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Congrats to the Ball Busters.  2013 Champs

Hello all.  Here is the Playoff bracket we will be using.  It is a double knock out style playoff, same as last year. IF you lose your forst game you still have a shot at winning the whole thing

Good luck!!!!

Defending Champs The Pitching Tents. 


July 31, 2012

Playoff Bracket

June 8, 2012
Attached is a link for the playoff bracket. Each team will play a minimum of two playoff games. Playoffs are only one game, and played at the Hidden Valley Diamonds. An umpire from another team will be there to ump your game.

Rainouts Days Remaining

June 8, 2012
FYI. Remaining rainout dates are as follows

All games played between now and July 5th (40 games) there are 7 double header slots available
(6 during stampede week)
All games played between July 17th and August 2nd (36 games), 7 double header slots available

Scheduling Change

May 9, 2012
It was brought to my attention that Smack a Pitch played May 7 then not again until May 31. Sorry about the oversight! So i have changed the schedule to the following

May 24th game @ Coventry Hills, Balls and Dolls vs Pitching tents
changed to
May 24th game @ Coventry Hills, Balls and Dolls vs Smack a Pitch


June 20th game @ Hidden Valley West, Balls and Dolls vs Smack a Pitch
changed to
June 20th game @ Hidden Valley West, Balls and Dolls vs Pitching Tents

Pitching tents and Smack a Pitch just switched games against Balls and Dolls. Balls and Dolls is still the Home team for both games and should still set up and supply a game ball!

Thanks for Nothing Charlie Sheen

April 20, 2012
Wild Things have recently backed out.
So if you know of anyone that is able to form a team that would be great.
If not i will keep you posted on schedule and league fee changes!!
April 20 2012

Ball Season 2012

March 23, 2012
Hello fellow ball players.
Just a reminder that Captains/Managers meeting is April the 18th.
Huntington Hills Curling CLub Lounge 7:000 PM
League fees this year are $550.00 (includes 12 new balls)
League fees are due no later than April 23rd. Cash/Cheque/Email
We have 3 new teams this year. Sofa Kings, Pterodactyls and Smack a Pitch. Thanks for signing up.
Hope to see you all on the 18th!!!
March 23 2012