• All tickets monies paid
  • GREAT JOB to all the managers!
  • Balas wins regular season, congrats!



Congratulations to Balas Distributing and Legion for finishing first and second  in the 2019 Northside Softball League.

One Pitch/Home Run Derby/All Star Game UPDATE


We are looking to have an Unlimited Arc One Pitch Tournament on September 28th. Also after the One Pitch we would like to have a Home Run Derby and an All Star Game. All proceeds from the home run derby and likewise the All Star Game will be donated to Pat Kneely who played in this league for several years and is currently battling cancer. Please let me know if your team plans on attending the events. Going to try to get the local newspaper there to promote out league. The entrance fee for the one pitch will be paid for by the league. We are asking every player in the one pitch to donate $5 for Pat. Also, the Home Run Derby is $5 donation per player. Lastly, each team will pick four players to represent their team in the all star game and will donate $5 per player which we will also donate to Pat. If you have any questions, call of text me at 570-527-1032, thanks Jimbo.

We would like to have everyone that is playing in the one pitch Tourney there by 11:00 a.m. on Saturday. This way we can make 3 or 4 teams out of the players that are available. Hopefully we can start the games around 11:30. Depending on the amount of teams we will either play round robin or double elimination.

Regular rules for any one pitch unlimited arc tourney will be used except that 1 home run per inning and everybody bats that is in your lineup. If anyone needs a runner that will also be put in place. Use the last out of the preceding inning for the runner.

The Home Run Derby will follow, this will consist of 10 pitches per player. If there is a tie, a 5 pitch playoff will occur. If there is still a tie, a 3 pitch playoff will occur. WE ARE TRYING TO GET A PITCHING MACHINE FOR THIS.

Lastly, after the Home Run Derby ( I am guessing around 5 or 6 P.M., The All Star Game will take place). Please get me the names of the 4 players from your team and we will pick them out of a hat prior to the game starting. League Rules apply except 2 Home Runs per inning will count and once again everybody on the team should bat if they want to and be provided a runner if needed.

If I missed anything or others have suggestions, please text or call me, thanks.


Ticket Winners

I will pay out the winners at the end of each week:

July 1 - Ronnie Roberts $50 #815  (Legion)                                      August 1st  - Robert Mint $50 #401 (Medash)

2nd - Leanne Kelchak $50 #106  (Balas)                                                      2nd - Steve Yencha $50 #496 (Medash)

3rd - Doug Svetecz  $50 #066  (Balas)                                                         3rd - Bob Randall $50 #068 (Balas)

4th- Jonathan Medash $100 #431 (Medash)                                                 4th - Stacey Liddick $100 #192 (Merrick)

5th - Gail Marek $50 #051  (Balas)                                                              5th - John Cooper Sr. $50 # 048 (Balas)

6th - Rich Segilia $50 #341  (Medash)                                                         6th - Joe Haganey - $50 #604 (Vesuvios)

7th - Rick Mrak $100 #355  (Medash)                                                          7th - Anthony Ades $50 #001 (Balas)

8th - Jessica Doaln $50 #218 (Merick)                                                          8th - Rich Dougal $50 #830 (Legion)

9th- Tom Kennedy$50 #873 (15th Street)                                                    9th - Sandy Berta $50 #187 (Merrick)

10th - Ronald Lashock $50 #367 (Medash)                                                  10th - Rob Martin $50 # 262 ( Merrick)

11th - Tom Guest $50 #084 (Balas)                                                            11th - Steph Probert $100 # 180 (Merrick) 

12th - Tom Snyder $50 #695 (Legion)                                                         12th - Gabrielle Tobias $50 # 112 (Balas)

13th - Grace Anthony $50 # 429 (Medash)                                                   13th - Jeanne Chirico $50  # 228 (Merrick)

14th - Kyle Rogers $100 # 325 (Merrick)                                                      14th - Devin Viot $50 # 393 (Medash)

15th - Rick Morgans $50 # 050 (Balas)                                                         15th - Harry Hinkle $50 #900 (15th Street)

16th - Zach Nenstiel $50 # 925 (15th Street)                                                16th - Scott Dobash $50 #256 (Merrick)

17th - Bob Quinn $50 #159 (Balas)                                                               17th - Francis Whitmayer $50 #984 (15th Street)

18th - Robert Siegendall $50 # 334 (Merrick)                                                 18th - Pat Filipowich $100 # 464 (Medash)

