell phone during the pre-game conference but he MUST file it BEFORE playing.  The league penalty is to forfeit the game an unregistered player plays in.  The penalty to the league could be much greater.  We jeopardize our insurance benefits AND our legal permission to play games if we do not comply.

We are legally required to maintain records of each player in each game to enable contract tracing for any player testing positive.  That is why we, as team managers, are required to record player attendance on the NEORH website along with game results.  THIS IS NOT OPTIONAL!  Do not jeopardize our season by failing to do this.  It is also the record that will be used to determine eligibility for playoffs.

Obviously, we are still required to self-assess ourselves for COVID symptoms before each game and social distance ourselves and our equipment at the game site.  We haven’t had visitations by the local Health Department yet, but other leagues in the area have, and our permission to continue playing would definitely be jeopardized if they find us blowing off the precautions that are required.  The consequences go beyond baseball itself, to the health and well being of ourselves, our loved ones, our teammates and opponents, virtually everyone we come into contact with.


So, do the right thing and help keep ourselves and the league safe.  And, if you have skipped recording a few games, please go back to get caught up.


As a reminder, here is a link to the Responsible RestartOhio publication https://coronavirus.ohio.gov/static/responsible/Baseball-Softball.pdf