19th - Dave Merrick $50 #195 (Merrick)                                                         19th - Devin Voit $50 #387 (Medash)

20th - Devin Viot $50 # 382 ( Medash)                                                           20th - Joe Fisher $50 #777 (Legion)

21st - Brian Burkhart $100 # 810 (Legion)                                                      21st - Justin Merrick $50 #202 (Merrick)

22nd - Matt Peters $50 #408 (Medash)                                                           22nd - Eric Lenz $50 #149 (Balas)

23rd - Joe Lamont $50 #302 (Merrick)                                                            23rd - Kathryn Possanza $50 #948 (15th Street)

24th - Greg Atkins - $50 #905 (15th Street)                                                    24th - Krystal Korpalski $50 # 938 (15th Street)

25th - Heath Pursell - $50 #975 (15th Street)                                                  25th - Theresa Grisett $100 #500 (Medash)

26th - Doug Svetecz - $50 #069 (Balas)                                                          26th - Eddise Stish $50 #130 (Balas)

27th - Joe Fisher - $50 - #774 (Legion)                                                            27th - Sharon Sembrat $50 #725 (Legion)

28th - Jeff Houser $100 - #525 (Vesuvios)                                                        28th - Sam Soto $50 #943 (15th Street)

29th - Michelle McDougal $50 - #795 (Legion)                                                   29th - Debbie Davidson $50 #962 (15th Street)

30th - Jonathan Medash $50 #426 (Medash)                                                     30th - Rob Martin $50 #262 (Merick)

31st - Ann Berger $100 $100 #871 (15th Street)                                               31st - Rick Dennison $100 #868 (15th Street)


Vesuvio's used their pass on 07/03/2019.

Merrick used their pass on 07/10/2019.

15th Street used their pass on 07/29/2019.

Balas used their pass on 08/21/2019.

Medash used their pass on 08/21/2019.

Legion uses their pass on 09/10/2019.

The bar is open, that means no outside alcohol can be brought onto the property.

The following is the amount I have received so far: 



Vesuvio's - $1680 Paid in full.

Medash - $1680 Paid in full.

Balas - $1670 Paid in full.

15th Street - $1600  Paid in full.

Legion - $1680 Paid in full.

Merrick - $1680 - Paid in full.




To date the following expenses have been paid:

1. Umpires for first half of year $900

2. Umpire scheduling fee $250

3. 7 Dozen Ball purchased $364

4. ASA Fee 6 teams @ $40 each = $240

5. Field use for first half of year 30 games @ $33 per game = $990.

6. Checks for Lottery - $14.45

7. Lottery Tickets - $55.12

8. Umpires for second half of year $900

9. Field use for second half of year 30 games @ $33 per game = $990.

10. Scheduling fee - $100

11. V. P. Fee - $100

12. Treasurer fee - $100

13. Secretary fee - $100

14. President fee - $100

15. 60 Stamps for lottery winners - $33.00

16. Lottery Winners - 7/01 - 07/31/19 - $1850

17. Lottery Winners - 08/01/2019-08/31/2019 - $1800

18. Umpires for first round of playoffs - $300

19. Balas best record in regular season - $100



Minutes from 4/29 & 5/13 league meetings:

Minutes from 4/29 & 5/13 league meetings:

1) Umpires

 Umpires will be paid upfront this year. Midge has the fees and is now in charge of paying the umps. No longer the responsibility of the home team on game day.

Umpires will be paid half of “umpire fee” if they make the drive to Drifton.  (i.e. rainout after 6pm or team forfeit)



2) Lottery Ticket Sales Protocol

Each team must hand in the “Northside Softball Ticket Sales” sheet by Jun 26th showing the team player and the tickets assigned to that player. All ticket sales must be handed in by June 30th. If tickets are not handed in and paid for, the player assigned those tickets will not be able to play until the ticket money is handed in. The team will also then be responsible for those tickets/money and will have to forfeit every game until the money is handed in.

Ticket Numbers:

Balas Distributing: 001-167

Merrick – 168-335

Medash Brew Crew – 336-503

Vesuvio – 504-671

Feeland Legion Post 473 Sharks – 672-839

15th Street Beer Barn – 840-999



3) League Fees: $700 per team:

Balas Distributing: $700 paid on 4/29

Merrick – $700 paid on 5/13

Medash Brew Crew – $540 paid on 5/13, 160 paid on June 3rd - Paid in full

Vesuvio – $166 paid + 534 paid = $700 Paid in full

Feeland Legion Post 473 Sharks – $700 paid on 4/29

15th Street Beer Barn – $700 paid on 5/13



4) 2019 Season:

30 man team roster locks at 6/30. Please email me your team roster at jimmy8885@yahoo.com (Updated Medash Brew Crew, 15th Street Beer Barn)

20 regular season games.

Playoff rounds are all best of 5. 1st and 2nd seeds get 1st round bye.

Rainouts will be notified by 4pm

Each team gets 1 same day pass and must be used by 4pm that day. If pass or forfeit is used and the game becomes a rainout, the team will not be charged their pass or forfeit.

Makeup games from rainouts will be scheduled for a Monday within the following two weeks.

15-minute grace period allowed for each game when a team is waiting on their 9th player. If you have 9 players no grace period allowed and game must start on time.

The bar should be open this year. When the bar is open you are not allowed to BYOB. Please remember to clean up after yourself.

Grandfathered in: If you are on a team this year and play in a tournament and get reclassified, you will be grandfathered into this league.


Reminder as per By-Laws:

Pitchers protection screen can be used by either teams pitcher. A batted ball that hits the screen  is a dead ball out.  A thrown ball, from infield or outfield, from the field of play is a 'live' ball and          in play. A pitcher can come out of screen to make a play on the ball. (2017)

a.       The pitcher must return behind screen once the ball is pitched and not stand directly to side of screen after pitch. Thus making the screen a defensive tool, not protective, in its use.  (amended 2018)


Full set of By-Laws will be printed and handed out to each team at our next meeting on (at the softball field) on 5/29.





New League Officers:

Steve Straka - President

Tom Moyer - Vice President

Jim Dodson - Treasurer

James Schlauch - Secretary






2018 League Notes

Officers stayed the same for the upcoming season.

No C or D1 players allowed in league this year. New rule passed this year.

Playoffs will be 1 and 2 seed get a bye. 3 plays 6 and 4 plays 5.

First round is best of 3, second round is best of 5 and finals are best of 5.




Tickets were handed out and due by July 1st.

Practices can be held next week and following week at Drifton, use discretion when rain is in the forecast.

Fields 3 and 4 can be used.

Let me know if your team is practicing so i can come get rosters, paperwork filled out and balls handed out.

Season starts May 21st.



Schedule is done and hopefully put on website this weekend.

2018 is almost upon us. We have some news, updates and general ideas for the upcoming season.

League officers remain the same, yeah big shock there.

Last meeting, league voted on a NO C OR D1 players in league rule.

Let me expand on this, All C and D1 players are now not allowed to play in our league. I will go by the rosters of LAST years tournament teams via ASA website. That being said, players that were D1 last year can appeal their classification for this year. If the appeal goes through, they can gladly come back and play this year. We will welcome them back. Also if any league player is on a 2018 C or D1 team roster for any tournament team this year, at any time, may it be April or July, they are NOT ALLOWED to play in the league for the remainder of this year, This was also brought up, voted on and passed at the meeting.

Let your players know, that if any C or D1 team asks, can we throw you on a roster as an IF NEEDED player or on a fill in basis, you will officially be classified as C for the rest of the year, whether or not you even PLAY 1 inning, you are ON THAT ROSTER AS A C or D1 PLAYER and therefore, banned from NSL play for this year. NSL cannot change or alter any player classifications so PLEASE DO NOT argue, yell or complain to any league official.

I encourage players and managers to check the ASA roster website many times during the year. If you, or I, find a player that violates this rule, the player will be removed from the teams roster and asked to stop play in game. I will notify the teams manager and the manger must remove you from the game.

We will be going solely by the ASA roster website, if your name is on there in error, you must take it up with BOB REAM, and not myself, or any league officials. Bob Ream handles all roster issues for tournaments. He will answer your questions and concerns about tournament classification.

Any questions about our league rules regarding these players, I can gladly answer and clarify for you anytime but I've made them abundantly clear on here and will most likely say the same thing in person.

See you all in 2018.

2018 league reminders

March 1, 2015

Plate and mat are now a strike

1-1 count to begin, NO courtesy foul

6-12 ft arcs are allowed


Check ASA website for newly banned bats. If a player is using an illegal bat, the player caught using it will be tossed out of game, so check them all.